What Size Laptop for College?

Size is one of the main concerns when buying a laptop for college. As for college students, the proper size of the laptop is very much important.  For study purposes, a laptop should be of a proper size, neither too large nor too small. It should be medium enough to carry and kept with great ease.

If you are a college student, be ready to select the right size laptop for you. This article is dedicated to you, students. So read it carefully. After reading this detailed guide you can make the right choice that is going to help you throughout your carrier.

Now life without a laptop is impossible. Completing your college tasks and homework without it is not possible now. So, if you are a student or someone else that wants to take a laptop for a college student, just read this guide carefully. This will be worth reading when in the end you would have the perfect idea about this topic.

What size laptop is best for college?

Before indulging in other discussions, let me tell you straight forward. The answer to what size laptop for college is 13 inches. Yes, 13 inches is the perfect size of a laptop for any college student. But you have to stay here as there are also some other important factors with this. These factors should also be taken into consideration with the required size. So stay here and read a full guide for your own benefit.

Available sizes of laptops

As you know there are different sizes of laptops available in the market. These are from 11 inches to 17 inches. 17 inches is the largest size available in the market till now. 11 inches is almost a mini laptop.

For college-going students, some main important features of laptops should be noted.  Those features which matter are portability. Definitely, a normal size will be easy to carry. You will be able to take it anywhere. Plus this normal size will be perfect for work.

Things to consider while selecting a laptop for college students

Some other things are also associated with the normal size that I was talking about.


It is the most important thing that shouldn’t be ignored at all. A good processor would provide you with a fast speed. You will be able to do multitasking without getting low speed. It will have good cache memory. It will allow saving a lot of important files or documents, without any issue of storage space.

There are two different types of processors in the market. Intel and AMD processors. Personally, I prefer Intel processors.


It is a must that a college laptop should be lightweight. So that you can carry it easily. The slim and smart laptop will also give a modern and decent look too.


RAM is one of the most important features. The more RAM, the more it will be good for a laptop user.  Many of the laptops come with 4BG RAM. Consider 8-16 GB RAM of your laptop so that you can experience the best.

Screen size

Buy a laptop with a full HD screen. 13-inch screen size is completely fine for working purposes. You can prefer a big one too. Personally, I found 13 inches an okay size. But it depends upon your choice. If you think that you need a big screen than go for what you want.

Battery life

A good battery life is necessary. Without it, a laptop is almost useless. With good battery life, you will be able to do your work for hours. You will not worry about its power to run down.

Operating system

Another thing to consider is the OS of the laptop. You should take a laptop with a good operating system. As there is great and genuine OS available by Microsoft and Apple etc. You can take one with Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

Personally, my favorites are Windows 10. They have all the enhanced features and all of them are easy and user-friendly.


A hard disk drive is also important to check. It should be 1TB or above. Actually, it depends upon you that how much you want to store in your laptop. You can also choose the SDD drive for your laptop. An ideal SDD will be 128 GB.


A wise person will definitely see the warranty for any product before buying it. So check out the warranty card of the laptop must. It’s better to check warranty timings so that you can get it repaired in case of any issues.

Final words 

My son is in college. As being a father I have to fulfill his basic needs. When he asked me for a laptop to do his college work then I searched all this stuff. I talked to my other friends about this to take an idea for them. They told me to buy a reasonably priced laptop for my child as they can damage it too. So, buy them a good one but not too expensive.

Further, I searched out from the internet about what size laptop for college. And then finally I bought my son, a good one; he is doing all of his homework and assignments on it. And I am happy for him. This all stuff is really very important.

This made me realized that I should also consider some of the required things on my laptop too. As when I have bought my laptop, I didn’t have enough ideas about all these things. In a hurry, I just bought one. And the issue that I faced was that within no time it got ran out of its battery. It took a lot of time to charge it up.

It’s my advice to you people that you should take great care of these things. This will help you not to face any kind of difficulty, especially when buying for your children. This guide is based on complete research and personal experience. Read it carefully and make the right choice. Good luck.

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