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What is The Best Operating System For a Laptop?

What is The Best Operating System For a Laptop in 2020

For the smooth working of any laptop, a good operating system is a must. Without this, a laptop can’t perform many of its functions properly. Although most of the laptops are already installed with any Windows OS, yet if you lose it or want to change them, then you can do it for sure. If you don’t have any OS on your laptop, then follow this guide.

What is The Best Operating System For a Laptop?

I will tell you each and everything about Windows OS here. That one, which is best for every laptop and those which are popular too. Stop thinking that without a good OS, your laptop would work properly. As it is not possible. Everything, every product or technology requires some internal system for them, upon which many factors are based.

You can run the Windows OS by yourself or let someone do this for you by paying them. If you are buying a new laptop and wondering about its system, then you will be guided here about this all. The most popular and common OS’s available are Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Others most popular ones are the XP Windows and

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is the worldwide used Windows. They are the king of all. Microsoft offers Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 also. There are also other ones but the most popular ones are mentioned here. As they are more advanced and have their enhanced features. Microsoft is the best operating system for a laptop.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest OS by Microsoft. It comes with the most advanced and enhanced features. This also meets the diverse needs of small businesses. It has more RAM, more cache, high graphics and many more features like this.  The most powerful, modern system and for everyone. It’s also included with ongoing security as it is the most important thing.

Windows 10 also gives tips and any kind of help too. It answers to your common questions. The best thing is that it is quite simple to use and all of its features are quite friendly. It provides high durability and great design. You can expect more from it. By using its exclusive features, you can experience more battery life, moving file services, extra speed and much more.

You can also make security options. I mean to say that that you can set login options of your preference. You can use fingerprint reader security, some passwords or face login too. It will let you use your voice for different commands. In short, it provides high standard of security. This security is already built within it. You can remain sync in all your devices with these Windows.

It is also a perfect choice for gaming laptops because of its processor, memory, graphics, etc. A good laptop already comes with this latest version, I mean this Windows 10. This will help you to find and play online games with great support in all the things. You can also do other streaming.

Laptops which comes with Windows 10 has definitely the enhanced features, another best feature is the high resolution and graphics. You can watch movies online and can do HD streaming too. The graphics will be amazing in all the things, either for videos, movies, games or any other thing, etc.

There are so many features that it is impossible to explain each on here in complete detail. So I am giving you a brief knowledge about its other best feature. Just stay connected with me;

Windows 10 are;

  • Power efficient
  • High optimization
  • More cache memory
  • Fast processor speed
  • Amazing graphics
  • High compatibility
  • Never gets slow or bad during multitasking.
  • Latest and modern technology of Microsoft till now.

If you are using these Windows than you will have an idea already that how important is this. Otherwise, when you use it, you will admire it for sure. Just stay happy that you are using the latest technology with enhanced and advanced features. This OS is the dream of this world until the more new one comes.

Windows 8                                          

Actually, before starting about these Windows, let me tell you that they are bad. Actually, Microsoft has been released these Windows in 2012 and it went flop. Although, some people might like and use it. But it is not so much good. The reason for its failure was that it was not having a satisfactory performance.

As everything or everyone has ups and downs in life. Some do big mistakes and learn from them. The same is the case with Windows 8 also. But there is no need to get worried at all. If this window version is installed on your laptop, then don’t get panic. It is quite useable. Microsoft keeps updating their things so don’t worry at all, like updated 8.1 Windows, etc.

Windows 7

It is one of the most widely used operating systems. It is pretty much good. All those who don’t have Windows 10 on their laptops must have Windows 7. These are also best as a good technology by Microsoft.

These Windows 7 actually got success over Windows Vista, about which I will not talk for now. But just briefly tell you that Windows Vista was the previous from this one but now not used mostly. Only these are the most common and widely used ones that I am talking about. So, just read them carefully so that you can also have a better idea about this topic. Its information is as necessary as your studies. In this technology world, everyone knows it. If you don’t know about these OS, then this is the time to learn something good from this guide. As we are doing all this to inform and facilitate you guys.

Windows 7 is fast and also streamline the interface. It maintains the other valuable features too while doing all this. It also provides many of the new features on the control panel. Some of them are new and some are the previous ones. It is actually a rock solid OS. It will be your best choice, my dear readers.

Windows 7 has the best features like;         

  • High software compatibility
  • High speed
  • Gives security options
  • Support minimum interruption
  • Good speed
  • Nice graphics
  • Amazing RAM etc

Mac OS operating system

Mac OS is the system that is created by Apple for its products. So you can use this in Apple laptops and other Apple devices. This system is pre-installed in all new Macintosh or Macs. These products are more expensive and some brand conscious people buy them more.

Yet this Windows operating is good too. It has many options for the enhanced features only for Mac Books. Everything has its own uniqueness and limitations too. As any of the Apple device or software don’t have the Bluetooth option. Yet all other qualities are good. It has many of the enhanced and advanced technology used in it. If you have this on your laptop, so keep enjoying it man.

Linux OS

The last one is the Linux operating system. This system is good too. But it doesn’t support the heavy gaming and its tools.

You can easily do your basic tasks by this operation, but for multitasking and heavy gaming, you can’t prefer this one.

Importance of Windows operating system

Before going further let me assure you of the importance of any operating system. Basically, it is the main important software that runs the whole laptop. Its function is to manage the memory and processes. Without it, a laptop is useless completely. OS manages all the software and hardware. It controls and coordinates the multiple programs on your laptop. Its importance can’t be denied.

Final words

Now, everything is cleared to you. I have explained all the details about what is the best operating system for a laptop. This detailed guide clears all. 

Personally, I prefer using Microsoft Windows as it is the friendliest one. A lot of easy and advanced features that have made doing everything easier. I have two laptops that I own. One has Windows 7 pre-installed in it and the other one is having Windows 10. Both are just amazing.

I have been using them for years and I also never miss any of the Windows updates. And everything is going fine with this OS. I got full liberty to use every feature with great ease. I can do all of my daily tasks on it. Multitasking also never let the speed of these systems slow. I enjoy using this system with great ease and feel more facilitated.

By ending this topic, let me share an important tip with you. Whichever Windows OS you have on your laptop, never miss any of its updates. As updates are good and they are trying to provide some new features. In case, you miss an update, then make an internet connection and go to your laptop’s control panel. Now search for an update for Windows. You can easily get it updated from there.

Read this guide carefully. This is written with great effort for your people. Gain something best from here. Still, in case of any queries, freely write in the comment section and you will be answered surely. Good luck.

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