What to do when Laptop Battery Drains Fast?

The use of laptops is so much maximized now a day and most of us face the issue of fast battery drainage. Here I will tell you about what to do when laptop battery drains fast. I know many of you are already irritated by this issue and desperately want to know the solution. But don’t get worried at all because I am going to tell you each and everything here.

Tips for when Laptop’s Battery Drains Fast

First of all, you must know that if the battery is draining fast, there must be a reason behind it. Let me share those battery drenching things or the causes of this issue so that you can have a better idea. Along with these causes, I will tell you the solution too. So, read with a focused mind and here we go. Also, read about how to adjust laptop sleep time.

Battery settings

When your laptop battery drains fast, most probably the main big issue is the battery settings. The power should not be running at 100; as it is also glary for the eyes. You have to adjust the settings at normal. Turn the battery saver ON at first. This is the first solution.

Next, you have to do is to dim the brightness levels of laptops. Too much high brightness consumes battery more and reduces the charging fast. So, adjust these settings. Set up the power plans normal and cope with the battery issue properly.

Background running apps

The background running applications consume too much power. You must care about this. The apps that are running in the background and you are not using them, are just the power-consuming factors. Close all of the apps so that your system can run in a better way.

When you close all of those applications, then the battery will not drain drastically. It would create a good and positive impact.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Many of us didn’t care if our laptop’s Bluetooth is running all the time. Usually, our laptop Bluetooth and our mobile’s Bluetooth remain ON for no use. In the case of a laptop, this is bad. Bluetooth remaining ON for no reason also takes a battery.

So, if you have your laptop is facing this issue and try turning off the Bluetooth and check out that if this method is working or not. I am pretty much sure that it works because I also have faced this issue and cope with this amazing. I have applied all these steps and they worked for me sufficiently.

Power usage settings

Go to the laptop’s settings and open up the control panel. Then click on the system and security and go to the power usage options. Click on that option and adjust the power usage and your laptops will use less power.

Lower the graphics

Lower the graphics of the laptop for the best performance of your laptop and retaining the battery for long. You can do this by clicking the windows icon and type performance in the search bar. Then go to the appearance and performance settings. Look for the things that are consuming the highest power and limit their use. This will help to resolve the issue.

Use the manufacturer’s charger

Another mistake that people do is the use of other chargers. Using the manufacturer’s charger is good. As the manufacturer’s charger is accurate and specially made for the laptop. So, use it and the charging will remain longer otherwise using another charger will charge it but the battery will lose early after simple use.

Tips to Make Laptop’s Battery To Run Longer?

Here I will share some of the tips with you by which you can make your battery run longer.

The brightness of your laptop must be normal. High brightness of the display at 100% will excessively drain the battery. Limiting this will result in normal battery utilization.

After you are done from your work, then turn off the wireless connection. This will also help to limit battery usage by your laptop. In the case of traveling, you can use a laptop power bank (affiliate link) for charging.

Another thing that you can do is that you have to keep the apps and software close which are not in your use and running as such. This will create an amazing positive impact.

Old batteries consume much power than that of the new ones. So, if you have a second-hand laptop or simply only the battery is old, then you can resolve this issue to make your laptop work better.

If you are fond of using the screen savers and think that they really protect the screen or limit the screen timings, then probably you are wrong. They are of no or very little use. Don’t use the screen savers and the gadgets so that your laptop will drain less power.

Keep your battery away from the liquid spills, as this can have a bad impact, not only on the battery but the overall laptop’s performance. Spilling any liquid on keyboard or laptop cover is something else and not so dangerous as some are spill-resistant. But water inside the battery ruins it. So, keep the water away from the laptop.

Take good care of your battery and protect it from the dust and other environmental harms, etc. Don’t take off the battery from the laptop again and again.

What is the Average Battery Life of a Laptop?

The average time limit of a laptop’s battery is usually 1 to 6 hours. Some laptops have battery life for even 10 hours. I have told you the average limit of common laptops. Yet the battery also depends upon the type of usage.

So, when this limit exceeds or when the battery percentage of your laptop drops down, then you should plug in the charger. You should not wait for the battery to end completely. When a laptop’s battery remains less than 15 percent, you should plugin immediately.

You can check out the battery percentage from the bottom right corner of your laptop’s taskbar where the battery icon is displayed. If the battery icon is not visible to you, then you can go to the settings and pin the battery option to the taskbar.

When the battery will become red, it is a clear indication that you should stop working on your laptop and charge it first. Ignoring the red indication again and again day by day causes problems of the battery. So, you must take care of it.

What are the Indicators of Laptop battery damage?

Sometimes we ignore too many important things and they are indicating the danger. If your laptop shuts down without any warning or indicator, it is also a sign that the laptop’s battery is getting damage. Another indicator is that the windows are showing you the indicator of the low battery itself.

The next indicator is that your laptop is getting overheated. These are some indicators that already asking you to take good care of your laptop, charge it on time, etc.

Overcharging is another issue, some people work all day on a laptop and set the laptop for charging overnight. They forget to unplug the charger and this damages the laptop battery. 

Final words

Now, you know each and every detail of this topic. You all have a better idea now that what to do when laptop battery drains fast. Read this guide completely and apply it to your laptop.

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