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Which Laptops Last the Longest?

Which Laptops Last the Longest?

If you want to buy a laptop that has a more life span or want to know about which features of the laptops make it last longer than here’s this article for you. Many of people are asking this question because people buy laptops by paying a heavy price, so they also want to run it as much as possible.

So here in this article about Which Laptops Last the Longest, I am going to tell you that which kind of laptops last longer and how you can make it to last longer. Stay calm, hold a coffee in your hands and read this buying guide based on complete research and practical experience.

A standard laptop usually lasts for about 3 to 5 years. A highly-priced feature is made of more durable material and extra features that run more longer while an average mid-priced laptop life ends after 3 or 4 years of use. But this is true that every laptop’s life depends upon the way, you use it.

After this lifetime, their peak performance begins to the dropdown. A laptop life depends upon too many things like the battery and the quality of laptops and too many of the other things like these.

Which Laptops Last the Longest?

There are too many factors on which a laptop life depends upon. The longevity of laptops belongs to many of the reasons which you must know.

The laptops which are less than 700 dollars, lasts for about 2 to 4 years. Those laptops whose price is around 700 to 1000 dollars, lasts for 3 to 5 years. Those laptops which are greater than $1000 are meant to live more for about 4 to 7 years.

It further depends upon the way you use it. While the laptop performance depends on the number of hours for running the battery. The battery timings even depend upon your usage. The gaming laptops need a stronger battery so that they can perform really best.

The battery of a laptop is used more when you are performing the games and doing multitasking. More aggressive use requires more battery. Battery performance will be good if a laptop is of high quality. If you will charge your laptop properly, then it will be performing its best for sure.

Which laptop battery lasts the longest? 

Here, I will share some of the methods by which you can make your laptops last the longest. By reading this guide, you will know that the laptop battery which is treated like this, lasts the longest.  Let’s start

Power saving mode on

Use the power saving mode for the battery to last longer. This helps a lot to consume the battery-less when you are doing multi-tasking on your laptop. This mode really saves your laptop battery and you can run it for a longer period of time. You can use all of the hours it runs as your credit hours for work and takes full advantage of that.

Adjusted screen brightness 

For working on your laptop for many hours you have to adjust the screen brightness at the normal levels. This will help the battery to retain for a longer time. While the high brightness levels let the battery to end earlier. Set up the brightness and power plans on your laptop.

Avoid opening all apps at the same time

If you have opened multiple applications at the same time this will also make the battery end faster. Stick to only one application which is in your use and doesn’t try to open everything at the same time.

If you use more applications and the software at the same time, then this will consume more battery of the laptop. If you want to use your laptop’s battery for a longer length of time then you can use one or two apps at a time.

Disable unused devices & ports

Moreover, the external devices that are connected with your laptop also suck the laptop’s battery like the printer, scanners, digital cameras, and other gadgets, etc. so, when your work is done then unplug and separate these devices connections from your laptop. So, that they may not drain the battery of your laptop.

The average life span of the battery depends also upon the following conditions.

Turn off hibernate

If you have set your laptop in the hibernation, then this is such a task that consumes the battery of your laptop. Turn off the hibernation so that your laptop’s battery can run for many hours.

Properly charge the battery

If you want your laptop must work properly for a long period of time. Then, you must have to charge properly. Sometimes, we work on our laptop very aggressively and when it is about to end we connect the charger at the very last moment. Many of us unplug the charger and start using it again when it is not charged completely.

The reason we do not charge it properly and let the battery become completely zero. This really affects your battery man! If you are making workload over your laptop and not giving it full and proper time of charge then you are misbehaving with your laptop actually. This thing slowly decreases your battery timings.

When you do this every time, this will cause your laptop’s battery to run low even if you have used it for a short time. So, charge your laptop for a proper time regularly. Try to connect the charger before the battery ends completely.

Keep the temperature optimum

When we are aggressively using our laptop then its internal system gets hot and the battery becomes hot too. For this purpose, laptops come with the internal fans which run and dissipate the heat of the system out. You should also take measures to prevent your laptop from getting hot.

Like you shouldn’t place your laptop in the soft areas where laptop vents and exhaust ports get blocked. You can use the external laptop cooling fans if you do aggressive work on it.

You should also not use your laptop for several hours without any of the breaks. You must give it a break for use and keep it in an airy place. Keep your laptop temperature in the desired limits. This will keep your laptop’s battery strong.

Buy Genuine Operating system

Without a genuine operating system, you can’t keep your laptop system updated. Because you can never update your laptop without a good OS.  Never use the pirated version of the operating structure and go for the official and accurate one.

Because all of your files and OS are at risk with such an operating system. A genuine OS will keep you all data saved and don’t let your battery drain fast and badly. So, you should always go for a genuine system for your laptop.

Keep OS updated

Keep the operating system of your laptop up to date. Whenever a new update comes, you should never miss it. Or even if have missed it then updates it must when you have completed your work. Try to run your laptop at the optimum levels. The creators of the system will keep sending you the updates and you will get them via a notification on side of your screen.

You just have to click on the notification and click on the updated OS. If you mistakenly clear all of the notifications then go to the system settings and click on security and updates and then update from there.

Which Brand Laptops Last the Longest?

Laptop branding also matters a lot. The laptops with the most popular brands are the ones that users make popular by using and checking their quality. Like Macintosh, laptops appear to be last longer than that of the normal usual laptops. MacBook Air has been tested and estimated to retain the battery for about 15 – 16 hours on just a single charge.

While the MacBook Pro series has a long life for over 12 hours. There are some other laptop brands too like the Surface Book that promises to be the 10 hours of battery life but aggressive usage can lessen these timings. There are more established brands too which offers good battery timing and high quality to last longest.

The expensive laptops which are of high quality and popular brand, they also last longer.

How can your laptop last the longest?

This thing actually depends on the way you treat your laptop. Read this;

Don’t overcharge a laptop

When we are in a hurry we connect the charging cable with our laptop, no matter either it is bending or cracking. This thing is not really good and in fact, it is damaging your laptop. The power cable can’t provide a proper current passage to your laptop and it damages the internal system of your laptop.

Most often some of us forget to remove the laptop from the charging. It get overcharged and the internal system of your PC is affected by it.

Handle with care

Handle your laptop with great care. Whenever you are moving your laptop outdoors, then you should handle it with great care. Do not drop it and damage its hardware. Do not let your laptop to be hit by something hard object. Treat your laptop with great care so that it can maintain its long life time.

Keep laptop away from foodstuff

If you are a night worker and small hunger pangs keep torturing you, you will be definitely taking the snacks and drinks near your laptop. This is a really bad habit because the snack particles go below the keyboard keys and liquid may spill over it. Eating and drinking near your laptop are not allowed at all. This really reduces the life of your laptop.

As if the liquid goes inside if your laptop then it can cause a short circuit. While the food particles can make laptop screen dirty and invite the ants there and creates the typing discomfort. So keep the food and drinks away from your laptop. The kind of laptops last the longest which are taken great care.

Keep the laptop clean

This is a really important step in increasing the life span of your laptop. You might be wondering how but let me tell you that the dust clogged in fans cause overheating which damages the laptop and affects its life. Now, you know how untidy and dirty laptop can reduce laptop performance and life.

Always keep your laptop clean once a week. Clean it using the proper cloth, shiner, and cleaner. Vacuuming and blowing the air is also really important for deep cleaning. This will keep the internal fans clean and unclogged. Clean the keyboard with blowing air. Read in detail about laptop cleaning.

Maintain a charging schedule

Your laptop should never get below 20% of charging. It must not be so much low, when it shows the red indication of battery low, immediately plug in the charger. Don’t wait for the battery to be completely dead. Charge it daily even if you are not using your laptop. Give it a proper time to charge and then unplug it when charging is done.

Keep your laptop cool

Use the laptop cooling pads if you have heavy work to do always with your laptop. If you have a gaming laptop then it is a must to buy an external cooling pad. Because for your heavy gaming and aggressive multitasking, the laptop’s inner fan is not enough.

To keep your laptop in an airy place and to prevent its exhaust ports you can use laptop stands too.

Keep laptop updated

Keep your laptop up to date and also update the cable, software, operating fan and any other stuff needed if your laptop is old. An updated laptop also last the longest. 

Final words

Now you know each and everything about this topic. You must maintain your laptop and its battery to last it long more than its actual life time. Give great care to your laptop and keep it maintained.

That’s how you can maintain your laptops last the longest. Your laptop will definitely be your companion for many years. Share it among your friends and let them informed with this information too. Many of my friends were also asking me the question about which laptops last the longest, I hope all of them now have got the desired answer. 

Good luck.

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