What to Look for in a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Hey all, are you tired of cleaning your laptop fans to avoid overheating and still you are not getting the desired results?  Are you trying to buy a laptop cooling pad for your laptop and wondering how you can select the best one for your laptop? Don’t get worried and don’t overthink, we will provide you the best buying guide about laptops cooling pads here.

Actually selecting a  laptop cooling pad for your beloved laptop is really very easy once you know which things you should look for in it. So, this is a detailed article about What to Look for in a Laptop Cooling Pad.

Stay here and get some useful piece of information with you that will help you throughout your life when you are about to buy a cooling pad. By reading this guide, you will be able to help others in selecting the best.

What to Look for in a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Here are some of the things which you must look for in a laptop cooling pad.

Quality of laptop cooling pad

You must check out that the product you are going to buy is of high quality. It must be of robust material and highly durable so that it can last very long. You can get a high-quality cooling pad from the most popular online selling sites. Personally, Amazon is my favorite one.

Cooling pad with multiple fans

Now, some of them are available with just one or two fans. You must look for the one which has more than two fans. More fans will help to dissipate more heat out of the system and help it not to stay in the system and cause problems. Do not buy a cooling pad with fewer fans. Take your product with extra performing fans.

Lightweight and portable

A laptop cooling pad must be of a lightweight and highly portable to be taken everywhere. A lightweight cooling pad will allow you to take it anywhere. Wherever you go with your laptop outdoors, take the cooling pad there too. A lightweight product is definitely easy to move anywhere.

Like if you are changing your working area at home many times, like sometimes you use the laptop in your study room, sometimes in TV launch. So where ever you are going, put your laptop on the cooling pad and take this entire with you in any room.


A cooling pad must be adaptable to the comfortable positions which you like. This is really a great convenience. A cooling pad must be the one to allow you for maximum comfort. It should be ergonomic allowing for the max comfort to the user. It should support your laptop from various positions and angles.

Types of cooling pads

You must look for the types when to buy a cooling pad. Because there are many different types of laptop cooling pads. These are;

  • With fans
  • Without fans

Cooling pad with fans

Some of the cooling pads come with the fans that flow the maximum hot air out. The fans are the best way to prevent overheating and protect your laptop from faults and issues. The speedily running fans blow the hot air of the system out and keep the laptop cool. This also allows one’s laptop to perform at its best.

Cooling pad without fans

There is also the cooling pad without the fans. You might be wondering how it can be possible. Yes, it is possible. These types of pads have the heat resistant material like aluminum in the. They are totally different from cooling pads with fans.

These ones operate very quietly but when the thing comes to its performance, these are not so much effective like the cooling pads with fans. They are not able to absorb so much heat while the fans dissipate the heat fast.

No, the choice is yours fully off course, you can choose any of the types of a cooling pad which you like.

How to Choose a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Now, the thing comes that how would you choose your product. For this, you have to look for the following other things;

Select the proper size

You have to check out what is the actual size of your laptop, then you have to choose that cooling pad on which your laptop gets fits easily. The proper size of the pad is really important. So always make sure to take the properly sized cooling pad.

Check out the extensibility

In some of our laptops, there is less number of the USB ports available. Attaching the cooling pad makes the ports less. While some of the cooling pads have the option to connect USB devices to the pin while in some cases, directly to the cooling pad. These come with a little bit more price.

You must take the better and extensible one.

Comfortable to use

Check out that the pad is comfortable enough or not. It must be comfortable to use anywhere. You should be really very comfortable with it either you are sitting in your bed or your laptop is on the table. It must be comfortable and stable everywhere.


It is a matter of concern for everyone. Price is really important for everyone. Don’t go for the very low price and also don’t take a really expensive cooling pad. Go for the one which is really affordable. It must be of high quality, increased number of fans and a decent price.

Here are some of the best and latest cooling pads for 2020 selected for you people. Here they are:

Note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad

It is an amazing pad with quiet working fans. These are 5 fans and they work very efficiently. This cooling pad is for the 14- 17 inches laptops. The red LED light comes out of these five fans and it looks great. Its LED light gives ease to tell you that the fans are working.

It is built with a big non-slip baffle which gives an ergonomic comfort to this product. Its extra USB ports allow you to connect more device. It is built with high-quality material. It comes with the one-month money-back warranty and a 1 year of full manufacturing warranty.

Kootek Laptop Chill Mat

It is equipped with the five big and small fans with a blue LED which can turn on and off if you need. It is also having dual USB hubs for more expansibility. It has an ergonomic stand with 6 adjustable height settings.

It has two stoppers in the front to prevent your laptop from falling. Its super quiet fans give an interference-free environment. It supports 12 -17 inches of laptops. It is also one of the really amazing products. You can choose if you like this one.

What is the Use of Laptop Cooling Pad?

There are many uses of it and no one can deny the amazing work of this product. The uses or benefits of the cooling pads includes;

Keep laptop cool

Cooling pads keep the laptops cool every time. It is so obvious from their name that for which purpose they are actually meant for. They dissipated the heat generated in the internal system of the laptop. The heat goes out and the laptop remains cool all the time to work at its peak level. It keeps each and everything inside a laptop cool. Like the processor remains cool and works fast, the hardware also remains cool.

Avoids overheating

A cooling fan not only keeps a laptop cool all the time but also prevents it from getting overheated. You know that when a machine runs, it generates the heat inside the system which is harmful if it remain inside of the product. It should eliminate outside so that the system is bearable to be work on. When there is no overheating the system performs fast.

Increased performance

This is so obvious that when there is no overheating and the system remains calm every time, then the laptop performs at its peak level. Its level of performance is increased to a higher position. So, it is really important for a laptop to stay cool and calm.

Ideal resting comfort place

A cooling pad is really an ideal place for a laptop to be placed. It is hard to place to put a laptop on it as well as cool enough to dissipate all of the heat. No place or a thing can be such an ideal like a laptop cooling pad; an area that is airy and compact both.

You can feel a great comfort using your laptop over it. This is a great comfort for your laptop as well because it supports the laptop and maintains its temperature to the normal levels.

Reduce temperature

When you are working on your laptop all day and its temperature gets raised more often. Then, nothing can be the best solution except a cooling pad with fans. It helps to quickly lower the temperature of the system. When the temperature remains normal everything inside the laptop works fine.

Why is a Laptop Cooling Pad Necessary?

The necessity of this item is undeniable, everyone needs a cooling pad especially if they have the gaming laptops. Or in the cases where people don’t want to leave their important data-filled old laptops and its fans are not working well.

Heavy gaming is done on gaming laptops. The workload on the gaming laptop is quite higher than that of the other normal laptop. Their system has to run more and they dissipate more heat from them. The cooling pads are really necessary for them.

Whenever you buy a gaming laptop, you must take a laptop cooling pad with it. While talking about the normal laptops that everyone uses for the normal day to work, in office, for writing content, etc, they work really great when they are new. But as they become old, it becomes difficult for them to take more workloads and they get overheated earlier.

Similarly when a laptop is used very roughly and some parts of it get damaged, faulty or weak, then it also starts getting overheated after use of just half an hour or maybe different in your case. When a laptop is used heavily for all of the days and you are doing multi-tasking on it then it is necessary and a must to get a laptop cooling pad before your laptop gets really heated up.

When you know that your work on your laptop is all day and never-ending work then never wait for the laptop to become overheated, take a cooling pad as a precautionary measure. And in case, your laptop already gets heated up then also there is no problem at all, buy a cooling pad now and keep your system cool.

Sometimes the laptop internal fans are not sufficient enough or don’t work so much well to dissipate all of the heat. In this situation, it is very necessary to have a cooling pad in your home so that you can use it for your laptop. Try to keep the laptop internal fans clean but I know sometimes the cleaned fans are not so efficient and we need a cooling system then.

You can also use the laptop fan when there are weather extremes like the extremely hot weather condition or the humid condition. Both the situations are really bad for a laptop. No matter if your laptop is not overheating but the extreme weather is really effecting it; then always use the cooling pad and make your laptop protected from now on.

Final words

I have covered each and everything on this topic about What to Look for in a Laptop Cooling Pad. I believe that I have delivered my best. All you have to do is to read it clearly and choose the best cooling pad for your laptop.

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