Why is my Laptop Making Crackling Noises?

Hey! Are you annoyed by the crackling noises of your laptop? Once you read this complete article and apply the solutions described in it, then your laptop will never make such noises from now on. That’s why reading this guide carefully is really important. I will give you a detailed answer here that why a laptop makes such noises and how to cope with this issue.

Why is my Laptop Making Crackling Noises?

A normal laptop is completely free from such kind of issues. A laptop looks perfect when we see it but when there is an internal issue, it indicates it by showing unusual things like overheating and crackling noises.

So, let me tell you the reasons for which your laptop make such noises. If your laptop is making crackling, popping and all such kinds of unusual sounds then it is literally indicating some of the common things that are;

  • Laptop fan’s blocking
  • Bad drivers
  • Incorrect audio settings
  • Hardware issues

These were some of the things that became the reason for unusual sounds. Let me explain to you these reasons in detail along with their solutions. Read about laptop battery issues too.

Problem with laptop’s cooling fan

When such noises come, first of all, you should check out the cooling fan. Sometimes we don’t take care of our laptop and use it roughly. Sometimes, a part of a plastic piece inside the laptop strikes with the laptop’s fan. That piece coming in the way of running a fan creates a different type of noises that irritates the user definitely.

Another reason is that there might be trash accumulated near your laptop fan. Like when a broken piece of anything or trash comes near the blade of the fan, it breaks down into pieces and gets accumulated there or even struck in the fan.

These kinds of noises make us feel worried that there is something wrong with our laptop. We often think that we should turn it off. But really there is no need to get worried at all. Let me tell you the solution to stop the noises forever.

First of all, turn off your laptop. Open the bolts of your laptop and check the fans. Take a blow drier or a hair drier and blow the dust and trash near the fan. Clean that area with blowing air properly. If there is a broken piece there, then remove it. It will solve the problem. After doing this, put the bolts of the laptop back again and be careful; tighten them properly.

After this, turn ON your laptop and check it. Check that if it is making any kind of noises now. I am sure that your laptop will completely fine.

How hard drive can make crackling sounds?

You might be thinking that how a hard drive can make the crackling sound. Sometimes the issues your laptop face is not big at all but sometimes there is a really big issue. So, don’t ignore such noises and try to solve it as soon as possible. After inspecting the problem properly, when you got that the sound is coming from the drive, so you should stop working on your laptop first.

This might be that you are using a laptop on the uneven surface, as this causes the hardware problems. Put your laptop on the even or a proper surface. At least this will reduce the sound coming from your laptop. The real solution to this problem is that your laptop’s drive needs to be changed.

Sometimes just because of our rough use, we may damage the hard drive by hitting the laptop with any object mistakenly or either we drop it. Sometimes the hardware gets too old that it creates problems and this is a clear indication that your laptop’s hardware needs to be replaced with the new one.

Try to back up your hard drive fully but if the problem is not solving then better replace it.

Laptop speakers can make crackling noises

At last, there is a great possibility that the noise is coming from the laptop speakers because of the bad settings. Faulty sound drivers and incorrect settings can interfere with such sounds. I am going to tell you each and every step for the sound settings. Follow all of the steps;

Disable all enhancements and exclusive mode

Disable all of the enhancements that you have made for the laptop sounds. As they have some of the specific properties and they work best when they are compatible with the place, they are applying. When these enhancements are not compatible, the sound drivers start making bad noises.

You should disable all of the sound enhancements in this case and you will notice a positive change in the sound. Sometimes, even when you have your headphones on and you very quickly use the volume button to up and low the volume, then, in this case, you also hear the disturbing sounds and for times the volume options get hanged or stopped for a while.

Checking audio format

Changing the audio format and setting the laptop’s sound quality can be beneficial.  There are different options for the sound qualities of a laptop. Like there are options of CD quality, studio-quality, etc. Changing the audio format of sound would definitely solve the crackling issues.

Go to the control panel of your laptop and search for the sound options. Select the audio device of your laptop and right-click on its properties. Another small tab will flush out there, click on advanced option there. You will see the sound quality options there. Click on the CD quality and then save all the changes. Now, turn off your laptop and again on it and check for the audio.  It will be all fine and the crackling issue would be solved.

Disable third-party programs

Different types of third-party programs disrupt the initial operation of your laptop’s sound drivers. There are many of third party programs like a sonic master, smart byte, etc. The sound goes to these third-party programs before outputting the speakers.

So, in order to resolve the issue, check out your laptop for any third-party programs and disable all of such programs. Run your laptop in a safe mode and try troubleshooting it.

Final words

Now, you have enough details on this topic and the solutions too. When you figure out that what is the actual problem then apply the solutions as told here.

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