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Why does my Laptop Screen Keep Flickering?

Some of the times in our lives, we all face this issue of screen flickering. Most of the times we are trying to work but the flickering screen doesn’t let us do anything. I have seen many of the people’s screen flickering so much fast and furiously and they aren’t able to fix this problem even. I will tell you about each and every type of screen flickering and the ways to fix it.

The same issue is faced by one of my readers and he asked me that;

Why does my Laptop Screen Keep Flickering?

It is really very annoying when your laptop screen keeps on flickering and blinking and you are not able to properly do your work. This issue is a real headache and results in decreased productivity. Everyone wants to get rid of this issue and thought that why this occurs. Well, there are a lot of reasons behind it.

If you are also facing this issue, this might be due to the increase in a magnetic field, malware attack or some virus, hardware issues, corrupted display drivers, faulty screen refresh rate, errors in the operating system or might be your laptop is very old now. Read about laptop screen resolution.

Types of flickering

You might have faced different types of flickering on your laptop screen. These are some types of flickering that you should know first.

  • Vertical lines
  • Incorrect colors
  • Blinking screen
  • Screen flashing

Why does my Laptop’s Screen Keep Flickering?

If you are facing this issue and don’t know what to do then read this article completely. You don’t have to worry from now, you can follow the guide told here to fix the issues. You can also fix laptop noise making issues.

Magnetic field causing flickering

You might have taken a magnet near your television or your parent’s laptop in your childhood. Many of us do such little experiments and you might have seen that the strong magnet near a display causes it to flicker. That thing makes us happy in our childhood 😉 but really not now. We don’t do such things now but any of the magnetic thing when passed from near our laptop, its screen flicker.

If you have mistakenly brought a small magnet near your laptop screen or the touchpad or either the area near your laptop then your laptop screen would immediately stop. But there is no need to get worried at all in this because your laptop would go into the sleep mode. But if you have dropped a strong magnet near the screen, then the screen will definitely start flickering.

There are also some of the magnets inside your laptop and bringing the magnet from outside makes a magnetic field that creates a strong effect on screen repels it. This creates a really bad flickering and blinking on the screen. Or if you don’t have magnet near your laptop then might be there some of the strong magnetic fields near your house that is causing this issue.

Sometimes if there is an antenna near your house, then it might be a possible reason that the antenna is catching the strong magnetic fields. But you don’t need to be get worried or do anything in this case, after some time your laptop will automatically stop flickering. Because this flickering would be occasional, not continuous.

Malware attack or virus

Any of the malware attack or virus can definitely cause problems in your laptop in different ways. One of its ways is the flickering of the laptop screen. Always make your that your PC and your personal data are safe from the viruses and malware. Always keep the security settings ON and install proper anti-virus software in your laptop.

Keep your laptop protected from viruses and malware attack so that your laptop will not keep flickering and disturbing you very often.

Old laptop

Sometimes we keep using a laptop which is old entirely and its internal system is damaged. This may be because your laptop is already second hand or it has some of the physical issues. Or if you are using your laptop for a long time and you might use it roughly, like dropped it or used it roughly and damaged its hardware. So, an old and a damaged laptop will definitely cause flickering and the only solution is to buy a new one or change the damaged screen and hardware both.

The screen should not be physically damaged; otherwise, it would definitely cause flickering.

Hardware issues

If the laptop hardware has some issues or the hardware is failed badly, then this could be a  valid and strong reason for laptop screen to flicker continuously and disturb you in your work. Make sure that the hardware of your laptop is completely fine otherwise fix it to fix all of the problems.

Screen refresh rate

If the screen refresh rate is not compatible with the screen of your laptop then it would cause flickering. This is because the refresh rate of the screen when not matching with the screen it causes it to flicker or blink sometimes.

The refresh rate must be higher than the 60 Hertz, then the screen would not blink.

Corrupted display drivers

The display driver can show problems if it is outdated. You should always use an updated graphics driver.  You must know which graphic drivers would be needed on your laptop. You should install a proper display driver in your laptop from the authentic sites.

Outdated operating system

If the operating system of your laptop is outdated, then it could be a possible reason for flickering screen and issues like this. That’s why you should keep your Windows updated rather than the old version of windows and the system needs the new system to work on.

Laptop screen issues

If you are lowering and raising the screen continuously then there are chances that the laptop screen would flicker. If your laptop screen is touch enabled and you are using it badly, then also sometimes the screen gets to hang and sometimes begin to flicker. When this condition becomes worse and then the screen continues flickering and then it becomes its ritual to flicker every time when you open it.

RAM issues

Another reason of flickering is your laptop RAM. You must ensure that the RAM is perfect and the bar for RAM has no dust around it.

Methods to fix the flickering of a laptop screen

You know all of the reasons for the flickering of the laptop screen. Now, it’s time to get to the solutions.

What to Do if Laptop Screen Keeps Flickering?

If your laptop screen is flickering badly and continuously and this process is not going to stop then you have to turn off the laptop. Mostly, the laptop screen when flickering becomes blank and the laptop turns off. In this case, you have to turn your laptop on in a safe mode first.

You can open your laptop in a safe mode by following these steps. First of all, go to the task manager of your laptop by clicking on the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together or by searching it in the search bar. Now, hold down the shift key and restart button together. Another screen will appear in front of you. Choose the option of troubleshooting from that screen showing different options.

After that click on the advanced options. Click on the startup settings now. When the startup settings are opened, then click on the restart option. Now, you have to enable the safe mode. For this, press 5 or the key F5 on your keyboard. Now, your laptop is in a safe mode.

Disable the error reporting services

You have to disable the error reporting services which also includes the Windows error reporting and problem report and solutions.

  • First of all, press the windows buttons and R key together.
  • The run box will open up and the opening file name there would be “msconfig” click on the open option.
  • A system configuration little tab will open up, take the arrow towards the services option in this tab and disable the options of error reporting by windows and problem report and solutions. Click Ok.
  • Restart your laptop after doing this.

Hopefully, the problem is resolved now.

Change Screen Refresh Rate (Max)

Now, you have to go to the first tab that you have opened after the safe mode or which you have opened with the combo of Windows key and R key.

  • Changing screen resolution rate is the second option.
  • For this, you just need to go to the display settings and click on change the display settings option.
  • Now click on the advanced settings and click on the option of a monitor.
  • Now click on the screen refresh rate options that were most commonly given as 60 Hz and 40 Hz there.
  • Click on 60 Hz screen refresh rate and apply this setting.
  • It will result in a high-quality screen with no flickers.

Uninstall Display Graphics Driver and Reinstall

Search the device manager by writing it in the search bar.

  • Open the device manager of your laptop and click the option of display adapters.
  • Now, uninstall the graphics drivers one by one whichever are available in your laptop.
  • Whichever drivers you have uninstalled from your laptop, now install them from their official authentic sites.
  • Select drivers and choose operating system then set them to install and you are done. Update it if needed.

Uninstall iCloud

  • Go to the laptop startup and search for programs and features.
  • Click on the uninstall iCloud application.

Avoid magnetic fields come near your laptop

Try to keep away the devices from your laptop which carry the magnetic fields that cause your laptop screen to flicker. If your laptop’s charging cable is lost and defective, then it can also cause your laptop screen to flicker.

In order to check that the laptop screen is flickering actually or not. For this purpose, you can connect your laptop with any monitor and check that now its screen is flickering or not. If yes then this means there are magnetic fields around your room. Or if not then this is an indication that your laptop is getting old now and you need to replace it.

Update operating system

Keep the operating system of your laptop up to date. Always check for the new updates. Click on the system settings of your laptop and click on update and security settings. Now, update the windows settings from there if any window update is available.

Delete incompatible applications

Always delete those applications which not in your use and incompatible with your laptop. If you have installed a new application on your laptop that is harming it then you should uninstall it immediately. You must know that the third-party apps that you have installed are causing problems with your laptop.

RAM issues

Flickering may be the result of displacing RAM or some issues with it. Open the bolts of your laptop and check out that if the RAM is on its proper place or not. Take the RAM out and remove the dust around its adjusting area completely. Now, put it on its place and make sure that its nudge is placed in its proper position and it must not be moving from its place by which the flicker was happening.

Final words

Now, you know each and everything about this topic. You know each and every solution for this too. Its time to apply all of the fixing solutions that you have learned from here.

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