How to Use Laptop in Bed Without Overheating?

How to Use Laptop in Bed Without Overheating?

Every one of us wants to be in their comfort zone especially at home. Most of us usually use our laptop sitting on our comfy bed or a couch. It is comfortable for us but probably not for our laptops. Usually using a laptop on bed results in overheating.

How to Use Laptop in Bed Without Overheating?

The thing is clear that when the ventilation, bottom pores or slit of a laptop is blocked on the soft bed then the hot air accumulates in the system. This causes the overheating of a laptop. This heat irritates your leg if the laptop is in your lap. Ultimately the laptop performance starts to get slow. This problem is literally unbearable.

Try to keep your laptop cool as much as you can. I know that all of you desperately want to know the answer of how to use a laptop in bed without overheating. I am going to tell you the ways by which you can avoid overheating of laptop anytime even when using it in bed. So, get ready to read the answer. This topic is going to be pretty much interesting and practical too. Read about why laptops get hot.

Elevate your laptop

The first thing you should do when using a laptop in bed is to elevate your laptop. You can use any book or some other material like this to elevate the laptop level. These kinds of things will keep your laptop in an upper position and give the hot air a proper space to leave.

When the dissipated heat will escape from slits, holes or any kind of exhaust escape area of your laptop, then the system will definitely work better. When the heat will escape the system will not get heat up to show its slow performance. It will work like a normal laptop and your work will get don’t by this method without spending a single penny.

If your laptop’s exhaust port is on its sides then place the book below the laptop. If the hot air exhaust area is below the laptop then place the books in the four corners of the laptop. You can put a book or anything else for elevation under the battery.

You can also use a plastic casing, tray table or a wooden cutting board to provide a solid place to let the air ventilate properly instead of using a soft thing. Still, if you don’t find this method comfortable or if this method is don’t proves productive for your laptop then read the other methods which are proved 100 % result proof.

Cool the laptop

If your laptop is still overheating in your bed and any common method is not working, then cool your laptop. I will tell you the way by which you can make the laptop cool.

Use a cooling pad or cooling mat whatever you can say. This will keep the laptop cool all the time. No matter if you are doing an extensive multi-tasking on your laptop or using it on the bed. No matter if you are doing both of these things together, your laptop is never going to get hot from that time when you are using a laptop’s cooling pad.

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The cooling pads will provide enough ventilation to the laptop’s heat dissipation. As soon as the heat generates in the laptop, the cooling pad will not only give the platform to escape the heat but also cooling pad fans drench any of the little heat. Ultimately this will result in the cooling of your laptop and the best performance.

Cooling pad maintains a cooling environment all the time and there is no need for any other things if you have a cooling pad. Another thing that is important to tell you is that don’t use a laptop near a heating area like a stove etc like some ladies mostly do while working in the kitchen.

Stop laptop overclocking

If you overclock your laptop most often, then stop doing it immediately. Because it can be a big reason for your laptop overheating. Also, don’t underclock your laptop. This situation will only differ when you need clocking in gaming. Otherwise, don’t use do the over and underclocking.

Gaming laptops are specially made for gaming. There if you need to do overclock etc, then you can use the cooling pad for a gaming laptop. Also, manage the power settings of your laptop and keep it at normal so that you can experience the best laptop performance.

Use laptop stand

Another best thing which you can do a laptop overheating solution is the laptop stand. There are different types of laptop stands. You can choose the one which you find most comfortable and according to your style or comfort. Laptop stands give full space for the heat dissipation. Try to buy an adjustable laptop stand for bed.

Personally, in my opinion, the laptop stands are highly comfortable. It gives a feeling like you are using your laptop on a table. Every one of you will definitely feel the same comfortable feeling with stands. You can place a stand on a couch, bed or any of the comfy places where you want to sit and fear for laptop overheating. Get a laptop stand and become free from overheating issue fears.

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You can use a laptop slate with pores which also proves to be effective. The only thing which matters here is personal preference on the basis of comfortability. This slate is not as comfortable as a stand but proved as beneficial as stands. Only laptop stands take the priority in comfortability when compared to slate. Although both to them are equal in their function.

Slate works as a desk on your lap and along with providing the ventilation, they absorb the extra heat too.

Use laptop heatsink

If you have a metal laptop base and there is no as such a cooling system, then you can use the heat sinks. These heat sinks will get attached to the metal laptop base. It is usually a laptop steel flat bar which absorbs all of the heat and keeps the laptop cool all the time.

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Final words

Now you all know each and everything about how to use a laptop in bed without overheating. Now you can enjoy using a laptop in your comfort zone. These methods will let you enjoy using a laptop without overheating issues. By using these methods, laptop fans will not block and work efficiently.

Share this guide more if you have found it useful. We have struggled a lot to provide you with the best information we have.

Good luck.

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