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Most Expensive Laptop 2020

We all are curious to see the best things in this world. Similarly, we also love to see the luxurious items of million dollars and wish to have them too. It’s a charm to see and buy expensive laptops. Some people are not a millionaire but save a lot of money to buy their dream laptops. 

Most Expensive Laptop in the world

So, today I am going to tell you about some of the most highly priced luxury laptops for millionaires. Some of the laptops are those which you can buy too as they are also included inexpensive laptop’s list. Yet for some laptops, you must have millions of dollars with you to buy them. Also, get some information about the best business laptops.

I will link some of the laptops so that you can get direct access to them yet the laptops available in million dollars are not easily available everywhere. You have to buy them specially. I will give you the information about such laptops so that you can have an idea about them and their features. So that if you wish to buy them you would have proper information about them.

Most Expensive Laptop for 2020

Here, I am going to share those products with you. Here we go;

Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro comes in the list of the most expensive laptops while its price is $2299. Yes, some of the people who are not millionaires can yet afford it but still, it is in the list of those luxurious laptops. You can feel blessed off course and buy this luxury item.

You can show it off among your colleagues and friends if you want to. As having an expensive product makes us feel proud and happy. Yet it is not all about money which matters. 😊 This MacBook is having a brilliant retina display with the true tone technology featured in it. Its touch bar gives access to many of the features.

Touch ID lets you log in quickly and safely. This is complete safety and protection. The Radeon Pro 555X or 560X graphics with 4GB of video memory makes everything looks like a crystal clear image.  The ultra-fast SSD is also an amazing feature of this laptop. Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports make it highly connective and compatible with other devices.

The battery life of this MacBook is also perfect. The 10 hours are pretty much good hours for the non-stop work.  Its Intel UHD graphics 620 are just amazing. It has more power and more performance. This laptop is really a Pro laptop. It has 8th generation Intel 6 core and quad-core processors. Its greater than 32 GB memory is for the running of multiple pros like applications.

The next generation of T2  chip security gives great protection against viruses. MacBook lets you do the more quick work.  It has the most powerful and versatile ports ever. You will definitely love this Apple MacBook. Read about best laptops with Thunderbolt 3.

Oemgenuine Lenovo ThinkPad

Oemgenuine Lenovo ThinkPad T480 laptop is another laptop with a high price. It is a 14-inch laptop with a full HD touchscreen. Its processor is Intel Quad Core i5-8250U which has the speed of 1.6 GHz and boosted up to 4.0 GHz. It has 6 MB of cache memory and Windows 10 pro 64 bit in it.

The 8GB of RAM is especially for all day multi-tasking. It has 256 GB of the solid state drive. Fingerprint reader gives a safe and secure login. Its screen has got the resolution of 1366 x 768. It is equipped with Intel UHD graphics 620. Its hard drive can be upgraded easily.

Its keyboard has 6 rows and multi-media keys are also available. This keyboard is spill resistant and has a full size. It gives great support while typing. Its HD webcam is really supportive and captures a clear image. It has a built-in microphone with it for clear voice. You can do live streaming or webcam streaming with this high pixel camera.

Lenovo ThinkPad’s weight is just 3.49 lbs and it supports the 1 year of the complete warranty. It raises the performance levels when you want.  It gives you a mechanical docking experience. Its reliability is just legendary. It is highly durable because of its high quality.  It has undergone through the robust testing and is cleared all the tests of temperature, humidity, vibration and dust tests.

The weight of this laptop is just 3.5 lbs and the dimensions are 13.25 x 0.79 x 9.15 inches.

MSI GE75 Raider Gamer Notebook

This laptop is also very pricey. It is of $4099. It’s a jumbo 17.3 inches laptop. It has an ultra-thin bezel and a full HD screen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080.  The display is of the IPS level with 144 Hz of refresh rate, 72%NTSC (100% sRGB). It has the graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and 8GB GDDR6 of random access memory.

One of the reasons for MSI Raider of being so expensive is its high technology featured processor. It has the 9th generation Intel Coffee Lake Core i9-9880H processor. This processor has 8 cores and 4.8 GHz of boosted speed. It has 16MB Intel smart cache memory. These kind of features are usually not found in other laptops. It is actually a gaming laptop, fit for work too.

It has a steel series keyboard with per-key RGB backlit enabled. This keyboard has the anti-ghosting feature enabled. Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) is pre-installed in it. MSI Raider supports multiple languages. So, no matter whichever your language is, you can set this laptop on that language. It has a 3-Year XPC limited warranty.

Ace Ferrari- II00

The Ace Ferrari laptop’s price is $3000. The best features of this laptop are its carbon-free scratch proof touch screen. The resolution of this screen is 1200 x 800.  The webcam is of 1.3 pixels and captures a clear image. You can do live streaming with this laptop.

The above 3 laptops and this one is not of the millionaire’s type. Because they want a laptop in millions really. These laptops are not so much expensive for a millionaire and they want more expensive things. Money matters to them a lot. Sometimes some of the millionaires just want to show off their expensive gadgets.

These laptops are expensive for normal good persons like us but not for the millionaires.

Voodoo Envy H1717

The worth of Voodoo Envy laptop is about 7000 dollars. Now, it’s a  quite expensive laptop. It is also a 17-inch big laptop. The 4GB of RAM allows for the multi-tasking. This laptop is a little bit heavier yet it is powerful enough to perform the best.  You can use it for day to day work and multi-tasking.

Most Expensive Laptop for Millionaires

Here are those laptops which a job holder can’t afford. These are the actual luxury of millionaires. If you are a millionaire, you can get information about these laptops from here.  Here we go;

Bentley Laptop by Ego

This laptop is a dream laptop for all. Its worth is 20,000 Dollars. This is a uniquely manufactured laptop which is only available from the manufacturer’s. You cannot get it even from the famous selling sites, not even from Amazon. These kind of laptops are limited and highly worthy so that any of the millionaires who are interested in that laptop, could buy it from that person who has manufactured it.

This laptop features strong WIFI and Bluetooth for strong connectivity. It has such an elegant design that millionaires call it a luxury. It’s a smart laptop full of the amazing features that you will get to know better when you use it. The information told about it is not so much but it’s a little bit kind of interesting information that is discovered when one uses it.

Tulip E-go diamond Notebook

It is more expensive than the Ego laptop and the net worth of Tulip E-go Notebook laptop is 35,500 US Dollars. If you are a gold digger than you must buy it and enjoy this luxurious laptop. This laptop is embellished with real gold and diamonds 😊

Its specifications and everything is good but really this is not comfortable to use. But this is purposely made for millionaires and they don’t care about it. They use it as a showpiece to express their money. This item is really an example of luxury and power. Work hard man! if you really want to get this laptop and you will definitely approach it soon. 😊

Luvaglio Laptop- Worth of 1 million Dollars

This is the beats king of all highly priced laptops. If you are a gold digger and really in a need of a good laptop then you must buy this luxury. A Luvaglio laptop is really cool and it has a diamond button for its ON and OFF. It has the most unique and beautiful design.

It has a fingerprint scanning option for quick and highly secured log in. Its high technology and friendly features are best for the gamers and professionals both.  It’s a highly featured an amazing laptop for all. You can be a millionaire or a gold digger to have access to this laptop.

Final words

In the end, I just want to say that I am a hard worker and trying to be a millionaire just like you people. Hard work helps us to achieve anything in this world. If you are already a millionaire then go and get your favorite diamonds and gold equipped laptop. But if you are not, just keep trying to be one.

I will also say that buy an expensive laptop for your own luxury and comfort. Or either you can show it of in your millionaire friends. Just not show it off for other people and saying bad words to let them down as we are equal. God has created us equal and we must respect each other related to each and everything. As degrading and disrespecting others bought a disgrace to one’s own personality and it just hurts other people.

I don’t know if my words are irrelevant to this topic but I just want to convey my short positive message with this topic. I wish to have a laptop with diamonds on its buttons and I am really trying hard to get it. You can wish me all the best 😊

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