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How to Protect your Laptop from Falling?

How to Protect your Laptop from Falling?

When we buy a new laptop we take great care of it. We protect it from dust, falling off and from too many other things. But as time passes by, we start neglecting and caring for our laptops. We did not care at all either it is hitting by some hard object or getting fall so many times. This is actually reducing the lifespan of your laptop.

A laptop is not 100% fall-proof, in fact, it is a sensitive electronic device and it must need to be taken care of. If your laptop drops too many times, there are chances of its hardware damage, a short circuit in the motherboard because of an extremely bad fall. Because it may damage some part of the motherboard circuit. All of this ultimately reduces the lifespan of your laptop.

Sometimes the headset falls are so hard that it breaks the laptop corners or it’s screen. You must protect your laptop from falling down so that it may not get damaged. Definitely, nobody wants to drop their laptop by their will and it gets fall from their hands or slipped unconsciously. That’s life too many people asked this question that how to protect your laptop from falling?

So here Whylaptops will share some of the great tips with you, which will protect your laptop up to 80% from falls. You can adapt some of the best techniques so that your laptop get a great grip and it may not fall off or slips down. I have just posted for laptop protection from ants.

How to Protect your Laptop from Falling?

Follow these great tips to protect your laptop from falling. Here we go;

Use Hardshell laptop case

Whenever you’re thinking about the protection of your laptop, the first thing that comes in every mind is the hard shell laptop case.  It is the best thing to protect your laptop from falling. Even if the hard case slips off it keeps the laptop protected in it. It can never let that laptop to get harmed and it’s robust body bear all the stress.

Hardshell cases are available at a highly affordable price on Amazon. They are the best solution for laptop safety everywhere. You must have a hard case with you if you want to increase the lifetime of your laptop and protect your important data in it. It will also keep your laptop protected from dust and always help it to retain its new look.

Use Leather Sleeves or bags

There are too many sleeves available but the leather sleeves give the highest protection to your laptop. The flexible and robust leather didn’t allow the laptop to get a break in case of any fall. If you don’t want to take a hard shell then you must prefer a leather sleeve. The leather sleeves also include the soft padding inside to keep the laptop safe and secured. You can read in detail that if laptop sleeves protect. 

Leather is a highly protective material for your electronic device. Sleeves are the best and highly portable item which helps you to transport your laptop anywhere you want. You can travel using a laptop sleeve with great ease. Once you spend on a leather sleeve, you wouldn’t have to buy any of the other products for your laptop safety. Because leather is a highly durable material that can resist all the falls and scratches.

In case you don’t want to use a laptop sleeve then you can get the same benefit from a leather bag. There are tons of options for other laptop bags too. You can even prefer a backpack for your laptop. The backpacks can also protect your laptop because some of the backpacks have padded compartments in them.

These backpacks and the leather bags both of them look gorgeous and professional. You can use them for your office or take your laptop anywhere. You can also select the thick nylon bags. They can be a great support and protect your laptop from falling or slipping from your hands.

Buy a Laptop stand

If you most often use your laptop at home then a laptop stand is a perfect solution of falls. Even there are too many portable and flexible laptop stands that you can take anywhere. So, whenever you start working on your laptop, place it on a stand, make the grip stronger and continue working. It will never allow your laptop to slip and fall.

Stands also give great protection to your laptop from slipping off. They are best for the grip. Because sometimes you put your laptop on a slippery table where is ports are even blocked. So a laptop stand is a perfect grip and support for your laptop.

Make Foam Core Boards

Now, making the foam boards is really very easy but first, let me tell you that you can also buy the foam core board from Amazon. But if you are a type of person who loves arts and crafts kind of things or doing your work by your hands instead of buying the new things, then let me tell you that making a foam board is really very simple and easy. I have experienced making it and it was made just awesome.

If you don’t want to buy it or are really passionate about making it then I will tell you that how can you do this. First of all, you have to take is cardboard and a scissor or knife to cut it. Now cut the long pieces according to the length and width of your laptop. You can first use the pencil to make marks on it and then cut carefully and properly. Now, make holes on the sides of the board for the proper ventilation.

Now, attach the board stripes to your laptop base with the help of duct tape. Now, take a tennis ball and cut it into the normal-sized pieces and attach these pieces with the cutting board stripes on your laptop. Make sure that you cut the tennis ball very safely because it’s cutting is really very hard and tough. You can attach the ball pieces with the cardboard using the same duct tape. After that, you are done.

When you will place your laptop on the table or anywhere else the tennis ball pieces will give it a great grip and support and also allow the proper ventilation to go inside the laptop. This is how using this simple method, you can make your own protection without spending a single penny.

Use weather stripping tape on laptop corners

A  stripping tape or foam tape can protect your laptop corners from breaking off when fell off accidentally. Weatherstripping tape has two portions, one is the foam and the other one is the paper-like non-sticky material. So remove this paper type material and stick the foam to the corners of your laptop.

You can also cut this tape in small cubes and stick it to the laptop base at different locations. These pieces will give a non-slippery grip to your laptop and also allow a proper airflow below the laptop.

Do Cushion padding for your Laptop

You can also take a cushioning pad in order to protect your laptop from falling. Just like there are different pads for your security like the kneepad etc. Similarly, there are also the cushioning pads for your laptop protection. So, if your laptop slips and falls very often than you should take a cushioning pad for your laptop.

How to Enhance the Protection of your Laptop from Fall Damage?

If you want to enhance further protection for your laptop for its each and every part then I am going to tell you that what you should really do for it;

Using Laptop Screen Guard

When a laptop falls really bad, then the most worst affected area is the laptop screen. If you have an expensive laptop with a glass screen, then the condition gets really worst. The glass screen really needs extremely high protection from falls and scratches. Even replacing a glass screen is very difficult. So, whether your laptop screen is touch-enabled glass screen or a simple screen, you must use a screen guard or screen protector over it.

Using laptops cover

Using a rubber laptop cover can protect your laptop from outside. Although it is not so much helpful when a laptop falls yet it gives support as much as it can. It is great for protecting laptop cover from scratches. A laptop cover with a lot of scratch marks looks really bad and annoys.

You can also use a laptop skin for your laptop protection and beauty. Laptop stickers can also be a great choice for preventing scratch marks. Read further details about laptop protection.

Using Keyboard skins

Some of the keyboards lose their keys from the proper place when they fell down. Now, for the protection of your laptop’s keyboard, you can use a keyboard skin. Even you can put it on even while working because the keys are clearly visible for proper work. The keyboard skins have also proved great against dust damage to keys.

It can also a great product for protecting your laptop from liquid spills. When your entire keyboard will be covered there will be no way for the liquid to enter inside the laptop and cause a short circuit in the laptop’s motherboard. Hence, you can also protect a laptop from a short circuit.

What to do if your laptop has fallen badly?

In case you haven’t taken any safety measures yet and your laptop has mistakenly dropped. Then immediately, hold it and check that if anything has damaged. If it was the running laptop then check it that either it is running now or not.

If your laptop was already off, then turn it on and check that if it can turn on or not. Check that if it is completely fine or not. So, turn on your laptop and check if it is still running or not and if the screen is cracked and it is overall injured very badly, then try to turn it on and quickly backup all of your important data. Most of all you must know about how to keep a laptop save. 

You can quickly take advantage of backup your data in another device if it is working. You must already have all of the back-ups of your important data for such kinds of emergency situations. If the laptop screen is cracked and damaged, then replace it and if the laptop is not turning in at all then send it for a service. After that when it comes back from the service, take great care of it and use the protective gear to keep your laptop safe in such kinds of conditions.

Final words

Follow this guide if you are truly concerned about your laptop protection from falls. I have explained my best to you guys. Now, it’s time for you to read and apply what you have learned from here. I hope you will keep your laptop highly protected from now on.

Good Luck.

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