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Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops?

Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops?

Hey! You all want to know about the latest Ubuntu operating system and its versions. This operating system is the latest one in this technology world. It has different versions of it. Ubuntu has released its different versions for the convenience of its each and every user.

If you are already planning for the Ubuntu version for your laptop, then this article is just for you people. So, before proceeding, I will first tell you in detail that what is Ubuntu and Ubuntu version.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is actually a Linux OS that is freely available for all in professional and community services. Its software tools are used by people free of charge and Ubuntu is really best in translations and accessibility infrastructure.

Its major purpose is to provide a  flexible performance so that the people can use it according to their feasibility.

Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops?

There is so many version that Ubuntu has released for its users’ ease. These are some official Ubuntu versions.

  • Edubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Lubuntu
  • Mythbuntu
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • UbuntuKylin
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Xubuntu

So let me explain you these Ubuntu versions in detail.


This version’s name is the short form of Education and Ubuntu. Basically, this is more focused on the schools, colleges and all of the other educational institutions. It comes up with a bundle of apps and games that are suitable for the students.

It is specially made for educational purposes. It has a focus on education only. If you are a student, then it is a perfect choice for you. But if you want to use it for general-purpose computing than this one is not suitable for you.

Then, you can look for the other versions of Ubuntu. Because this will be not perfect for you in this case. But if you are a student then you can really enjoy this one. Here, is the CD to one of this modern OS, you can also check others for convenience.  This one is for giving you direct access to it from Amazon.


This one is the KDE Ubuntu version. The KDE Plasma desktop environment of this version named Kubuntu is known for the point-and-click configuration options. It is the most modern and sleek looking one.

There are a lot of tweaks available in it like widgets, screenlets, etc. You can customize your laptop in your own way, which you like the most. Kubuntu version is the best one for an average system. But for Kubuntu, you must have RAM above than 2GB which will make you able to work properly with it.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the Kubuntu version properly. It will not work properly for you if your laptop RAM is very less. A 4 GB DDR4 RAM is perfect for the Kubuntu version.


The Lubuntu also caters to the need for a lower-end system. It basically uses the LXDE which is the complete power-efficient, lightweight and a power-efficient environment. This version of Ubuntu is the lightest among all of the versions that are released by Ubuntu OS. It can actually manage even the random access memory of fewer than 1 GB.

It can easily handle anything. It manages everything so good that your system doesn’t get overheated.  By the way, this is not so much good looking but really very efficient. You have to compromise on its looks. As everything has its own strengths and the weaker sides so is the Lubuntu in which you have to compromise on its looks but what matters a lot than excellent performance.


Mythbuntu is specially and exclusively for MythTV. It is a minimal Ubuntu installation. The MythTV is especially for the multimedia center and also for the home theaters. This one is not suitable for the usual or general use.  So, better to use in the theater system, not for normal use.

Ubuntu Budgie

Now, this one is the latest official flavor of Ubuntu. It uses the Budgie as the desktop. This technology is powered with the Linux souls. It is a really decent looking version and the desktop is really up to date in it. It is really nice and great. If looks matter for you a lot then definitely you should go for this one.

It has the launching area like the Genome version. It also features a separate notifications area that is like the Mac operating system. Its overall GI is aesthetically pleasing. It is also gaining a quick fan following and has the most stable services.

Ubuntu GNOME

This is also called as Ubuntu simply.  It is actually the default Ubuntu version from 2017 till now. It also has a Mac OS like interface. It is the main focus of Ubuntu working team. It has more support and available resources too. this one is more popular among the people and they use it more than any of the versions of Ubuntu.

Its resources are really RAM demanding. So, if your laptop has less than 4GB RAM, then it is not recommended for you at all. You will find a lot of support in public reviews and forums for this Ubuntu default version which is really good.


This Ubuntu flavor is especially for the Chinese people. It supports the Chinese language and has each and everything come in Chinese so that they can use an operating system in their own language. It is made specially by focusing on Chinese so that they can feel more comfortable.

Like this, you can see how the Ubuntu version has beautifully provided the convenience for every community. This is obvious that thousands of Chinese users support UbuntuKylin.

Ubuntu MATE

This Ubuntu version uses the Mate Desktop environment that is bifurcated from GENOME 2. While Genome 2 has the more traditional and realistic approach than that of the Genome 3.

So, many of the people support the Genome 2 irrespective of the other one. One of the reasons is that it provides very user-friendly features.

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio has amazing and most advanced features with an Xfce Interface. Its desktop environment comes with pre-installed audio and video tools. It actually supplies the need of the media and graphics creators.

If you are more concerned with the creativity then this tool is made just for you guys. Personally, I love its graphics tools.


It is the old and traditional type of version of the Ubuntu. It uses the Xfce desktop environment with the very basic and important customization settings. Because it is old so that’s why it has not so many good looks otherwise its features are really good.

Don’t go on its looks because it seems to be so old and bad but it is really not much worse in its functioning.

Which Ubuntu Version to Choose?

This totally depends upon your desire and work.  You have to choose which version you need the most. Or read these points to make a choice of what you need.

  • Identify your need that which operating system do you want.
  • Make a choice that either you want to use your laptop in a home theater system then you will need a Mythbuntu version.
  • Make a choice on which type of desktop do you need.
  • Choose if you want an old type of thing, like an old OS like Xubuntu.
  • If you are a Chinese speaker then you can select UbuntuKylin for yourself.
  • If you are an artistic type of person and want to use more audio, video tools, and amazing graphics, then you can make a choice to take the best Ubuntu version for these things.
  • Ubuntu MATE is also a really nice and lightweight version.
  • If you have to choose a laptop with a special operating system then you can choose Edubuntu which I have told above in my guide.

Benefits of Ubuntu operating system in Laptops

Some benefits of Ubuntu laptops are;

  • Ubuntu is perfect for laptops, desktops and for server use.
  • The latest Ubuntu release supports Intel x86 (IBM-compatible PC), AMD64, (x86-64), ARMv7, ARMv8 (ARM64), IBM POWER8/POWER9 (ppc64el), IBM Z zEC12/zEC13/z14 and IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper I+II/Emporer I+II (s390x).
  • Ubuntu contains thousands of pieces of software.
  • Ubuntu is always free of charge and will remain free of charge forever.
  • Ubuntu also contains the best in translations and the accessibility infrastructure which most of the free software communities offer.
  • It is released in shipped in stable and regular release cycles, usually after 6 months.
  • It is really committed to the principles of open source software development.

Why I selected Edubuntu for my College Students?

I have a College which I have been running it for the past 20 years. I am the owner and principal of my College. As the education system also get advanced day by day and so is the education methods and tools used for it.

Last time, when I heard about the Ubuntu operating system, it was just amazing. I always used to appreciate its every version and keep an eye on its every new release. I started studying the features of its versions to have one of them. One day, Ubuntu released the Edubuntu.

I studied it and searched a lot and finally, this was the one which I was looking for. Actually, I already have an idea that this is related to some educational purposes. This operating system I was wishing to have in my college laptops so that the students can get a great benefit from it.

Finally, after searching and studying it, I installed this operating system on all of my college laptops. Now, information technology students mostly go there for practical purposes and they are gaining a lot of benefit from it.

I am glad that Ubuntu has released so many versions of it and everyone found the best according to their needs. These Ubuntu versions are best for your laptop according to your need.

Final words

Now, you have an idea and enough knowledge about each and every version. Now, you know enough about Ubuntu Version for Laptops. You can choose any one of them for your laptop according to your desire. Read this article carefully and make a decision that what you want and which version would be best for you.

Good luck.

Team –

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