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What is a Chromebook Good for?

Chromebooks are really good laptops. If you want to know which things are more highly featured in a Chromebook and why do people sometimes prefer it more. So, here I will tell you guys about “Why is a Chromebook Good for”. Many of the people have asked me to post about this topic on my blog. So, now I am here to give you some information.

Chromebook are also a laptop but perform a little bit differently from common laptops. It has a lot of advantages that you must know if you are looking to buy a Chromebook. The most obvious difference between the Chromebook and the other laptops if the presence of the Chrome  OS in it.

What is Chromebook?

First of all, let me tell you that what is Chromebook. So, basically, Chromebook is a  laptop that runs the Google Chrome Operation system and its name clears it all. They are different from other laptops basically because of their OS. Although, they have taken a lot of time to be the public lexicon and after several years of demanding respect, they have finally gained it.

Within the past few years, the Chromebooks have really carved their niche in the laptop market. Its built-in chrome browser is for use with an internet connection. Almost all of the documents in Chromebooks exist in the cloud storage and for this purpose, Google provides a 100 GB cloud storage.

The snappy performance Chromebooks are internet-dependent in most cases. If you want to know about what is a Chromebook good for them, read further.

What is a Chromebook Good for?

Chromebooks are considered as good because of the following things;

High built-in security

The Chromebooks really don’t need an anti-virus because of their built-in high-security features. It has the potent ability to combine with online work and web surfing which makes it more safer.

All of its processes run in a sandbox. It means that even if you have visited an infected page, no one can see it even because it is completely isolated from the tabs opened.

The Chrome operating system of Chrome also gets automatically updated. There is no need for checking any of the updates. This is a great relief for Windows veterans. In case you have missed any of your updates, you will get an icon in the corner of the Chromebook for the pending updates.

Even the system completes the pending updates itself when you are going it to turn off or after when you reboot your laptop. Hackers are continuously looking for malware and virus attacked laptops to attack them. So, that’s why on other laptops you have to install the anti-virus software but not in the pre-installed Windows defender Chromebooks.

This Windows defender system runs in the background and notifies you immediately if there is any threat to Chromebook. Like if you connect any virus-infected device with it, it will recognize it within seconds and allow you to scan that device and make it free from virus too or tell you to remove it.

The SmartScreen features of the Chromebook also recognize any suspicious applications and informs you that this app can cause harm to your device. This will help to prevent phishing attacks. The secure boot feature checks the laptop whenever you turn it ON. It is the digital certification for authenticity before the system boots up.

Actually, Google promotes the security of its operating system. All of its updates are highly secured including the web filters and the sandboxed media. You can keep all of your passwords highly secured in the Google OS. No other system can provide such high security.

Improved performance

Chromebooks are good for their best performance.  It is the one which makes you able to have extra productivity. The Chromebook’s operating system is business-friendly. You can have this if you are truly concerned with your work.

Microsoft provides its own office suite in the Chromebooks. You can take the great advantage of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It is the standard-bearer of high productivity software. You can use the Google drive, office or any of the third-party programs too.

You can easily use its programs and can be more productive than any of the other laptops.  You can download all of the files you need in your local storage. You also have full liberty to edit those files in Chromebook. If you want to run its third-party programs than you will need an internet connection.


Chromebooks are good for their thin and lightweight too. They are highly portable to be taken anywhere with much ease and comfort. It has an ultra-thin bezel and it is really a slim and smart laptop. This slim design gives it a modern, sleek and unique look. You can take this ultra-portable laptop anywhere and work without any barrier.

You can take this lightweight item everywhere with you and start your work. Thus, you can stay in your work unstoppable. You can enjoy the modern and light Chromebooks in your own way.

Long battery life

Chromebooks have a long battery life which allows you to stay productive all the time. The battery is retained for a lot of time and gives a lot of hours to work non-stop. When the Chromebook’s internal hardware spins, then the battery of it does not become less because of this but retains itself.

You can work on these laptops all day. Chromebooks are really nice and work promoting laptops. These laptops are passed through the Laptop Battery test which includes several hours of usage along with web surfing with WIFI on.

Even when you are doing multi-tasking on it the run time is really more. So, if you are planning to buy any Chromebook, it will be a perfect choice for you.

Fast startup

The Chromebook boots really fast and you don’t have to wait and waste your time. If you are always in a hurry and don’t want to wait for much to turn your laptop on. If you get frustrated opening the slow tab and program then Chromebook is the best choice for you.

The startup is really fast and you don’t have to waste your time on this. Chromebooks are really fast and amazing laptops. The programs loads faster and tabs open within seconds in a Chromebook. It allows for proper working and the hustle free movements.

Offline use

Although most of the time, you need the internet for running most of the things. But there are also so many things that are available offline in Chromebook. Like there are offline versions of applications available in it. Like you can use the offline Gmail and check out your important messages offline. You can mark those messages as read, unread or important even when you don’t have any of the internet connection.

There are also many offline versions of apps available in Chromebooks. You can get a decent amount of work done offline in these laptops. You might have known that the apps in Chromebook only rely on heavily internet. But let me tell you that are at least 200 apps that are available offline in Chromebooks.

These apps include the offline Gmail, Pocket, Google Drive and other millions of Android applications.


Chromebooks are highly durable too. They have gone through too many tests and passed all of them. They can withstand falls, scrapes, and similar things like these. These are proved highly durable, surviving the scratches and remain fully functional even if it is dropped from a certain height.

They are even capable of passing the durability test that all of the U.S military equipment must have to pass. A Chromebook can survive extreme temperatures like humidity, wind storm, rain, etc.

Yet, you should take great care of it. These are not just durable for adults but also for the kids. The keyboards of the Chromebooks are water spill-resistant. These are really a good choice for all of the users.

Android Games

These laptops are really good for games but not really for all of the games. It gives you access to all of the Android games. There are too many gaming options for Android games on these laptops. But the limitation is that you can have access to Android apps only.

Android games are really amazing. You can enjoy them with full liberty.

Optimized Google apps and software

The Chrome operating system is optimized for all of the Google applications. You can rely on popular Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, spreadsheets, text documents, etc. You can also use the apps in the incognito Windows. You can have a direct to the google app store to get millions of applications.

You can access millions of games too from the play store. Because of this, the Chromebooks become more productive, amazing and versatile laptops. Google play store provides you all the secured apps verified by the play protect.

You cannot have access to photoshop but there are so many best editing software available for you in Chromebook. Like you can use the Adobe Photoshop express. For entertainment purposes, you can choose Google Play Movies, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video like tools.

You can enjoy amazing productivity, photo editing, video editing, video playback, music playback, and browsing. You can use any of the apps and software you like on your Chromebook laptop.

Simplicity based browser

You can do fast and amazing browsing with your Chromebook. Tabs and programs will open within seconds and save a lot of your time and will keep you productive.

Chrome is a great browser with a powerful performance. It is a clean and easy to use interface with a lot of extensions. The user interface of the Chrome OS is a familiar platform for most of the people. Most of all it has the most simple and user-friendly features to use.

Chromebook hardware

You can have significant savings buying a Chromebook than any of the other laptops. Chromebooks have no moving parts inside them so that’s why they are less prone to have mechanical failures. They have greater reliability and longevity. It stays strong as it is and you don’t have to pay for the repair bills.

You don’t even need to spend money on the physical storage to handle the networking or backups. So, the Chromebooks really reduce the hardware costs too along with the software costs.

Chromebook for all

These laptops are not only for the adults but also for the school, college and university going students. Anyone can use it. This is so much user-friendly that your kids can use it too.  Chromebooks are really nice and friendly laptops for everyone.

It is the best source of internet browsing and socializing. It is a great source of learning and entertainment. Anyone can get benefit from it no matter from which age group you belong to. Its robust body keeps it fine and completely updated. Truly speaking, these laptops are a masterpiece for everyone.

So, these are some of the things for which the Chromebooks good for.

Pros of Using Chromebook

Well, I have explained in detail in the above guide about this. The above advantages tell us there are so many benefits or pros of using these laptops. They are actually a complete package for work and study for all.

Chromebooks reduces your hardware and IT costs and the software costs too.  There are many pros to use these laptops. They are of a robust quality and built-in everything for high security and amazing performance. Chrome OS is great for integration with the G Suite.

Chrome OS is really fast and stable. It is really a good option for you if you use browser-based apps for self – entertainment purposes. These laptops are light, compact and easy to transport. They look modern and not like traditional laptops.

How much does Chromebook Cost?

Not only Chromebooks are good for everyone but also they are also budget-friendly for all. There are different versions of Chromebooks like Google Chromebook, Acer, HP, ASUS and Samsung Chromebooks, etc. All of them are really budget-friendly for everyone.

If you are really in a need of an efficient and affordable laptop then prefer Chromebook over any other laptop.  Here are some value picks for you. All of them are greatly affordable.

Note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Acer Chromebook 15

  • It has 15.6 inches of screen with an Intel Celeron processor.
  • It supports Intel HD graphics.
  • The processor speed is 1.6 GHz.
  • The 32 GB of a solid-state drive is also equipped in it.
  • It obviously has the Chrome OS in it and is fully productive for 9 hours.

Samsung Chromebook 4

  • It’s an 15.6 inches product with 6 GB RAM.
  • It is equipped with the Intel Celeron Processor N4000 processor.
  • It has a gray chassis and a 64GB Solid-state drive.
  • It has a long battery life (around 10 hours).

Toshiba CB30 Chromebook

  • It has a 13-inches IPS screen with Intel HD graphics.
  • It has a 16 GB solid-state drive.
  • Its 2 GB DDR4 RAM allows for multi-tasking.
  • It is equipped with the Intel Celeron 2955U processor.
  • It gives 9 hours of productivity.

Conclusion – Should you Buy a Chromebook or not?

You should definitely buy it but everyone has its own choice. Each of us has different matters of preference. You can read this article about Chromebooks and see the good things these laptops have. You can make a choice on the basis of their consideration as superior to other laptops.

You can read their advantages in this article and you have full liberty to make your own choice after this.

Personally speaking, I love Chromebooks and I have also bought it for my high school kid just the last weekend. You can also enjoy the Chromebook by having one because you know all of the things for which Chromebooks are good for.

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