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Why Laptops are Better Than iPads?

There are too many questions that come in our minds and we try to find out their exact answer. Most of the people ask me about the use of modern gadgets or the issues related to them or some other questions pointing on their importance.  Too many people have asked me this question and I think you are also confused in the query that Why Laptops are Better Than iPads.

There is no need to remain confused anymore because I am going to give you a satisfactory and authentic answer. So, whatever your suggestion is about this topic, keep it aside and read this. My answer will be completely non-biased. Even I have just bought an iPad from Amazon and I love it. I will tell you about the solid reasons why laptops are better than iPads.  So, here we go;

Why Laptops are Better Than iPads?

Here I am going to give you the main reasons by which the laptops get a priority over the iPads. Either you are an iPad or a laptop lover, you must read it fully to know that for which things you should buy a laptop. Stay calm and read the full details.


The main thing for which the laptop is best as compared to the iPad is the storage capability. Laptops have much storage for all of your files, folders, videos, movies, songs, and pictures. Hence, everything can get stored on a laptop. An iPad doesn’t have this capability. You can store very fewer things in it. These things are just some of your pictures and songs.  You can not save your important data, files, and folders in it.

Laptops are best to store your business data, school notes, lectures, some college stuff, presentations and all of the things like that. A laptop carries the storage capacity from 8 GB to 128 GB. Even the latest laptops with enhanced features come with the 250 GB hard drive storage. You can store all your things on a laptop and it is a great facility that an iPad can’t provide you.


In order to do multi-tasking, a laptop is the best thing.  You can’t do multi-tasking with your tablet. If you want to do serious work, you must have to take a laptop, not an iPad or a tablet. If you are doing business, study in school or college, or you do some job in an institution or bank or somewhere else, you will need a laptop, not a tablet or iPad.

Not only the work but also you can do multiple works on a laptop. You can open multiple tabs with different apps and programs. This will let you do multitasking very easily. You can make presentations and assignments on a laptop rather than on an iPad. Either you love using a laptop or a tablet you will admire this thing for sure.

You can make notes with your laptop, you can record lectures on your laptop. You can do photo editing, graphics designing, and too many things. You can stay connected with a laptop all the time. You can do group meetings online or do video calls. You can make a full setup of your laptop with other devices using a docking station. All of these things can be done by a laptop, not by an iPad.


You can play small and kid-like games downloaded from the play store on an iPad. Yet the heavy and pro like gaming credit go to laptops. You can download and play all types of games on a laptop. More gaming on an iPad makes its touch feature less effective. This not happens with a laptop and you can use a backlit keyboard for intensive gaming.

In heavy and long gaming sessions, a laptop will help you more and truly give you amazing gaming experience. Such kind of things makes laptops better than iPads. You can do online gaming or can play some games with a live chat on with your competitor. This would be great fun for sure.

Display sizes

You can enjoy multiple varieties of sizes in laptops than iPads. Although iPads also come in different sizes a large display can be only enjoyed by a laptop. iPads come in different sizes like from 5-10 inches. You can’t enjoy a bigger display here. Yet the laptop sizes are from 11 inches to 19 inches.  You can enjoy any of the sizes of the display from small to large ones.

There are a lot of varieties in sizes of laptops while less variety in iPads. A large display for work is chosen for work purposes. Even you can connect your laptop with DVI or HDMI port and make the view super amazing big and clear. Read this article for 13-inch laptops.

This is also one of the reasons that laptops are better than iPads.

Software installation 

When it comes to software usage and their installation, laptops are preferred more. You can download and run any software faster and easier in a laptop. Like you can fast install and run any business software, any trading software or tool, any tools related to the calculation that will help you if you are a chartered accountant. This will be great for work and most importantly serious kind of work.  You will love to use software and programs in a laptop than that of a tablet or laptop.

While talking about the applications, you can also use them in your tablet and your laptop too. Using apps in both of the devices is convenient and interesting. But some of the bigger apps or you can say that apps for doing your work run in a laptop in a better way. You will be able to run an app on a big screen.

One most important thing to tell you is that there are some apps and software which support windows only and runs only on a laptop, not on a mobile or an iPad. Read about the best software supporting laptops for stock trading.

Powerful processing

A laptop is equipped with the processor and allows us to do fast processing that an iPad can’t provide. Powerful computing processors require greater amounts of power and the cooling process too. You can get clear from this that definitely, a laptop provides all these facilities. An iPad will not let you do strong processing. So, the credit goes to a laptop here.

Laptops are equipped with the latest generation processors until the 8th generation. Now, even the 9th generation is in and multiple Cores of processors allow for multiple features and performance. iPads are compact and can’t provide such processing and can’t even compete with laptops in this case, neither they have the cooling system like the laptop has.

Paying bills/ transactions

You can visit the full websites on a laptop instead of an iPad and pay the bills you want to pay. A laptop is a reliable gadget to go on a site and add to the cart or to buy something.  You can visit different places fully on a laptop just by sitting in your home. Along with this, you can book a  hotel room for yourself and see it fully for your satisfaction.

While in an iPad, such important things can’t be done.  So the laptop is the best way to do all such kinds of work.


You can have a lot of productivity with a laptop. You can use all of the Google accessories for your work, like Google docs, Microsoft word, Google keeps, Google notes, One drive and too many other things like these. This will help you stay productive at any time when you want. You can use Microsoft word for writing your articles, blogs and doing too many other things with this vast platform. There are too many other things which can be easily done by a laptop.

Multi-purpose usage

You can use a laptop for multiple purposes. Like a 2-in-1 laptop and most importantly it can tilt into an iPad like shape, you can use it as a tablet too. As for connectivity is concerned, a laptop is the best thing for wiring and connections, also for multiple ports, etc.

You can enjoy the full flexibility of a laptop and do your work on it. I use the Mech-17 G1Rx laptop for work.


In the end, I just want to say that iPads and laptops, both are luxuries but these are some points that make a laptop better than iPad. So, I hope that now you will not remain in this confusion. If you want to buy a facility for your work then you must prefer a laptop and if you just want to browse the internet and take pictures then take the iPad.

I hope that you agree on these things that laptops are better than iPads. Now you know very well about this topic. This article proves that laptops are better than iPads. Share it with your friends who want to get this information.

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