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What To Do If You Spill Water On Your MacBook?

What To Do If You Spill Water On Your MacBook?

It seems like a nightmare to see your expensive gadget fall in the water. No one can explain that horrible feeling. The same is the case when you drop your MacBook in water. MacBook is always of a heavy price and definitely, everyone wants to take care of it.

But sometimes things happen intentionally and unintentionally. In our homes, we are doing our normal work along with working on a laptop and something like this. So, many of the cases have seen that people have mistakenly spilled tea or a glass of water on their laptop.

People are extremely nervous in these situations. Because they don’t want to lose their saved work on their laptop. While the second reason is that the laptop is expensive too. So, every guy is worried if they got damage to their most important and expensive thing.

So, you have also spilled water on your gadget. You are wondering What to Do If You Spill Water on Your MacBook. But you don’t need to be worried at all about it. You just have to read this article fully.

After reading all this, you will found exactly what to do. I will share some of the best-practiced solutions that are going to work for your MacBook too.

All you need to do is to stay calm and read this article till the end.

Steps by Step guide- What to Do If You Spill Water on Your MacBook

Here I will share some steps to follow when you face this issue with your MacBook. There is no need to get panic, just sit relaxed and read this detailed guide.

Step 1- Unplug your device

First of all, unplug your MacBook from all types of cables. If the water is passed over from the keys, then you are lucky. But if the water goes directly to your laptop’s keyboard, then there is a little problem. But as I said you don’t need to get panic, because I have the perfect solution for this. Just read this guide carefully.

So, you have to unplug your laptop safely. So that the current may not start flowing in the whole laptop. Do it safely and move towards the next step.

Step 2- Turn off your laptop

In the second step, you have to switch off your laptop. Some people don’t do this. But actually, it is an extremely important step.

Remove the battery of the laptop if possible. If your laptop is fallen like it was totally immersed in water. Then you should try that you must have removed the battery after that by turning off your laptop.

Step 3- Use a towel

After that, use a towel over the laptop. Remove water from your laptop, immediately hold it in a position that water from keyboard drops down. A towel will absorb the remaining water from the keyboard.

Water does not cause so many problems than that of the sticky fluids etc. Because juice and tea are sticky and they got stuck inside the keys.  It is a little bit difficult to remove them when stacked. Click here to buy a cleaning towel from Amazon.

Step 4- Use Blow drier

Use a blow drier for this purpose. Blow drier will help the laptop to get dry. It will do a great help in treating your laptop.  You can also use the hair drier for this purpose. Turn the fans on, so that they can also help dry the laptop immediately.

Click here to buy a blow drier from Amazon.

Try to directly blow the air on the laptop. It will help to evaporate water earlier. If you are using the hair drier, then make sure that its temperature is less. Don’t blow the warm air on the laptop.

Step 5- Use silica gel

The best solution to dry up the technology gadgets is using silica gel bags. You can even use mini bags for your mobile, tablets, etc.

So, take the silica gel and place their mini bags and your laptop in a big bag. Make sure that your big bag can be sealed properly. So, no air could enter the bag. Pack the bag with laptop and silica and leave it for 48 hours.

You can also use rice in the bag if you don’t have any silica get available. Try to leave it for the same time, 48 hours. Click here to buy Silica Gel from Amazon.

Step 6 – Leave for a proper time

In the end, leave your laptop for a proper time. Your laptop or MacBook is not supposed to be opened for 96 hours. So, at that time, don’t try to open it up or rush towards it. Sit relax, do your other works and forget your MacBook for those waiting hours.

Step 7 – Take MacBook to repair shop     

When your MacBook is dry and after you have left if for 96 hours complete. Then, before opening it up, take to the nearby Apple service center. They will check out that is there any fault exists because of going water inside of MacBook. If there will be an issue, they will resolve it.

But believe me, following these techniques as it is, will surely protect your MacBook from any imminent damage.

After that, open your laptop and check it out. Open its programs check the keyboard keys yourself and monitor the touchpad response too. All this will be perfectly fine if you have followed the guide properly.

Important things as precautions- Must read

I will share some of the important things with you here. You must read it.

  • When your MacBook is immersed in water totally, try to pick it up as soon as possible so that water may not enter deep inside.
  • Face the keyboard downwards within no second of a spill. Remove all water hurriedly to decrease the chances of permanent damage.
  • Unplugging is very much important that you should not ignore. You have t take care of your safety must. If current already began to flow from in the whole laptop, then try to turn off the power source with some wooden object. Then, unplug the cable. This will save you while doing all this.

Final words

So, now you are having the complete idea about what you have to do actually. Now, just relax if you have already gone through the water spill on MacBook. Do these steps whenever you will face this issue. You can also help someone with this.

Sill if you have any questions related to this, you can ask in the comments section. I will try my best to reply to all of the queries disturbing you in your mind. Share this useful information with your friends. So that they can also get help when they have unintentionally spilled water on their MacBook. Good luck.

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