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How to Protect Laptop from Ants?

How to Protect Laptop from Ants?

About a week ago I found that my laptop was like a night club for ants. I am really scared of swarming ants and seeing ants on my laptop was very annoying for me. If you are also facing such kind of situation then read this entire guide so that you can get rid of ants from your laptop just like I did successfully.

Sometimes we just really don’t know why ants are in love with our laptop. Ants love to live in colonies and where they found a suitable place, they come there to live. If they will found your laptop, a suitable place to live in then they would definitely not leave your laptop. But the point is that why they are attracted to your laptop and we literally think that How to Protect Laptop from Ants?

Well, there are lots of reasons behind this, like if your laptop has any broken spaces that ants found suitable, or if there are any of the food particles on your PC. Definitely, these things attract the insects, especially ants if the food particle dropped on a laptop is sweet. Also, read about protecting laptops from humidity.

How to Protect Laptop from Ants?

Protection of a laptop from insects is definitely important because they can cause harm to your laptop. I will share different ways of protecting your laptop from ants. Some of us really don’t want to harm the ants but everyone wants to get rid of them for sure. As working on such a laptop with ants is really feels unpleasant. Must read about protecting a laptop in the sleeve.

I will tell you the harmless ways to get rid of ants and you can follow any of the methods which are convenient for you. Here we go;

  • Cleaning
  • Heat exposure
  • Naphthalene or petrol
  • Fork method
  • Water bridge escape method
  • Vacuuming
  • Smoke accumulation method
  • Blow compressed air
  • Use Polarized light
  • Service of laptop

Cleaning laptop from ants

This is the case when ants are over the screen of your laptop, then you need to do the cleaning of your laptop. There are many different ways of cleaning the laptop screen. You can take the microfiber cloth or the damped cloth to get rid of ants. Believe me I have also applied this method and literally, it does not cause any of the harm to ants.

I have told this because if you are a kind of person who does not want to harm insects even. As some people love insects too. This method will prove effective and you will get rid of ants from the screen. You can apply the microfiber cloth on other parts of the laptop too. But if there are too many ants that you are not able to deal with that annoying situation, then try some other methods too.

Actually, cleaning is a must. Using damped cloth will actually remove the food particles along with ants. When sugary food will completely remove; which might be the actual reason for ants attracting towards your laptop. Then, ants will leave your laptop for sure.

Heat exposure- How to Protect Laptop from Ants?

Another thing that you can do is to expose your laptop for some time. When the ants will feel uncomfortable, they will leave your laptop. You will not have to do anything but to place a laptop in some heat. Now, this does not really mean you are in direct sunlight like on the beach and placing your laptop in direct sun exposure. Not really a man! This will totally roast your laptop.

Not even in the situation that you live an extremely hot place and you have placed your laptop in sunlight for several hours. But actually, you have to give your laptop, a heat exposure for 5 or 7 minutes. When ants do not feel well in that hot environment, they will leave your laptop.

Naphthalene or petrol

Now, these materials are really effective. Using a naphthalene ball near your laptop will always keep ants away from your laptop. You can also place the Naphthalene packet as a whole near your laptop. If you have a liquid Naphthalene in your home, then definitely you can use it too. But yes there are some proper ways of using it.

Take the liquid Naphthalene and a cotton ball. Now, dump the cotton ball with liquid Naphthalene and place it near the laptop. Another best thing you can do is to apply the liquid Naphthalene from that damped cotton ball on your laptop. For some time, you have to face the little inconvenience because Naphthalene smell will come from your laptop but that smell is not bad.

As for me, I love its smell. This sounds odd but really I love its smell. So, if you also like it, then it is really good because you will not feel any inconvenience. But if you don’t like this smell, then after applying the liquid Naphthalene, leave your laptop in air and the smell would be enough to irritate the ants but not you. You can easily buy the naphthalene balls or the liquid naphthalene from the market or online.

In case, Naphthalene is not available, then you can replace it with petrol. Because petrol is something which is easily available in every home. You have personal vehicles and definitely, you have petrol too. The amazing things are that everyone loves the smell of petrol. Take a cotton ball and dump it with petrol. Apply it on your laptop in the same way as I have told above for Naphthalene.

Don’t worry petrol smell keeps the ants away and some of it evaporates, so you will not feel any discomfort.  Precaution: Apply the petrol damped cotton ball over the laptop surface gently. The precaution you must take is that don’t apply so much petrol or liquid naphthalene on a cotton ball that it starts dripping off from it.

If the petrol or naphthalene is dripping then press the cotton ball so that the dripping liquid gets out. Because the liquid going inside the laptop by the keys or somewhere else will cause damage.

Fork method

Ants love to walk here and there in search of food and shelter and they have really good social organizations. If your laptop is filled with ants than place your laptop in a high position in such a way that there is a very little or no escape available for them. Like, place your laptop on a water glass. Use a big glass which can support your laptop properly.

Now your laptop is in the above place. Adjust a fork in such a way that one of its above front parts is attaching with your laptop and other is on the floor. As I said that ants only live in colonies and help each other for home, food, etc. When the messenger ants see this situation that there is only a limited way of escape, then they tell other ants that this place is not suitable for making a colony. In this way, all of them leave from the fork to the ground; the only way to escape for them.

Another thing that you can do is that make the edge of the fork dipped in sugar water so that their attention goes towards the fork and they leave. But this is really a time-consuming process and you have to keep calm until all the ants leave your laptop. The best thing is to leave your laptop overnight for this method to be done completely.

Water bridge escape method

Take a plate and fill it with water. Now take three glass and also fill them with water. Put that three glass in the plate filled with water. It will become a water bridge. Now place your laptop on that bridge and adjust it over the glass properly. Now, take a ruler and place its one edge over the laptop and one edge on the ground.

Leave your laptop for overnight and when you will wake up in the morning, all of the ants will be gone. It is a good method which is effective for forcing the ants to leave the laptop without killing them off. Actually, the reason behind it is that when the messenger ants see such condition that we are in a vulnerable place where we can fell into the water, it warns all other and they all go away.

It is a kind of situation for them like a weak home, over the top on the mountain which is ready to fall and there is no way to escape and there is water below everywhere. But when they see an escape place like some ruler or any of the other thing, they leave in lines and ultimately all of them goes away.


Vacuuming is another fruitful method. Sometimes the remains of dead body parts of ants get stuck in the keyboard keys and typing with such keys become difficult. So, take a small vacuum drier not a big one for vacuuming. Because you have to do vacuuming slightly and carefully.

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Take a small and portable vacuum and vacuum slightly over the laptop surface and all of the ants will be removed from this laptop. Keep the pressure of the vacuum at normal, it should not be high enough. After adjusting the temperature at normal, vacuum all of the ants.

Smoke accumulation method

Another best method that would tease or irritate the tough ants even to leave the laptop’s surface is a smoke method. You can burn a piece of anything which can create a strong smell, either cardboard or a piece of leather. When the smoke is over the surface of a laptop, it would be a difficult situation for them.

Because of that smoke, ants will quickly go away from your laptop. You can also burn a lighter for the smoke accumulation over a surface of a laptop for ants. Or simply you can burn the incense sticks around your laptop to quickly get rid of all of the ants.

Blowing compressed air

Take a blow drier or a hair drier for the compressed air. Now, blow the air on the surface of the laptop, its keyboard, where the ants are present. Be careful while doing this, at blown ants might not come to your face. Some of the ants are really dangerous and release a greater amount of formic acid that irritates the skin. Don’t even touch such kind of ants and just blow them away from you and your laptop.

Take your laptop to out of your house, maybe a lawn or some other place. Now, take the blow drier and blow the air in such a way that the ants drop or blown toward the grass area of ground. The other thing you can do is to set your laptop at a position of 45 degrees and then blow the air so that the air and ants should not come towards you and get away.

Using polarized light

Ants have compound eyes which are sensitive for the polarized light. This light annoys them too much. This is another good and effective way to push them away. The polarized light comes from the laptop screen but this would be not enough to get rid of them.

You can use an external CRT monitor for polarized light and focus it on ants. This makes the ants disoriented as the light is literally annoying their eyes. So, this is also an easy and effective method to force them to leave your laptop’s surface.

Take your laptop for service

If you can’t handle so many ants and you are frustrated because ants have entered inside your laptop completely. Typing is becoming difficult because of dead ants and there are dead ants in motherboard too. If your laptop is malfunctioning because of those ants then you should send it for service.

They will open your laptop entirely and clean it completely. This will solve your problem and you would not have to deal with ants.

How to get rid of ants permanently?

If you have applied this method and ants go away for some time but keep coming back after a few and few days. Then, you have to find out the permanent solution for this. But for this, you have to kill the ants and I am really sorry but this is the only solution for getting rid of them permanently.

For getting rid of ants permanently, use the body spray. Overwhelm the ant’s senses with essential oils or vinegar. If these things are not available to you the make the bait with borax and sugar at home. But don’t apply this solution on the laptop screen and keyboard keys. Sprinkle the ants killer powder on a laptop.

Sprinkling the food-grade diatomaceous earth on ants will dry them all. After that blow away the chemical powder and the dead ants both. These kinds of things kill the ants and other insects because ants smell these chemicals and the senses of smell are greater than that of the other insects.

Can ants damage a laptop?

Yes, ants may get fry themselves completely but their dead bodies inside the motherboard can damage its circuits. Their body inside your PC can even cause a short circuit. They are definitely harmful to a laptop. Even ants can enter the screen of your laptop when there is a place for them to go inside.

It becomes difficult to remove them from the screen area. Even ants entering the keys makes it difficult to type properly. Ants inside your laptop are also difficult to remove and are very much annoying. They can disturb the whole system of your laptop.

Why ants are attracted toward a laptop?

It is the really authentic question that why so many ants are attracting towards an electronic device. There are some of the reasons behind it and you have to figure out the exact reason why ants are coming to your laptop.

Check out for the reasons which might be your laptop is messed up with any food. Because ants love to eat sugar. Yet many of the other food particles can definitely attract the ants. They come over any of the food items. So, if your laptop keys are messed, or screen or any other part of the laptop is messed up because of your un-washed hands or either spilling some juice, dropping cookies or anything else. Even eating near your laptop also attracts the ants.

Another reason is that your laptop is broken and ants found any suitable place there to live in. As I have told you already that ants live in colonies and warm places, where ever they found a proper place for colonization and breeding.  If your laptop is already messed with food particles and there is a space inside your laptop and ants finding the way to come in from the broken area than why not they will come to your laptop.

If your laptop keys have some food on it then ants will go below the keys, especially the spacebar key which is large enough and ants can easily form a colony there.

Protection of Laptops from different types of Ants

There are different types of ants that can cause damage to the laptop. These are;

  • Pharaoh ants
  • Crazy Ants
  • Foraging ants

Protection of laptop from Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants are really tiny of the size of 2mm. They easily found the area to live even below the short keys. They are small, sharp and dangerous. Be careful while removing them and force them to get out from your laptop and house both. Their bite can cause sharp redness.

How to protect laptop from Yellow crazy ants?

Beware from the yellow crazy ants. If you are using the fork method or water bridge method then take the laptop away from your living room, take at some lawn or backyard and then use these methods, so that they escape out of your house. Don’t touch these yellow crazy ants.

If you have touched these ants then wash your hands immediately and don’t touch your eyes because their formic acid is so much powerful that it can cause blindness.

Protecting your laptop from Foraging ants

These ants can travel up to 200 m by counting the number of steps they have taken, keep your laptop clean, as these ants can reach anywhere no matter where you have placed your laptop. So, keeping your laptop clean can let them away from it.

You can use any of the simplest methods to take them away from the laptop. Even disturbing them with a piece of paper will let them think that they should get out from there now. Because these ants are really sensitive and any of the disturbance make them feel that the place is not suitable for them to live. You can even tease them with the bait.

How to know there are ants in your laptop?

If you find out that there are one or two ants crawling over your laptop then there no worries. Just blow them with air, clean the laptop or wipe them away with a piece of cloth. 

But if there are so many ants coming out of your keyboard keys or hinge area, then check out the entire laptop. They might have formed the colonies inside your laptop. When you have found that there are so many ants in your laptop, then immediately apply any of the methods that I have told you here.

Precautions for preventing the future attack of ants on laptop

You have to take some precautions so that ants never attack your laptop. Here we go;

  • Do not eat near your laptop and all of the technology gadgets. Try not to place your laptop near the places where you eat your food.
  • Do not use the laptop with messy hands. Always use the laptop keyboard and touch screen with clean hands.
  • Fill up the broken side area of your laptop with glue or anything else so that ants would not be able to find a proper place to live there.
  • Don’t use your laptop in those areas where ants are in abundance.
  • Use insecticides or the naphthalene balls near your laptop so that ants keep away from your laptop.
  • Try to clean your laptop on a daily basis.
  • You can apply Camphor on your laptop so that ants run away from it.
  • Keep a naphthalene ball inside your laptop bag so that they cannot enter inside.
  • Wrap your laptop in a plastic airtight bag so that the ants or any of the insect don’t try to enter in it.

My story 

I usually work in the day time. One day I was so busy doing my work and I didn’t find any time to do laptop work in the morning. So, I woke up at midnight because I was not sleepy at all that time and wanted to work. But you know what I was astonished to see so many ants crawling on my laptop at night.

I didn’t really know what was going on. I was not aware that those ants were using my laptop keys as a night club. I thought that why they are on my laptop and I find out that I have eaten the cookies and didn’t brush my hands properly. I have done typing with those hands and that was the reason that ants were on my laptop.

I used the body spray on my laptop and placed a naphthalene ball on its keyboard. by the way, I didn’t work that night but when I woke up in the morning, all the ants were gone and I was extremely happy.

Final words

Now, you know each and everything about this topic and I have tried my best to cover each and everything about this topic. Read the entire guide properly and share it with your friends.

With much love.

Team – Why Laptops

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