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How to Use a Laptop in a Pool?

Hey, are you ready to get to know about this interesting topic? I know many of us to ask this question but we don’t really get the exact answer anywhere. But you don’t worry I have dedicated all of the articles for this topic. Here you will get your desired answer.

Using a laptop in a pool is truly a great relaxation and comfort.  Many of us got the idea of using our laptop in a pool. But because of the fear that we might damage the laptop, we don’t use it and don’t even try it to take near the pool. You might be thinking about the waterproof laptops now but let me tell you the details for how to use a laptop in a pool. Read about the uses of laptops in daily life.

Just stop thinking about the answers or any other question now. Just read this full guide and find it yourself how a laptop can be easily used in a pool. Here, we go;

How to Use your Laptop in a Pool?

So, here I am going to share different ways with you by which you can use a laptop in a swimming pool. Don’t take your laptop to a public swimming pool where there is a chance that anyone can throw water on it mistakenly or either consciously. As this would also look inappropriate and you won’t be able to work there conveniently.

As for as beach is concerned, that’s a different thing. There is enough space to sit calmly there. But when you are in your enjoying the calm environment in your home swimming pool and want to take your laptop in the pool; then definitely there are different ways to use it there. That’s what today’s topic is all about. Read about how to manage a water spilled laptop.

Use air-filled mattress

So, when you are in your own swimming pool, you can use an air-filled mattress. Place your laptop on it. As you know an air-filled mattress floats on the surface of the water. The things placed on it can only become wet until or unless you splash water over it, otherwise your laptop would be completely safe on it.

So, take this item and put your laptop on it first. Then leave it in your swimming pool. Either you can use your laptop when you are inside the water and even sitting on the pool’s edge area. Your laptop would be completely safe on an air-filled mattress. Similarly, you can place some laptop accessories on that mattress where some space has been left after placing the laptop. It depends that which size of the air-filled mattress you are using.

You can use the whole air-filled bag so that you can sit on it in the swimming pool with the laptop on your lap. It looks really cool and you can use the laptop very easily like this, as you can see in the picture of this article.

Use a laptop stand

You can use a small laptop by using the laptop stand. These things are perfect for using a laptop in a swimming pool. There are different styles and different kinds of laptop stands. You can buy the one which you found the best.  You can set the stand on the top of the pool.

It is a must that your laptop should be fit properly in the stand. That’s how you can use a laptop near a water pool. While you can be completely in the pool except for your head, arms and hands and your laptop would be on the edge of the pool, fitted on a stand.

Buy a ventilated adjustable laptop stand from Amazon. (affiliate link)

Cover laptop with a sheet

Take a sheet and cut it according to the size of your laptop. Leave the space for the ports in your laptop. Leave the exhaust area too so that the heat may not accumulate inside the laptop. Cover the sheet on your entire laptop as I have told you. Just leaving the ports and slots area space and also the keyboard and touchpad.

Then if any of the splashes come to your laptop, the sheet is water-resistant, so it will repel the water and your laptop will be safe at all.

Cover laptop with a PVC liner

You can get a PVC liner online from the hardware stores or from Amazon too. You can go for the 40 mil PVC or thicker than this. So, it is completely your choice, it also depends on the size of your laptop. The PVC liner is completely water-resistant.

It will slip off the water from its surface and your laptop will be all fine. So, there is no need to get worried if you are relaxing in the pool and suddenly a splash come over. So, after doing this, you will be completely fearless. Even you can use the laptop stands or air-filled mattress with the PVC liner or laptop sheet over the laptop for further protection. You can stick the PVC liner on your laptop with the help of a tape.

Click here to buy PVC liner from Amazon. (affiliate link)

Neoprene sleeves

Using the Neoprene sleeves is another best method of protection by which you can use your laptop in the pool. So, take a Neoprene fabric and cut it into two pieces a little bit longer and wider than your laptop’s size.

Now, tape this fabric on the laptop using the duct tape and leave one side of this sheet. Even, you can use the zip to pack your laptop in the sleeve of the Neoprene fabric. (affiliate link)

Cover charging cable

If you are using the charger for a laptop near the pool than firstly I would suggest you to not to use the charger near the pool as it can cause a short circuit. Next, if it is an emergency and your laptop is out of charging and it is necessary to connect the charger than okay; you can connect it. But take great care of it near the pool.

Cover the charging cable and the port where it is connected with duct tape or yarn. So, by doing this, your charger and charging port would be quite safe from a short circuit. This is how you can charge your laptop easily near the water pool.

Customized earplug putty

Now, this is the best way to prevent water splashes enter into the port or slots of your laptop. Lubricate the ports and all of the openings of the laptop with the mineral oil using a cotton ball. You can buy a mineral oil bottle easily from the local pharmacy or utility store. You can also buy it online.

Put the customized earplug putty in the opening if your laptop and allow it to harden for about 15 minutes. After that, you would get the custom watertight earplugs. All of the ports and slots of the laptop would be safe now from water spills.

Should you use a laptop in a swimming pool?

You can use your laptop in a swimming pool by taking all of the precautionary measures. If the humidity level in the pool is 100%, then there are is a great chance of short circuit in the pool.

As the humidity and the vapors affect the circuit of your laptop and become the cause of a short circuit.

Actually, moisture and humid environment cause condensation in your laptop. While the humidity, moving parts, and electricity in a laptop is really such a bad combo and promote short circuit. You should turn off your laptop first if there is some condition like this and then turn it ON. This will cause your laptop to adjust slightly for the new environment.

Besides this, follow the things that are discussed above like covering your laptop with a sheet, etc. In this way, you can use a laptop in the pool taking the high precautionary measures.

How to protect your laptop from a short circuit in a swimming pool?

If you are using a laptop in a swimming pool and the water splashes going to its keyboard then definitely the water will go inside the laptop system and cause a short circuit. So, now the question comes that how to protect a laptop from a short circuit.

Let me tell you that not only the water but also the humid area’s moisture or if any foreign object goes to the internal of the laptop, it would also cause a short circuit. So, I am going to share some step by step guide with you by which you can prevent yours from getting a shot circuit.

Step 1: First of all, turn off your laptop immediately.

Step 2: Unplug all of the external devices connected with your laptop.

Step 3: Now, remove the battery from it.

Step 4: Soak all the moisture from your laptop now.

Step 5: Remove all of the other components connected with your laptop.

Step 6: Dry your laptop completely for 6 hours, you can use a sealed tight bag and silica gel.  

Step 7: Don’t try to turn ON your laptop before 6 hours and after that, you can.

Waterproof laptops

You might be thinking to buy a waterproof laptop. If you like to spend most of your time in the swimming pool and really want to do your work there, then you can take a waterproof laptop. Like some people are really fond of traveling and spend most of their summertime in watery places like the Maldives. So, you can prefer to take a waterproof laptop.

Panasonic Laptop CF-33

This is the best quality waterproof laptop.

Dell Latitude 14 Rugged

It’s another waterproof laptop that you can buy online. rugged laptops are really good for harsh environments like humidity, temperate extremes, etc.

Dell 14 Rugged Extreme

This is the third-best laptop for the people looking for waterproof laptops. It can resist the water and liquid spills too.

Let me tell you the thing that you can’t still put a waterproof laptop inside the pool water. As waterproof laptops are just meant to resist the water and liquid spills and surviving properly in harsh environments.

How to make your laptop waterproof?

If you cannot afford a waterproof laptop than you can make your own laptop waterproof. I will tell you that how can you make your laptop waterproof.

Using silicone cover

You can apply a silicone cover to your laptop which will make it waterproof. Take a silicone cover and cut it according to the size of your laptop. Measure your laptop’s keyboard and cut the silicone cover according to its size too. After that apply the cover on the entire laptop and your laptop will become completely waterproof.

This silicone cover will protect the laptop keys, ports and the entire laptop from getting wet and everything would be alright in case of spills.  For more convenience, you can use the transparent plastic cover over the keyboard and silicone cover on the rest of the laptop’s body. Buy keyboard cover. (affiliate link)

By doing this, the keyboard keys would be visible to you and you can conveniently do the typing. It will also keep the keyboard protected. Just assure that the cover you are going to buy is of the actual size of your keyboard.  

Waterproof case

You can use a waterproof case and your laptop would be completely safe near the swimming pool. Use the plastic case because plastic is a great water repellent.  Make sure to take the plastic case according to your laptop size.  

Cover your complete laptop with the plastic case. These cases also have a proper space for the laptop ports.

Laptop carrier or waterproof sleeves

You can use a Nylon sleeve to make your laptop safe. Because Nylon is a waterproof material and it definitely repels water from its surface. So, it can also be a great way to protect your laptop.

Buy laptop waterproof sleeve from Amazon. (affiliate link)

Final words

Now, each and everything is clear to you and using all of the precautionary measures, you can use a laptop in a pool very easily and fearlessly. Read the guide completely as it is very important for you to know each and every detail before using a laptop in a pool.

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