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Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming

For an excellent gaming experience, a proper internet connection is a must. Otherwise, all of the real fun is ruined. So, you are also destined for making a perfect internet connection. This will let you enjoy the continuous gaming experience with full liberty.

Everyone loves online gaming. Everybody definitely wants to enjoy their life. Don’t let the bad internet connection mess with your enjoyment. Read this complete article carefully so that you can also Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming.

In today’s world, everyone is fond of online gaming. Many people asked me this question. Finally, I decided to publish a separate post on my page for this topic. One of my best and professional team members is going to guide you. Stay connected with us. Here you go;

Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming

A step by step guide is going to be shared with you people here. Let’s discuss all the steps so that after reading this article, you don’t need to go on any other page. After this, you will also become a professional in establishing a proper internet connection.

I am Emma, a professional gamer, one of the team members from What Laptops. Let’s begin all these steps; I know you are waiting anxiously to know about this guide.

Upgrade the speed

You might be thinking after reading this 1st point that how much speed will be required to you for perfect gaming. Let me tell you that even if you are a heavy gamer than an internet speed of 15-20 Megabits per second will be enough for you.

 But if you have a habit of opening other things while gaming, like background songs, play or internet streaming, etc. Then you should go above 20 Mbps. This will affect more positively on lowering the lag, which is of extreme importance in gaming.

Gaming along with some other things will affect the bandwidth. First of all, if you are a true game lover, you should only enjoy the game then, by closing all other programs. Yet some also want to stay connected with a daily news or do internet surfing. In this case, you can go for 20Mbps above.

 Otherwise, just enjoy the gaming and without doing all other things, normal fast internet speed will be best for gaming for sure.

Test the speed

It is a short method that will tell you what are you going to enjoy the perfect gaming or not. So test your internet speed. Download anything and check out the speed at that time.

If the downloading speed is 10 Mbps than congratulations guys. This will avoid lagging during the games and you will have true fun. You can enjoy all of the favorite heavy games without facing lagging.

Close background programs

For increasing the speed of the internet for online gaming, just close all the background running programs. Many of us do not even know this. Without noticing we keep all the programs open and this definitely disturbs normal gaming.

Actually, programs running in the background take a lot of bandwidth. So always try to close them all to do smooth gaming.

Application of Ethernet

For an excellent online gaming experience, you can switch your internet connection from Wi-Fi to Ethernet.

If a lot of devices are connected with your Wi-Fi.  It becomes a barrier in your smooth gaming. So, simply switch your internet connection to Ethernet. This will let you enjoy smooth and non-disturbed gaming for sure.

Update drivers 

Worn out drives definitely affect the speed of your online gaming. Keep everything of your laptop up to date. For this purpose, drivers are the most important ones to be updated.

This will have a remarkable effect on improving internet connection for online gaming.

Improve the Connectivity

When you are not using the fiber to connect with the internet, then you can do the following other things to improve the connection.

  • Use microfilter on the connection of the modem and the phone. It will help to remove the unwanted disturbances on the phone line.
  • If you are having an old modem, then I am pretty much sure that it will not be able to keep with the modern web traffic. Always, buy a new one so that you can enjoy the smooth gaming experience.
  • After that, plug to your modem to the wall jacket that is nearest to where the phone line enters your home.
  • Keep the devices like mobiles and mobile chargers away from the modem.
  • After doing this, check out the main light on your modem. This is actually the ADSL light. It this light continues its flickering than your internet connection is unstable. You should fix this problem with the help of your broadband provider.

Test the ping

Let me tell you that actually the ping test is used for checking the internet connection quality of broadband. It is also called as test latency. Make proper estimated results of your internet connections by following results;

  • If pings number is between 1-30 milliseconds then it is a proper optimum connection for online gaming.
  • If this number comes between 31-60 ms, it is still good. But in this case, there is a possibility that you can face a little bit of lagging during a game. It affects more if you are playing a heavy game. Otherwise, during playing a normal game, you will not notice this minor lagging.
  • It ping number comes above 60 ms, you can say form 61-100ms. On this test value, you have to face the lagging in each game you play.
  • A ping number of 100 ms is not normal. It is quite damaging. A high lagging will not let you play the games at all.

Final words 

Now, you know all the methods by which you can improve internet connection for online gaming. Try these methods to get the desired results for speedy online gaming. This will make an excellent internet connection for perfect gaming.

I have a passion for gaming since my childhood.  Along with my studies, I also wanted to be the best gamer and yes, now I am. I learned all these things about perfect gaming and each and everything related to this topic. Now, gaming is a part of my life and I am a professional gamer as I have told you earlier.

I know much better than all of the gamers around. The purpose of telling is just that in need of any help you can ask any question related to gaming, online gaming, internet connections, and many more related things. Comment below and I will be informed of your question. Then I will guide you all about your asked topic.

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