What Happens If Your Laptop Died While Updating?

Updates are good for bringing the new features, getting better performance and too many other things. When the manufacturer of the operating system brings small changes or new updates, then all of the users have to update it on their laptops and computers. But what if the laptop won’t turn on after an update. Have you ever experienced this situation?

Here I will guide you about what happens if your laptop died while updating. Updates are really helpful but because of some of the reasons, the update becomes trouble for your laptop. Why did such things happen? What could be the reasons behind it and how can we fix this issue?

All of us have these kinds of questions in our minds and that’s what Whylaptops will guide you here. So, let me tell you each and everything about this topic. Must read about laptop fan issues. 

What Happens If Your Laptop Died during an update?

This condition occurs with so many people and literally, they are just wondering what has happened. They have done nothing wrong and even their laptop was completely fine but immediately while updating everything went wrong. Yes, many of us face this problem some time in our lives. Get help from this guide to understand what happens during an update.

If you are updating your laptop and immediately get shut off then definitely this is the result of some of the technical reasons. This technical reason can be anything inside your laptop. So, let me tell you what should you do for this issue. All you have to do is to turn your laptop on and off, but it is not just as it is, let me tell you which procedure you have to follow during this on and off.  

First of all, power ON your laptop and when you see the Windows logo, immediately turn it off, repeat this procedure two times more. Total three times, you have to do this. Now, the third time when you power it on, it will boot up your laptop in the advanced recovery mode.

After that, your system will definitely ask you to login with your Microsoft account and your account password. You have to click on the advanced options at this time. Troubleshoot your laptop, go to the advanced settings and click on system restore.

If you haven’t performed this procedure and shifted towards the account log in options, then go a step back. If you can’t, then boot the recovery item again and reach these recovery steps. When you have done resetting your PC from the advanced options, go to the option of “Keep my files” and then click on the option of “Choose an Account” and then enter your password, continue and reset now.

If this method is not working for you, then you will need to install a new Windows. Actually, the windows update is required for many of the Microsoft programs like the security enhancements, etc and they are pushed out on the patches. Sometimes it happens that these patches cause the actual problem.

If the problem is really serious that they hold the entire process of the update freezes the system. But if the issue is not so much complicated, you will just face the audio and video issues. You can take it as a precautionary measure too. When you notice that videos and audios are causing errors then it can be the problem in your updates.

When you are pretty much sure that the Windows update is really causing issues in your case. Then, you can go for the manual or even an automatic update dedicatedly on the patches. After that, you must go for an error fixing procedure.

Are you sure that Windows updates have caused a problem?

Make sure that the Windows updates have really caused the issue in your case, as this might be another thing. Make sure that the Windows are completely installed or not. The windows installation might get a freeze during processing. The reason might be that you are updating the windows and have installed the new hard drive.

You might have updated your driver before the windows update or installed any of the new software. Or might be the reason is the virus entry notification which you have just cleared and then started the windows updates. If any of these problems belong to your laptop too, then you have to reinstall your laptop windows.

But if all of the other error reasons are not in your case, then the only problem remaining is the patches problem. I have explained about this actual problem along with its solution.

What to do when Laptop doesn’t turn on & windows updates get stuck?

Sometimes the windows get freeze or get stuck while they just getting updated. Usually, the windows 10 are responsible for the checking of updates and system from time to time. While the installation of the update needs to be looked for in the Windows 8 and Windows 7.

They need to be fixed their problem in the Patches Tuesday. These are the patches that actually cause problems and get shut down your laptop because they might get stuck, hanged, locked up or freeze. That’s how your laptop get died while updating.

It can send you the error messages that continue to come over time and you just ignore them. You most often see the message of Configuring windows updates, Do not turn off your laptop. 

How to Fix a Stuck Windows Update Installation?

Now, you would be thinking that every reason is known to you, what should do next. In order to fix this issue, follow this guide;

You have to press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together, it will take you out of the stuck Windows and take you towards the log-in screen. After that, you can install the updates automatically and completely successful. When the updated get finished, then restart your laptop.

If the updates are stuck very badly, then it will never let you do anything. This time you really need to reboot your system forcefully when there is no other option.

Open Windows in safe mode

First of all, you have to open up your windows operating system in a safe mode. If some other program is interrupting the windows updates, it will neglect it and the installation gets completed simply like the normal one.

When the Windows installation is done successfully, then you can restart your laptop in a normal mode. Now, tap on the system restore and all of the incomplete and error installations would get completed finely. Now, the windows will restore the previous version of windows from which everything has started.

After that, you must change the windows update settings so that any problem may not arise for the future.

Repairing process

You will require an automatic repair process for restoring your laptop’s system. This will help you to get out of the problem of the frozen windows operating system. But sometimes the process of repair is really long. If the repairing process is not helping to repair the broken files when updated, then try to reset your laptop.

Check laptop’s memory

Check out the RAM of your laptop that might be the biggest possible reason for freezing and laptop’s death. It is advisable to clear the RAM of your laptop by using a proper cleaning kit.

If it is not working for you then you should replace your laptop RAM with a new RAM in this case. Learn about the laptop processor errors too.

Clear Windows Install

If any of the things are working for your laptop, then just clear its already installed Windows. Now, install a new Windows in your laptop and then upgrade it. Your laptop will work completely fine after it. So, that’s how you can also prevent your laptop from dying.

Final words

In this article, I have cleared every detail about what happens if your laptop died while updating. Now, it’s time to fix this problem with your laptop and do something. Read this detailed guide properly and get benefit from it. I hope you will definitely find this article helpful.

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