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Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World

Here, you will get to know which are the most expensive mouse in this world. Actually, I guess, a gaming mouse should be of not more than $10 or even the expensive mouse shouldn’t be more than $50. But the gaming mouse whose price is $60, $70, $80 is really expensive. A mouse is not such a big thing to be of 80 dollars. The mouse greater than $100 seems like a daylight robbery.

But yes there are the most expensive gaming mouse greater than $100. As for as their quality is concerned, they are more durable and amazing than the normally priced gaming mouse. As you know, the high price is due to their high quality, durability, efficiency and outclass performance. So, here we will be discovering those amazing gaming mouse.

Here are those best mice which are considered to be the world’s most expensive products at the moment of writing (things could change anytime)

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Most Expensive Gaming MouseFeatures Photoelectric resolutionPrice
SteelSeries Rival 650Exclusive TrueMove3+ technology, wireless12,000 DPICheck price
CORSAIR GlaiveUSB 2.0 Type-A interface, beautiful design18,000 DPICheck price
Logitech G502Next-gen HERO 16K sensor, 11 buttons16,000 DPICheck price
SSSLG16 million RGB lightening colors, 8 buttons10,000 DPINo longer on sale

Most Expensive Gaming Mice you can buy

Read the details of these expensive mice now.

SteelSeries Rival 650

This Quantum wireless mouse, first of all, delivers freedom from wires which is most important in a gaming set up. Because the gaming set up is already having so many wires entangled sometimes which we kept below the table. So, a wireless mouse is a great accessory.

It is responsible for the lag-free performance all the time when you play the games. You can make the fastest clicks on it and you can be an amazing and fast gamer always. After the full charge, its battery life is greater than 24 hours. You can do your long gaming sessions for 10 hours from just 15 minutes of quick charge.

It has the Exclusive TrueMove3+ technology which allows you to do the swift moves while gaming. You can kill your game enemies quickly and can be the fastest online gamer. It has a sensitivity of 12,000 CPI. It has 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensors. SteelSeries Rival 650 is having the world’s lowest and most accurate lift-off distance.

It means that you don’t have to lift off the SteelSeries Rival mouse too much up and again work with it for proper accuracy. But this item is free from this kind of inconvenience. SteelSeries is more personalized with the 256 centers of gravity weight tuning configurations. It has 7 programmable buttons on it.

The lag-free system delivers the 1000 Hz, 1 ms of latency and tournament grade frequency for accurate performance. It is also equipped with the powerful 32-bit ARM processor which helps you to save all the CPI settings. It also allows you for the button remapping and lighting effects.

The small liftoff is detected at the highest speed.  You can enjoy an amazing time of gaming with this keyboard. It has a perfect weight and balance. It is highly durable and guaranteed for 60 million clicks. It has mechanical switches and the durable silicone side grips. it has got a lightweight of just 5.8 ounces and dimensions are 2.7 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches.

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Another most expensive gaming mouse in the world is the CORSAIR Glaive gaming mouse whose price is definitely not low. It’s a quite expensive amount for a gaming mouse, yet it worth each and every single penny. It has a comfortable contoured shape that gets easily fitted naturally in your hands. You can stay in the game as long as you want. 

It has three interchangeable thumb grips that are tailor-fit in your hand. This feels so comfortable in hand and its comfy design doesn’t become the reason for hand or finger fatigue after heavy gaming sessions. In fact, it gives comfort to your hand while you are holding and gaming with it. This is a wired gaming mouse.

CORSAIR Galive is also having the USB 2.0 Type-A interface. It has a maximum of 18000 dpi. If you are left-handed than sorry, this gaming mouse is designed for right hands. Yet you can check out by holding it if you have a practice of holding the right-hand things in your left hand. In fact, that would be great. 

It is having a beautiful black color and it looks gorgeous. It is definitely having a scrolling wheel in its center and it has the swift scrolling capability. This is just one scrolling wheel in its center and it works really great. Its weight is just  3 pounds. You can take it with you anywhere and connect it to any of your friend’s laptop and enjoy the gaming.

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Logitech G502

It is a wireless gaming mouse which is having the speed of light like extra fast performance.  It is equipped with an ultra-fast wireless technology used the pro gamers. It is considered to be the worlds best mouse and used by gaming competitors worldwide.

It is equipped with the Next-gen HERO 16K sensor. This sensor is Logitech’s most accurate sensor which has up to 16,000 DPI for ultimate gaming experience and fastest gaming experience. It provides high accuracy and high responsiveness across the entire DPI range.

Logitech is having the 11 customizable buttons. It is having the hyper-fast scroll wheel. It is also equipped in the Logitech G hub software which is able to assign custom macro and shortcut commands to the buttons for each game. You can use the hyper-fast scrolling buttons to rapidly review all of the menus, the long web pages and many more.

The weight of this mouse is highly adjustable. It can be adjusted using the six removable weights inside the mouse. You can do a personalized weight and balance tuning. Logitech G502 looks great in its light sync RGB technology. Its fully customize RGB lighting technology is responsible for the 16.8 million multi-colors that synchronizing the lightning into your gameplay.

You can create your own personal RGB animations. Logitech has the plastic and neutral certification for each and every kilogram of the plastic that is used in it. This plastic is safe and not hazardous and is capable to be recycled.  You can enjoy the lightning-fast speed of this gaming mouse which is just amazing.

It can be completely your personal choice because of its complete weight tuning. The best thing is that this mouse can work for more than 60 hours. Its HERO 16k sensor is really cool and is responsible for its ultra-performance. Item weight is just 14.2 ounces and dimensions are 6.9 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches.

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SSSLG Wired Gaming Mouse

This one is the most expensive gaming mouse with a price of $170. The unique feature of this mouse is its illumination knob. You can adjust the length of this gaming mouse by turning the illumination knob at the center of the mouse. This knob is highly ergonomic.

It has 16 million RGB lightening colors. It has free breathing to adjust the lightning frequency. SSSLG mouse really decorates the player’s gaming environment. It highlights the game atmosphere amazingly. You will surely enjoy this mouse in your gaming set up.

It has such a unique appearance which is different from that of the ordinary gaming mouse. It is really stylish and amazing. If you are looking for the most unique, different and the highest quality mouse than you should buy this mouse. This is the most expensive and fabulous in its performance. You can customize it in your own way.

SSSLG has a 4-way scroll wheel in its center. This mouse is also having a macro-programmable wheel. It improves and easies the use for all of the users. It has up to 1000 DPI and it can meet the needs of any of the gaming mouse DPI. It is having at least 6 adjustable gear positions which you can adjust according to your own requirement.

It has 8 buttons and 1.8 m of line length. It has the USB interface. The item’s weight is just 0.13 lbs. This mouse is wired and is having the laser working method. Its size is 100-200 mm. This mouse is best among all according to my research. It shows from its performance that why it is so highly-priced. Personally speaking, I love this SSSLG gaming mouse very much.😊

Story – Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in the World

My brother is a die-hard game lover. He has a full gaming setup in a separate room in our house. It is purely dedicated for gaming purpose. The room only belongs to him and he is a little bit picky about his things. He even doesn’t allow us to enter his gaming room and I tease him a lot. 😊

His gaming setup is still not complete and there are too many new things which he keeps buying.  He has the gaming mouse with him too. But a few months back, he bought the most expensive mouse.  As I said he is a little bit choosy about the selection of everything he bought especially his gaming accessories. 

So, he was saving his money for a long time and didn’t told me anything about this. One day, I asked him to go to the shopping mall with me and he refused me saying that it would be difficult for me this time. I kept insisting on him and finally, he told me the actual reason. He said that he has just started his another YouTube channel and his earning from there has not yet started properly.

All the money he has earned from his previous YouTube channel were spent on his other gaming accessories and from his next channel’s earning, he was trying to get the most expensive mouse. I asked that he has already a gaming mouse with him so why trying to buy the most expensive gaming mouse. He was actually trying to buy an SSSLG wired gaming mouse which is of at least $170.

Finally, he bought this gaming mouse and I helped him a lot in searching the best and most expensive gaming mouse for him and I got all the ideas about these products. So, that’s what I am going to tell you here.  All I need is your attention and full focus on this topic. Also, read about how to buy a gaming mouse.

Final words 

Buy any of the gaming mice which you love the most. These are the world’s best gaming mice actually because of their high price. 

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