How to Replace Laptop Hard Drive and Reinstall Operating System?

Reinstalling the operating system in a laptop is really important especially when you replace the hard drive. This is because when you are replacing the hard drive, you have to save all of its data into another device and then format it completely. This format also deletes the OS and with a new hard drive, you have to reinstall the operating system.

But this is not really the complete method, obviously, you have to go through further careful procedures that I am going to share in this article. So, today Whylaptops will explain about the complete guide for How to Replace Laptop Hard Drive and Reinstall Operating System?.

Just read this article and follow the steps that my experts’ team explains to you. You can also become a pro in replacing hard drives, securing their data, putting that data in a new hard drive and then reinstalling the operating system. You can also clear queries about using an external hard drive with laptop.

Here, you will find the simple and easy content to be understood by students, common people; who don’t have any information about these kinds of things, technicians, pros and all who need any guidance about this topic. So, here we go;

How to Replace Laptop Hard Drive and Reinstall Operating System?

It is not that much complex as you think, do not involve in the complex things read this guide and if you are in a need to do this, then apply it now.

So, if your laptop’s hard drive is showing the signs of failure and if you want to replace it because your laptop runs out of space every time. Then it’s the right time to replace your laptop hard drive with a new one. It will give you more space and excessive storage to save your lots of documents, files, pictures, videos and anything you want.

Replacing your laptop’s hard drive enables you to back up your all data. Even the laptop performance is highly increased if you have high storage and it allows you to do multitasking. You can open to any window tabs at a time, multiple programs and applications can also be opened along with this.

So, it’s great to replace a hard drive with a new one which has a high storage capacity. But make sure that the one which is replacing is having a high storage capacity and is also compatible with your laptop.

How to Replace a Laptop’s Hard Drive?

Before they begin, the procedure of replacing your laptop’s hard drive make sure that you have backed-up all of your important data.

Because if you don’t do this, your very important data will get lost and the new hard drive would not have anything to be stored. The previous data that is really important to you and you don’t want to lose, should be backed up first. 

Back up data

You have to back up all of your important data. You should prefer an external storage device for this. It is the most important and main step in the entire method. You can copy your important files in the flash drive or another storage which you want.

You can use the cloud backup service if you use a Macintosh laptop. You will never miss any of your files again if you use a cloud backup. Using an external data storage device also keeps your content saved. Take some time to review that which things you want to keep save with you and which are useless that you don’t need anymore in your new hard drive.

After you are done backing up the data, you can assemble your important files then.

Create a recovery disk

Creating a recovery disk is another important step to reinstall your laptop operating system. Your laptop will use this recovery disk to boot up the new blank drive when it gets installed. This will help you to reinstall your actual or authentic operating system when the new hard drive is attached. So if before replacing the hard drive.

After that, you can download it to CD-ROM or in the flash drive. But make sure that you have enough storage space before starting this, which is properly formatted according to the Windows direction.

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery

After that, you have to shut down your laptop. Remove the battery from your laptop. Make sure that when you are following this procedure after creating a recovery disk, further procedure will be followed when the laptop is off. During this time, your laptop should not have a power cable connection or any other device connected to it. You can use the anti-static mat or wrist band while doing this procedure.

The benefit of using these both tools is that they will ground you and your laptop and could take you from the built-in static electrical charges. Make sure to take these precautions as your safety measures. Because safety should be the first priority.

Open laptop case and remove hard drive safely

Now turn your laptop to its back, open up its case using the proper tools. Open all the screws that are attached to the case. Use a small tool if the screws are smaller and a big one if they are large. Keep the laptop case and its screws securely aside.

Remove the hard drive from your laptop now. If there are also the screws fixed on the sides of the hard drive then remove them too. Now, take out your hard drive safely. Making sure that there is no connection of any cable or any other external device. The charger should also never be connected with your laptop and your laptop should be off completely.

Attach the new hard drive

Attach the new hard drive properly on the position from where you have removed the old drive. Make sure that it is fixed properly in the area. Now you have replaced the old hard drive with a new one. Now it’s time to reverse all the steps that you have performed earlier.

Like put the case back on the laptop and fix the screws. Tight all the screws so that the case may not slide from its position.

Half of the work is done here but it is not the end. Now, moving towards the next step that is to reinstall the operating system.

How to reinstall operating system after replacing the hard drive?

Now, this step is really very easy, all manual tasks are done, you have to turn on your laptop then. You have to follow the simple steps of the software reinstallation. But it will take some time to be completed.

Putting the operating system back in your laptop requires a few simple and easy steps. Now coming toward the main question that is How to Replace Laptop Hard Drive and Reinstall Operating System. We are moving for the steps to the second part of this question.

Go to the Boot Menu

Now by plugging in your laptop, power it on. Open up the start of the menu and you can access the boot menu from there. Use the boot menu to let your laptop know from where to start. Either you can use the USB or installation disk that you have created earlier.

You have to follow all the prompts that are coming for the installation of Windows in your new hard drive. You can get information about the best-operating systems for a laptop from here.

Install the OS and restart

By following all of the prompts, install the operating system in your new hard drive. You can use the default settings, otherwise, you can customize the settings like your own way. This choice depends on you.

This process is not short but you have to wait longer. It might take one hour for the whole process to be completed. This thing also depends upon your hard drive and the operating system that you are using. Once your laptop is done from its final restart, then the Windows option will come on the screen.

No, you are ready to use the new hard drive on your laptop you can set the Windows password and other things you need to customize like the way you want.

Restore data in new hard drive

Now it’s time to restore all your data in the new drive that you have backed up earlier. Because now the new hard drive is attached, the operating system is reinstalled, the only thing that is remaining is the data restore. Now your laptop Windows are working on a new hard drive.

Put the things back in your laptop that you want. The cloud back up or an external drive back up that you have done before can also be accessed by the software to retrieve files. Simply pick up the files that you want to restore and you are done.  You can also continue adding the necessary things over time that you want in your Windows.

How to do cloning of a hard drive?

How many people are also keen to know about the cloning of hard drive. Cloning is another method to put your data in the new hard drive. If your old hard drive is problematic because of any physical faults or anything else, Then you can physically connect it with a new hard drive.

After that use the cloning software to make the exact duplicate of your entire data, files, and even the operating system. But remember that it is only recommended when you want a duplicate copy of your old hard drive. Cloning software are great to use if the hard drive is not physically damaged.

It will be the exact duplicate of your old hard drive data. It will also include the unnecessary files that you don’t want anymore. Cloning can only be done if your hard drive is physically problematic. If there are some digital issues in your hard drive like problematic or corrupted files, etc, then it shouldn’t be cloned.

Because you will make a duplicate of a corrupted hard drive that will also not going to work. In this case, you should prefer a new and high storage hard drive.

Benefits of Replacing a Hard Drive

There are too many benefits of replacing a hard drive. These are;

  • Replacing your hard drive with a new one with high capacity gives a great storage space in your laptop. You can store thousands of your files, folders, documents, pictures, and videos without the issue of running out of space. More space will be available for you to play games, installing software and apps. Read about the hard disk storage capacity chart.
  • Replacing hard drive gives you the liberty to enjoy a fast speed. Larger files will load faster And the speed boost will also increase the laptop’s performance.
  • New hard drives are more reliable than the old ones. As time passes by the old hard drives become less reliable. So it’s good to replace when your old one is showing problems.
  • Replacing the old drive after several years of use helps you to keep your files data saved because corrupted hard drives lose the data by time.
  • New hard drives are energy efficient. They consume 40% less energy than that of the older models

Final words

If your laptop hard drive is also faulty or it has very less space or it is very old now, then it’s time to replace it. Use this guide to replace a hard drive and reinstall the operating system. Do it now.

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