What is the Best Mechanical Keyboard?

What is the Best Mechanical Keyboard?

The best mechanical keyboard adds comfort in everyone’s life both in typing and gaming. The mechanical keyboards are the keyboards that are made up of high-quality material and its key switches are spring-activated for the comfortable and quick key press. Simply speaking, these keyboards feel better than that of the other keyboards.

They have a significantly longer life span and high durability. You will get an improved typing experience on these keyboards. The mechanical switches of these keyboards give more tweaking options than that of the keyboards with rubber dome below the keys. They have high stability and high robustness.

Mechanical keyboards are highly stable and robust. You can enjoy the full comfort of the mechanical keyboards and choose them as your first priority. We have chosen the best mechanical keyboard for you people so that you may not have to search them in the big and confusing market. You can also look for the best keyboards brands list.

It is the complete list of the best mechanical keyboard which you are looking for. Here we go;

Best Mechanical KeyboardFeaturesRGB backlit Price
Razer BlackWidowComfortable, ergonomic, magnetic rest place for wrist16.8 million lightening’sCheck price
WOOTING ONEFlaretech optical switches, ABS plastic material, robustRed lightening, 10 unique effectsCheck price
CORSAIR K70CHERRY mechanical switches, 100% anti-ghosting, 104 key rolloverDynamic multiple lighting effectsCheck price

What is the Best Mechanical Keyboard

Here are those best products that we have selected for you people.

Razer BlackWidow

Razer is an amazing mechanical gaming keyboard with signature mechanical switches. Equipped with the Razer green switch technology, it provides a really satisfying clicky sound with making it sure that the key tap is done. The 50 g of actuation force is can be easily applied to it, good news for the people who used to tap the keys hard. 

You can have an ultimate personalization and gaming immersions with this great keyboard. It offers you the full integration with the popular game titles and syncs which is completely effortless. You can hear from at least 30 plus partners. It can support up to 16.8 million colors for each and every individually backlit key. If you have small hands then look fo these keyboards for small hands.

It gives you a really programmable macro support. This keyboard actually allows all the keys and keypress to combinations to be remapped So that they can execute the complex commands with greater ease. The style of Razer BlackWidow is completely ergonomic and comfortable for everyone. The magnetic wrist rest is wide enough to make every hand rest comfortably.

There wrist resting area is so much wide that even a big heavy hand can rest on it very easily. It is actually made up of plush leatherette. In order to maximize comfort during the extended game sessions. It is having an ultimate durable construction. It can seriously free support up to 80 million clicks. It is made up of the military-grade metal top plate. It is also compatible with the Xbox One for basic input. 

It allows you for the save profile configurations to the cloud and also explores the advanced capabilities. The ultimate hardware configuration tool lets you explore the advanced capabilities. The Razer Hyper shift technology allows you to expand your arsenal by doubling the number of customizable buttons. You can also manage its cable by keeping your desk clutter-free with the included USB, the audio pass through and the cable routing options. Buy from Amazon.

You can complete your entire setup with other gaming accessories like mouse and headset for an ultimate gaming experience. This keyboard is actually designed for prime performance. You can save up to five configurations to use anywhere with the cloud storage and the hybrid onboard memory.

The dimensions of this item are 9.2 x 17.6 x 1.7 inches. It has green colored tactile switches that look really nice while dim light gaming at night.


Meet this lightning-fast and adjustable keyboard named WOOTING gaming keyboard. With its WOOTILITY software, you can have full control over all of its features. It is completely lightweight and user-friendly with it’s a simple interface. It is well supported on Windows operating system, OSx, and Linux operating system as well.

It has a superior build quality and provides global support. No matter whichever country you are in, you can get help for this keyboard and send it for service anytime. You can adjust the actuation point anywhere on this keyboard between 1.5 to 3.6 mm. You can assign multiple actions by using only a single keystroke with the help of DKS. You can now activate the unique RGB effects of lightening which depends upon the depth of your every press.

The Wooting’s firmware is actually optimized for the fastest input speed which is about <1ms scan-matrix. It has an amazing zero processing and the zero debounce.  Its Flaretech optical switch are hot-swappable with the other switches. There is no key shutter at all and is 0.03 ms of debouncing. You will experience the smoothest feeling switches that you have ever experienced.

All of the keys are legendary perfect with the red RGB lighting which can run over 10 unique RGB effects. You can customize the lightening as the way you like it the most or according to your surroundings or mood. Its plastic is not squeaky at all and cheap alloys are also used in it. It has a long-lasting built-in quality. Also, look for the best gaming keyboards under $30.

It is made up of purest ABS plastic, aircraft-grade aluminum of 5000 series. All of these things make a solid build. It is coupled with a lot of swappable switches. Its cable is completely detachable and is made up of highly durable and un -tearable material.

Unlike the other software that run in the background, the WOOTILITY software of this keyboard does not need to be run in the background. Its everything is saved on the keyboard’s onboard memory, so that’s why there is no need to run any software in the background.

It is available in linear55 red and clicky55 blue switch types. This item allows you to take full control over it. It is compatible with GTA V, Forza, CSGO, etc. It allows you to have a pressure-sensitive control over it. You can have full control over your game characters just like a controller joystick. Buy from Amazon.

It delivers a precise throttle and brake control over it. It is a perfect keyboard for FPS and other racing games. With its multiple RGB colors, you can create a keyboard Picasso or add some game-specific color profiles. Its lifetime is about 100, 000, 000 clicks and they are committed to superior quality. It provides you 2 years of complete warranty.


CORSAIR K70 comes with the aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. It is specially built to support lifetime gaming. It’s per-key has dynamic multi-color RGB backlighting. It offers unlimited color customizations and controls. It gives you 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key rollovers on the USB ensures. No matter how fast you play you every key will be registered at a time.

It is having 100 percent of  CHERRY MX key switches. This switch actually provides you the reliability and accuracy that you demand. Its USB pass-through port gives convenient access to Some other USB ports for your mouse or headset etc. It has the CORSAIR iCUE software for its entire system control. You can control too many things on this keyboard through its software.

You can get full control over its vivid dynamic colors. It will allow you for the sophisticated macro programming and full-system lighting synchronization across the compatible peripherals, fans, coolers, and many more things. All of its switches are German-made Cherry MX switches and have a red color. It has all the accuracy that you demand a smooth and linear response.

With the intelligent control and unlimited possibilities, you can enjoy a lot and have complete command on this keyboard. All of the key actions are really fast and produce no sound. It is great to work in silence. Item is really lightweight and has the dimensions of 17.2 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches. Click here to buy it from Amazon.


In the end, I would just say that these are the best mechanical keyboard that you have ever seen and used. you don’t have to worry about selecting the best one from the big market. we have customized the best choices for you. now you can select any of the keyboards from the best 3 available here.

Good luck.

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