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What to do with a New Laptop?

It is always lovely to use new things. Similarly, when we buy a new laptop, we are curious to use it, check out its features and functions. Too many people are just wondering what to do with a new laptop.

What to do with a New Laptop?

Today I am going to tell you a lot of things that you can do when you buy a brand new laptop. Keep reading and you will find too many interesting things here to do on your new laptop. Here we go;

Security setup

First of all, when you buy a new laptop, its safety comes at first. You should prioritize the safety first before you do anything else. Set up the safety password to ensure safety. If you have the Windows hello feature or fingerprint reader in your laptop, then this is great. Set up the windows hello feature.

Let the windows recognize your voice. This will let your laptop to be unlocked in front of you without any effort and furthermore you don’t have to remember the long passwords. Within a second, your laptop would be ready for your use. If you want to set up the fingerprint security than you can do it too. These kinds of things can be done as soon as you open your brand new laptop for the very first time.

Otherwise, if you have missed these things, then there is no need to get panic. Just go to your laptop settings, click on personalize option and set the security setup which your laptop has and which you find most convenient. Do it and your all-important data will be ensured for its security in your laptop.

Browser install

All of the laptops come with an already installed browser. The thing is that which browser you like the most and find most convenient. Most of the people use Chrome browser and you have to install it first in your laptop. Some laptops are pre-installed with Microsoft edge browser, some with Yahoo, Bing and others too.

There are too many other brewers too like Mozilla Firefox and many more. I love to use Chrome. Download any of the browsers from Google. Now, on any of the browser, you can get direct access to Google and main and popular social media apps, like Facebook, YouTube, and Google accessories.

Download apps

Download your favorite apps on your laptop. Get access to all of the apps from play store easily. You should use the mobile supported apps in your smartphone, not on your laptop. There are too many desktop supporting apps. While some apps run best in both of these devices and you have many ideas about these applications.

Add extensions

There are too many supportive things that you don’t need to download or install even. You just have to add them as an extension in your browser. You can easily add and remove the extensions. Just click on add extension and it will be added immediately. Similarly, click on remove extension and it will get removed.

Now, some of the people might be thinking that where to get all of these extensions. Now, open up your browser, you will found 3 small dots at the corner.  Click on that dots option, then go down and click on tools option and you will found the extensions option there. Click on that option and you will go the world of extensions. Find any extension in the search bar given there and enjoy using the extensions.  

I use the extensions; Grammarly, Search safe, KWfinder and some others in my laptop. These extensions have added great ease. I can safely search for anything and Grammarly corrects all of the spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes in anything I write.  Although my grammar is good, yet this helps me too much.

Install software

Install any of the software you wish to install. You can install software related to your field like trading software, diet software, business software, calculations software, etc. There are thousands of software’s which you can install in your laptop. Install the setup and enjoy and work by using it.

If you want a CD for software installation, you can buy it too. There are some software CDs for installation of Microsoft word.

Laptop covers and bags

This is as much important as downloading any apps or setting up your browser. If your laptop is having a touch screen, you can buy a laptop bag or cover online. If you only use your laptop at the home an don’t need any bag, the laptop sleeves will be your best choice in this case. Sleeves will give great protection to your laptop and also protect it from dust.

You can take your laptop anywhere using a laptop backpack. This will give you a  great opportunity to travel anywhere with great ease.

User account

You know better how many real or fake accounts you use. Open all of the accounts in google so that you can have quick access to all of them when you want to switch.  When you will open all of your accounts then you will also be able to open up all accounts Gmail. You can use your different accounts and any official account for work purposes.

Laptop cooling pad

If you have a habit of using a laptop on your couch or bed, then you should buy a cooling pad. As you know that laptop dissipated heat and this heat flow is affected when you use a laptop on the bed. So, a cooling pad is a must in this case so that your laptop can work better and maintain its normal performance. Otherwise, the heat will heat up the whole system.

Internet connection

Set up the internet connection which is the most important thing. It will help you to Google any of the information in this world. You can video call or skype your best friends and loved ones. You can do online streaming,  download anything, install any software, etc. You can do thousands of things by making a stable internet connection.

Thousands of things are not even possible without the internet. You can use apps with the comfort with the internet. So, for this purpose set up the WIFI connection using Broadband or any other thing. You can set up the Ethernet connection or either connect to the available nearby WIFI devices.

Antivirus install

Antivirus installation is very important. Install an antivirus as soon as you put any of your data into your laptop. It is necessary to keep your laptop protected from bugs, viruses, and hackers. An anti-virus program will shield your laptop against harms. Once you install the anti-virus, then there is no need to get worried at all.

The anti-virus will scan for malicious files itself and look for any malware attack. You can also do it by clicking in the virus scan option in anti-virus. There are many free anti-virus software available but you can also purchase them if you want additional protection. I use a free anti-virus and it works great so there is no need to buy software for me. You can also decide which one to use very easily.

Mouse and keyboard

Buy a separate mouse and keyboard for gaming. Even if you have a gaming laptop, the also you have to buy a gaming keyboard and mouse. You can get it online too. We also provide you direct access to such accessories. Laptop keys don’t support fast and furious gaming. While the gaming keyboard will allow you to do excessive tapping. You can spend your long marathon gaming sessions with a gaming keyboard very easily.

While a gaming mouse will help you to do millions of clicks really quick. You would attack your game enemies much faster than from a non-gaming keyboard.

Power settings

Adjust the power settings to save your laptop’s battery power. Adjust the brightness levels according to your desire. You can also set up the power plans. Normal brightness will prove effective in protecting your eye lens. Adjusted brightness levels also save a lot of battery power. So, it is a must to do, whenever you got the time and find nothing to do in your new laptop then do such kind of small things which matters big.

Windows updates

Window’s updates is another important thing to do. A new laptop most often shows notifications for windows updates. If you have missed any of the updates then you can go to laptop settings. Find updates options there and update the windows or some other program which is demanding for an update.

Headphones and speakers

If you want to enjoy the music you love but also don’t want to disturb others than take a  headphone. It will let you hear the audios personally and clearly.  You can enjoy listening to songs and watch movies with full volume.  You can get into the immersive sounds of your gaming to enjoy them like a real game. You are definitely going to have much fun with these accessories.

While the speakers will give you the full facility to make a proper setup of the sound system in your home. You can play your favorite music loud and party hard.

Final words

Now, you know each and everything about what to do with a new laptop. These things are some of the main things which you can do. If there are some other things which would; definitely, then do that in your new laptop. Do the mentioned things must have an amazing experience of all of the things from your laptop. Read the full details and get the real benefit.

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