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Should I Get a Hard Case for My MacBook Pro?

Hey! Are you thinking about buying a hard case for MacBook Pro and just confused either to buy it or not? Actually, you are thinking right. The answer to this question is “Yes”. You must get a hard case for your MacBook for sure as they need more protection as compared to other laptops.

Should I Get a Hard Case for My MacBook Pro?

MacBook’s are really expensive and we should take great care of them and the hard case is a perfect thing to protect your laptop. So, here are some of the benefits of using a hard case for MacBook which will ensure you that you are taking the right decision to protect your laptop.

There are different types, colors, shapes and sizes of hard cases available. You can choose any of the cases which you like the most. A hard case provides ultimate safety all the time.

Benefits of using hard case for MacBook Pro

There is not only a single benefit of using solid cases for MacBook but there are multiple benefits of using it. These benefits are;

Protection from scratches and dents

MacBook is a really good looking, sleek and amazing laptop. It can easily get scratches from the slight negligence. It really needs a safety to maintain its smoothness and grace. A hard case is really a great solution for this. It can help your delicate laptop to retain its original smoothness; a dent and scratches free body.

Beautiful customization

A hard case also gives your laptop a good and amazing look. You can choose a hard case of any of the colors and designs. It’s a great way to customize your laptop in your own way as you like.

Besides this, it will give ultimate protection too. You have to choose a hard case according to your Mac’s size. There are beautiful solid colors of cases and designs of any of the art are also equipped in them.

Some also has the proper space that allows not to hide the Apple logo from MacBook. The hard case will properly cover your laptop completely and leave the spaces of slots and ports. You can easily connect with any of the devices with your laptop’s port with a hard case.

Protection from water spills

Hard case provides great protection against water.  As you know MacBook is a high quality and amazing technology equipped laptop yet vulnerable to damages. So, that’s why you must have to buy a hard case if you want it to keep protected from water. Read about what to do if you spill water on MacBook

Like if you are going near a water pool or humid area, you should cover your MacBook with a hard case. Actually, there are different types of MacBook cases, like Nylon case, Fabric case, etc. The best one is the hard case because it protects from water and other damages too.

Increase life span

A hard case when adds protection to your MacBook, then it is ultimately increasing the life span of your MacBook. It gets high protection from falls and damages. Hard case will protect your laptop if you mistakenly drop it and it will be completely fine. No other case can give such high protection except the hard case.

Easy to carry

You can’t just hold your sleek and slippery MacBook everywhere easily. We all have to use it in many of the unsecured and uneven places, sometimes our lap. Like we use it on a bench, coffee shop, desk, park table, etc. There are many chances of the sleek MacBook to slip and drop. But when it is covered by a rugged hard case it would become easy to carry it and take it anywhere.

Besides this, you would be able to use your MacBook anywhere without any slip and fall issues.  You will be able to carry your laptop anywhere without the need for a laptop bag.

Protection from dust

It is also necessary to keep our laptop and other devices clean and secured. So, that’s why a hard case can be a perfect thing to protect your MacBook from dust and other weather extremes. It will keep your MacBook clean all the time just like a new one.

You will not have to clean your MacBook once a week daily. You will be free from this trouble. Actually, a hard case is the best thing to protect your precious MacBook from inside and out. You can also take a matching keyboard cover to protect the keys from dirt.

Gives a stylish look

All in all a hard case gives a completely stylish look to your laptop. You can use it for experiencing an amazing look of a hard case for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. You can use a hard shell case for both of the MacBook’s, in fact, any of the MacBook. It looks modern according to the latest standards than a normal laptop bag.

Actually hard cases are becoming a new trend of nowadays.  You can decorate it to make your laptop more beautiful and gorgeous. You can buy a decent case in just a minimum amount. You can paint it or decorate it with stickers too. If you are an art lover, then you can apply your creativity here. 

Pros and cons of Hard case for MacBook Pro

Well, you would be thinking that why you should prefer a hard case over anything else, Like there are many laptop protection accessories, e.g, bags, sleeves, nylon cases, fabric cases, etc.

Although I have told you the benefits of using a hard case yet let me tell you the benefits and cons of hard cases.


  • Hard cases are modern and give a unique and beautiful look to a laptop and are best among all other accessories for protecting laptops like bags and sleeves.
  • Hard case protects a MacBook from the damage of falls, drops, spills, etc.
  • It can protect your laptop from dust and weather calamities.
  • It makes your MacBook ultra-portable.
  • It protects the laptop’s front from scratches and unnecessary marks.


  • If a hard case is heavy it will add some weight in your laptop and it would feel a little bit heavier.

But the thing is that you can take a lightweight hard case so that you don’t have to feel any difficulty.

My Story – Why I prefer Hard Cases?

I love MacBook’s and at my home, we have different versions of MacBook and a hard case for MacBook Pro. My wife loves laptop sleeves and I kept telling here the benefits of a hard case. Maybe the sleeve is a perfect choice for her MacBook. As she is a housewife and she always keeps her necessary things in her room’s almirah. She does not have to take her laptop outdoors.

While I am a Jobian and I have to take out my MacBook every time. In fact, whenever I am coming home from my office, I go to a nearby coffee shop and I also take it there also. Sometimes I kept sitting late there and complete my some tasks.

One day, I was coming from my office as usual and suddenly my MacBook fell from my hands. But thank God that I was having the hard case over it and my expensive MacBook was completely safe. I went home and told my wife about this how my MacBook was dropped and it is safe and sound. She finally agreed that a hard case is the best thing for a laptop’s protection.

Final words

Now, you know the details about this topic. I hope that this guide would have removed all the confusion in your mind and help you to take a strong and committed decision that either you should buy a hard case for MacBook pro or not. Because the choice is quite a personal matter. I hope this guide has helped you in making a decision.

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