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How to Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time?

How to Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time?

It is good when your laptop fans are running but it is really annoying when it keeps on running all the time. This is really an issue which must need to be fixed. Hey, guys, my name is Justin and I am a laptop technician. I am one of the members of Whylaptops team. I am a blogger myself too. I love to handle laptop issues as I have a great experience in this field now. I always used to help my friends to fix their laptop issues.

Today, I am sharing a guide here about How to stop laptop fan from running all the time? If you are also facing this type of issue, then get ready to read this entire guide to fix this issue. Sometimes you are working on your laptop and the fans continue running all the time. It may be the result of an overloaded processor when there is too much load on the processor it gets overheated in windows send signals to keep the fan running all the time to dissipate all of the heat.

The overload may be because of the programs you are using. The processor utilization also becomes higher because of the following reasons. The reasons may be pending updates, indexing, error in graphics or multiple applications running all the time. The laptop should be clean internally so that it may not face any issue. 

How to Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time?

Normally, the utilization of a processor is from one to 14%. If it becomes greater than 10% it leads to extreme overheating because of which the fans keep running until all the heat is gone. But this is not only the case every time. It can be the result of windows updates or might be some other applications. In this case, fans are just trying to normalize the thermal temperature. Sometimes the fan runs more because of their compact design.

You know each and every possible reason for laptop fans running all the time. Now, it’s time to fix these issues. These things will help you to stop your laptop fan from running all the time. Here we go;

Control Processor Utilization  

You are well aware that when the processor gets overloaded with extreme work, it causes the fan to run continuously. But how you will get to know which things are utilizing your processor more. It is very easy to get to know. Open the settings of your laptop and click on the task manager. You can directly search for the task manager in the search bar by clicking the start button.

When the task manager is open click on the option for more details. Now click on the option for CPU. It will pop up a big window showing multiple applications, software and other things utilizing your processor. It will show you a complete graph for percentages then how much different applications and software are consuming space and causing workload on a processor. You can delete the programs or applications which you don’t need and they are just utilizing the space in your laptop.

You should avoid doing multitasking on your laptop if it is as less capacity and it does not support multitasking. You can use just two or three windows for different programs at a time. You should use only one application at a time. Don’t create all the mass by opening everything in your laptop it will just drain your battery, space, create workload and nothing. Probably it will help a lot to stop the fans working all the time.

Adjust power settings

When you maintain the normal power settings, then laptop fans are able to maintain a normal internal temperature of the laptop. For this, you have to search for the control panel. Once the control panel is open click on the power settings from here. Set up the power plans, click on apply and then select OK.

Adjust the power and click on the advanced power settings. Click on the power plan menu and select power saver. Decrease the amount of time in each setting In order to reduce the unnecessary strain on laptop fans. Click on OK to save all the changes and then restart your laptop. Still, if the issue is not resolving then go for further steps.

Clean Air Vents

Another thing which you have to do is cleaning the air vents. when the air vents are blocked then extreme heat gets accumulated inside and laptop fans keep running all the time. Turn off your laptop and unplug it from other connections. Use the vacuum cleaner properly to clean the air vents. You should do this at least twice a month.

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Use the vacuum cleaner properly and underneath the vents and the side of your laptop. Now turn on your laptop and check that if the problem is fixed or still the issue persists. If the problem is not solved then go beyond these simple steps. Also, get information about cleaning the DVD drive lens. 

Use task manages to identify corrupt files

The continuously running fan issues might be because of the corrupt files and programs. Make sure that your laptop has an Internet connection. Now, open the windows task manager to identify these corrupt programs and files. Press the keys control, Alt and delete key together and then start the task manager.

Click on more details and check out for the programs which are corrupted and consuming the processor more. Delete all those programs useless files and folders which you don’t want to see in your laptop and stored for no purpose.

Update Graphics driver

The errors in graphics driver and outdated driver are the big reason for continuous fan running. Click the start button of your laptop and search for the Windows Update settings. Install the available updates and also flag the automatic updates option side by side. Make sure that your Internet connection remains stable during these updates.

Never forget to click on the update software and drivers with windows updates. Now restart your laptop if required. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved now.

Update BIOS

When the issue does not solve from any of the above things then the only last thing to blame is the out of date BIOS. Updating BIOS solve this issue 100%. Many of the people have tried this solution and it worked for them. it will definitely resolve your issue too. Go to the software and drivers download on your laptop.

If this option is not visible to you then search for it in the search bar. When you will get there, locate BIOS from the list. If this option is not available then it means that BIOS is already up to date. But if available then click on it and start updating it. You must have a stable Internet connection. Updating  BIOS is very easy. All you have to do is to follow the prompts that are given to you on the screen.

Use Software help

There are too many online software is available to lower the speed of your laptop fan and to keep it normal. like there is a software named “Fix”. It is a third party software which will allow you to control the fan speed.

It will allow you to control the volume according to the cost of airflow. For Windows, there is much other software available to control laptop fan errors. One such app is the SpeedFan. If you are a Mac book user then you can use the software like smcFanControl. You can also take your laptop for service to let them check what the actual issue is.

You can lower the speed if you’re not doing any kind of multitasking and the laptop is not hot and still, the fans are running. These kinds of software will reduce the speed of your fan and take it to the normal way of levels.

Adjust Fan Settings from Laptop

Click on the start button and search for the fan settings in the search bar. Click on the options advance or overclocking. Click any of these options and press enter. Fan settings will get open from here. There will be many options on there about the fan speed and voltage.

Click on the fan low-temperature option and make it lower further. Click on apple and Ok. You are done now. You can also turn off or disable the fan from here. Set the temperature of the fan at 30 degrees. Because it would be enough to keep it and the fans calm.

 How to stop Laptop from Running all the time in a MacBook?

In our Mac book, Mac operating system is used and it is completely different than windows. The fan running of MacBook is also entirely different from the windows settings. Miss behavior in Mac book fans is the rare thing but if it is happening then definitely you have to fix it. Just read this out to troubleshoot this issue.

So, first of all, you have to shut down your Mac book and then turn it on. Now, press shift and control keys together with the window keys Just for the two seconds and then release. This will cause the system to boot up but you will observe a noticeable change in the color of the light in power adapter. It will just reset the SMC of your MacBook.

It will control all the things inside your laptop like the fans, drivers, sensors and the battery. Another thing you can do is the PRAM settings which stands for parameter random access memory. Resetting it can bring too many positive changes in your Mac book. For this, you have to shut down your Mac book and then press the commands R and P keys together.

It will make your Mac book to restart. You have to hold these commands together until the Laptop completes its restart process. Now you have to install a software named “Macs Fan Control”.

This software tool is highly recommended for controlling too many options in Mac books like speed and temperature of vans and their continuous running issue. That’s how you can stop laptop fan from running every time.

Final words

I have covered each and every single detail on this topic. I hope following all these things can fix your issues and stop fan from running. Just read this guide carefully and apply it. Tell me in the comment section below that which of the method worked for your laptop. I hope it will bring the best results and fix all of the issues.

Good luck.  

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