How to Protect Laptop from Humidity?

Most of the time you have to use your laptop most urgently and there is a humid environment around which is becoming the barrier. Especially, in the winter season, there is so much humidity in the air. As you know humidity is not good for your laptop and you have to protect it.

So, here I am going to write a complete detail about how to protect a laptop from humidity? The winter season with snowfall and monsoon season feels very pleasant. But when the humidity become above normal, then it becomes difficult to use technology gadgets. A laptop doesn’t work well in a humid environment.

Firstly, do not let the humidity to enter in your workplace. Keep your house windows and doors closed. Maintain your room temperature at normal. You can check out the humidity level in your room by the humidity checker. As it affects the circuit of the laptop and can cause a short circuit. Always keep your laptop protected from the humidity and from any of the harsh environment.

How to protect your laptop from humidity

I will tell your different ways here which you can adapt to protect your laptop from humidity damage. Great temperature changes and humidity changes can definitely wreak havoc on electronic devices. Immediately condensation occurs in your laptop and the laptop stops working properly. There are sometimes great chances of a short circuit of laptop. Also, read about stopping crackling noises of laptops.

Here are those strategies for your laptop protection against humidity

Allow your laptop to adopt new environment

Whenever you change your place from normal to humidity area, then it is a good suggestion to turn off your laptop. After that turn it ON in the new temperature environment. This is how your laptop will adjust itself a little bit according to the new temperature area.

Now, you might be thinking that what is this for and seems to be a useless thing to do. But trust me this is very important as a system adapts itself for a new temperature. This allows it to work normally. Do this for each temperature changing environment. Like you are moving from extremely hot temperature outside to an air-conditioned room of your house with your laptop.

Or when you are moving from temperature inside your house to the extreme cold, humid and foggy and smoky area outside. Both of the temperature extremes are havoc for your technology gadgets.

Know the safe temperature ranges

You must know the safe temperature ranges in which a laptop work normally. Laptops perform best from 10 – 35 degree Celsius. Remember that exceeding the temperature than this can disrupt your laptop. Most of the time, laptop batteries frustrate from heat and a laptop stop working. Laptop when exposed to severe type of heat several times, its lifespan drastically reduces.

The hard disk is severely affected because of the high temperatures. Similarly, the laptop is also badly affected in the humid environment.

Protect your laptop from direct sunlight

Sunlight brings burning heat which is dangerous for a laptop. Never let your device exposed to direct sunlight. Whenever you go to the beach for even a light sunbathe, don’t put your laptop under direct sun. Always use a net or some shade for the laptop. First, try not to go out in the sun with your laptop.

Sunlight has the capability to destroy your laptop screen. Use the hood or a complete laptop cover that will protect it from direct sunlight exposure. Another thing you can do is to apply sunscreen on your laptop. This looks silly but at least your laptop will be protected from the sunlight damage.

Beware of high humidity

Humidity is the high amount of vapors in the air along with the gases either safe ones and sometimes harmful gases like smog. High humidity is dangerous for our laptop. The moisture content also varies in humidity from 10 – 80%.  High levels of moisture in humidity damages the internal hardware of a laptop.

Back up all your data

When you have to switch your laptop from weather extremes than make sure that you have backed-up all of your important data. When you have to use your laptop in extremely hot weather, then you should use a portable HDD that helps to resist the heat and humidity.

On the other hand, there is an option that you transfer your data to the external hard drive.

Use a laptop desk

Using your laptop in a hot place can surely cause damage. So, don’t put your laptop on the hot place and use a laptop desk instead. The desk will keep your laptop protected. I am not talking about a simple desk but that one which is equipped with a cooling fan. 

Such a laptop desk keeps the temperature of the laptop normal even in the extremely hot conditions and the humid conditions both. Take that desk to which your laptop gets fit easily. I mean to say that buy a laptop desk according to the size of your laptop.

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Keep yourself notified of the weather conditions

Well aware of the changing weather conditions so that you may not have to face any kind of difficulty from the beginning. Be ready and keep your laptop prepared for the humid conditions. You can Google the weather conditions of the area where you live.

Use a proper laptop bag

When you go outdoors, use a proper laptop bag, this will protect laptop from humidity and the hot conditions too. I am telling you about both of the temperature extremes sides by side. Instead, you should use a waterproof laptop bag so that you can protect your laptop from monsoon’s season humidity too. you laptop would also get great protection from the rain.

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Give air to a laptop for normalizing its temperature

If your laptop has faced extreme temperature conditions like hot weather and high humidity, then immediately, go to the place where there is a fan. Turn ON the fan and place your laptop under it. Blowing air can protect your laptop in any condition and proves very much useful.

Sulfur and smog damage

If the chemical mixture; smog or just pollutant Sulphur is in the air, it can cause damage to the laptop’s hard drive as well. It also starts growing on the motherboard of your laptop. In this case, the best thing to do is to have a service of your laptop or either a chemical wash of your laptop.

What if a laptop is not turning on because of humidity and rain exposure?

If this occurs to your laptop too and it is not getting ON at all. Then take a plastic bag that can be sealed tight. Take a big plastic bag in which your laptop can easily fit. Put your laptop in that bag and also the silica gel. Seal that plastic bag and set it aside. Leave it overnight and never open that bag in between otherwise laptop will remain as such.

Because if you open the bag silica gets interacted with the air and becomes inactive. So, when gel kept in the sealed bag overnight, it will do its work well and after that, in the morning, take your laptop out of the bag and discard the used silica gel. Now, turn ON your laptop it will become all fine. Read the further details for it here.

Final words

There were all of the ways which tell you in detail about how to protect laptop from humidity. Now, you have the proper information and now you can save your laptop from any of the extreme weather  conditions.

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