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Laptop Won’t Turn On

Hey guys! I think you are also worried about laptop won’t turn on.  There is no need to get panic. Just read this detailed guide and you will be able to fix this issue soon. Some of my team members have also faced this problem. They also did a lot of internet research and asked me too.

Also, many of the other people have asked me this question. So I decided to write an ultimate guide on my blog. So that if anybody in this world faces such a problem, then they can get complete and quick guidance just from here. As the most frustrating thing is that when you are doing your work and immediately your laptop won’t turn on.

So, let me share all the possible reasons for your laptop showing such problems.

Laptop Won’t Turn On

Many people are confused about this problem. They are extremely worried that what to do. I am here to guide you with the best. Give this article a careful read.

Reasons for Laptop Won’t Turn On 

Here, I have explained all the possible reasons for this issue. Check out that what is the actual cause if your laptop won’t turn on.

Check out the power button

Many times there is some issue with the power button only. If your laptop is not working than long-press the power button. It is suggested that press it for at least 30 seconds. This will work and the laptop will turn on.

Laptops can be opened by just a single click on the power button. But sometimes, the button key doesn’t work unless we long-press it. So, don’t worry. Try this and the problem would be solved.

Make sure that the key carriage of the power button is not stuck due to dust. It might get stick because of any greasy material. If so then slightly blow the air to remove all the dust. Or use some tools to remove the power button and clean it from inside. But never ever do this while your device is plugged in. The battery should also be removed before doing this.

Check for overheating

Some of the laptops have internal thermal protection in them. If you are blocking the hot air outlet then, it will shut down automatically because of this protection technology. This means that if your gadget is overheated from inside because of any reason, then it would turn off.

Your device would not turn on until the internal system gets cooled. Wait for it. You can easily find out this problem. When you place your hands on its system you will not be able to bear it. Secondly, you can guess if the laptop fan is making weird noises.

In both of these cases, make sure that the exhaust port is not clogged with dust. Or its passage is not blocked. Like very often, you are using a laptop on a pillow or other soft thing. This unintentionally blocks the exhaust port and the system heats from inside. Don’t let your machine to get overheated and stay away from such kind of worries.

Check for Windows

The other major reason is that there is a big issue with windows. If a laptop’s window has some major issues, then it is problematic. Try not to do experiments with the windows especially.

Furthermore, keep the Windows up to date. This will keep your device to work smoothly always. Check for the windows update. Otherwise, any new update always gives notifications. Keep it updated and everything will be fine.

Check the battery

Your laptop is definitely not going to ON if its battery is dead. Sometimes we keep using our laptop even in low charging. We don’t even bother its low battery warnings. Eventually, it shuts down forcibly. Never ever do this with your laptop if you truly want to run it smoothly for the years to come.

Insert another battery to it. Otherwise, plug in the power cable and the off-screen will start showing the charging icon. Let it charge initially for 10 minutes. After that, turn it on with the main button.  It will definitely work if the laptop has battery issues.

Hardware damage

It is actually a problematic case. If any of the hardware parts are broken then it is difficult to ON the laptop. For this, it’s better to take your laptop to the technician.

Avoid misusing your laptop. Keep it safe from falls, damages, etc. As if the hardware damages, then it is quite difficult to solve this problem. And if you use it with great care and still there is an issue like this. Then, it’s better to see the warranty card and contact the laptop’s manufacturer. They will sort out this problem for you.

Adjust power cable

Sometimes when the cable is not connected properly, then laptops get turned off. As the charging of the laptop is less and it’s going to an automatic shutdown. Always connect the power cable properly.  Maintain a laptop charging to its normal levels. Then, it would not any kind of such an issue.

Sometimes overcharging also creates a problem. When your device gets too much charged, then it shows abnormal signs. In this case, the laptop also won’t turn on. Try to focus on this so that you may not face such headaches.

One of the other things related to cable is that people are using other laptop cables. Even they connect other adapters instead of that one which has come with that particular laptop. As the original cable and adapter of the laptop are best for the proper charging.

Check for brightness

You might think that it’s a silly thing. But believe me, two of the student cases have come to me like this. They were thinking that their laptop is not turning ON. But actually, the reason was that the brightness is sometimes too dim, that you can’t see the screen in bright light or directly in sunlight.

So, take care of it. Maybe you do have the same issue. Keep brightness at medium levels and everything will be clear to you.

Remove other connections

If your laptop won’t turn on, then do one more thing. Remove all of the other connection. Any kind of connection like HDMI cable connection, USB, power cable or any of the other connectivity must be removed. Then detailed-press the power key. This will surely fix the problem if the laptop won’t turn on.

How to Fix a Laptop that Won’t Turn On?

I have explained all the solutions along with the reasons for laptops won’t turn on. Yet I will give you the quick guide here;

  • Keep the windows updated always.
  • Keep your laptop battery filled always.
  • Avoid overheating your system.
  • Check the Power button.
  • Maintain power cable connected properly.
  • Never ever let the hardware damage.
  • Maintain brightness normal levels.
  • Remove all other connections for a laptop to turn on.

Final words

You can follow this complete guide if your HP laptop won’t turn and also for all other laptops. This will surely work for you until you have damaged the hardware. As this entire guide is experience-based. I hope that you will gain benefit from here. All the best.

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