How to Make an Old Laptop Look Cool?

Every one of us wants to enjoy new and cool things. But hey! We can also make old things look new and cool. Yes, if you are thinking to make your old laptop look like a cool and new laptop. Then sure, I will tell you a detailed guide here which will help you a lot in making your old laptop look cool and amazing.

How to Make Your Old Laptop Look Cool?

There are too many ways to make your old laptop cool and make it able to take in a public place with confidence. You will be able to take it anywhere like in your office with full grace. Because we are very much concerned with the old and messy look of our laptop. So, directly jumping to the ways to make it cool and here we go;

Laptop skin and decals

You can use decals or laptop skin. This is something that will change the entire look of the laptop. Using a beautiful decal and skin can definitely make your old laptop look cool and gorgeous. You would be definitely familiar with the size of your laptop or if not then measure it and after that buy a suitable skin of your laptop size.

You can use the flower stickers, apple stickers, warrior or your favorite game stickers online. Choosing laptop skin and decals would be completely your own choice. There are many animal decals as well. Choose what you love the most.

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Change wallpaper

You can change the wallpaper of your laptop and it will look amazing. You can set any simple wallpaper like your favorite solid color or you can make a cool library of your favorite wallpapers and enjoy their display. You can set the series of wallpapers and the wallpapers change timings can also be adjusted. Or another thing you can do is set one wallpaper according to the color of your laptop’s skin and it will look just amazing.

Clean the laptop

Cleaning is a really very important step. You can clean your laptop by a hair drier so that the dust completely remove from its keys and key spaces. You can also use the microfiber cloth and the cleaning spray for this purpose. You can open the old laptop and blow compressed air on it can so that they can work properly and your laptop would be entirely safe from overheating.

A clean and shiny look definitely gives a cool and new appearance to your laptop and its overall look is completely changed. Read how to clean a laptop properly.

Change Window themes

You can change the window theme of your laptop. It will give a completely new look and you will be able to see your favorite and decent colors in tabs and anything you open. You can customize your laptop in the way you like it.

Add widgets

Add widgets to your laptop screen that will help you a lot in quick task completion. You can add a clock widget to see the time when you are working. You can add a small note to remember the tasks you need to complete. This will help you a lot and save a lot of your time to open the laptop again and again to complete the undone tasks.

Much of your work will become easier with the gadgets or widgets that you are using. It will also add beauty and a new look to your desktop screen.  

Evaluate the physical condition of your laptop

If your old laptop is physically damaged, then you need to do a physical evaluation in order to make its condition better than before. If any of the keys is received from your laptop keyboard then you should fix it using the proper tools. If any of the corners of your laptop is broken, then you should fix it too.

The broken key can be adjusted easily. You must not lose the key parts. In case, you have lost it then you can buy it from the local computer and laptop shops near your house. Use the proper tools for fixing the keys of your keyboard and check that if they are working well or not.

The screen should be perfectly clean using soft cloth and screen shiner. If it has a less charging, then you should plug the charger in it so that it can get charged properly. Also, check for the hardware issues of your own laptop and if any then fix those issues first.  

Put extra folders in recycle bin

Delete all of the folder and files that are if no use. Sometimes we have saved a lot of useless screenshots. Put all of them in the recycle bin and empty the recycle bin too. Clean your desktop view with unnecessary and useless things. Only keep the necessary items on your laptop main screen, just like Google Chrome or any other search engine and browser.

You can install and place your important apps on the desktop. Refresh your laptop screen when needed and close all of the useless running programs. Delete those apps which are not in your use. Uninstall that software and programs which have no importance for you.

There are too many useless programs that do not delete permanently when you uninstall it from the installed programs from your system settings. Click on settings and go to the installed applications. After that, uninstall it from there as this is a little bit time taking process. It will take some time to uninstall all of the useless files and programs.

Detailing on laptop

You can do detailing different parts of your laptop. Like on the sides of the screen, bezel and on the palm rest area below your laptop’s keyboard.  You can do detailing using different things like painting, using stickers and stamping. These things definitely make your laptop admirable or worth looking. You can use such a good looking laptop anywhere will full confidence.


Add more RAM to your old laptop so that along with its new look its internal system performance also becomes the best. The addition of RAM will allow you to do multitasking. If you have to open up multiple windows at a time and have to do multi-tasking, then you should increase RAM otherwise not.

Installing the RAM is really very easy and helps you a lot in your work. You can also buy extra RAM if you have knowledge about its fixing on a laptop. This is an external RAM memory.

Download a new operating system

If you have the old and non-supporting system on your laptop, then you must download a new one. Like there is a possibility that your really very old laptop has Windows XP that is not used now a day. Also, windows 7 is ending and some laptops give the notifications again and again to download the Windows 10 that are the latest and user-friendly Windows of today.

So, download the Windows 10 on your laptop and enjoy its amazing features where you will get the notification of all the important things.

Accessorize your laptop

Take some accessories for your laptop like if you have a gaming laptop then you can buy a gaming mouse for it. A gaming mouse will help you to the right moves in gaming. You have a separate keyboard for your gaming laptop that will add true fun to your gaming. You can also prefer another keyboard for work purposes if you don’t find typing comfortable in your laptop’s keyboard.

You can have other accessories like a mouse pad and other things which you love to have. The keyboard pad is a really nice accessory to keep your laptop keyboard protected from dust. Buy a rugged laptop sleeve that will keep it protected from dust, water, falls, hits and too many other things. It’s a great thing if you are thinking of accessorizing your laptop.  

Arrange/ organize desktop icons

Organize your desktop in such a way that it will look clean. This also depends on your personal preferences. You can set your important things on the desktop and delete the useless things. You can make an arrangement which you find the most convenient to have.

You can also organize your desktop in the alphabetic order. You can set the icons to be small, medium or large by right-clicking on the desktop. When you will right-click there flush a small tab. Click on the view option and further options will appear like view small icons, medium icons, and large icons. You can auto arrange the icons.

You can arrange the icons in a grid too. You can sort all of the icons by name, size, type and date modified. You can have a lot of fun doing this. Most of people want to have arranged icons on their desktop instead of just arranged everything in their personal life.


Sometimes you have such a kind of laptop which can’t be open from its back.  You can’t have access to its fans. If your laptop is very old then definitely a lot of dust would have been accumulated in the vents and exhaust ports of your laptops and the only way to clean it is vacuuming the ports properly.

When you do the vacuuming, all of the dust and trash will come out and the fans and fans area would become completely clean. This will prevent your old laptop from getting overheated. You can use a small vacuum cleaner and a laptop cooler with a vacuum fan is also best.

Change the battery

If your old laptop won’t turn on and when gets on its changing retain for a small period of time. I have also faced this issue with my old laptop. Whenever I charge it, it’s charging only retains for about an hour or sometimes even less than this time. This clearly means that you need to change your laptop battery.

You can buy a new laptop battery yourself by telling the shopkeeper exact model of your laptop. Or either you can send it for service so that they can change the battery and the parts of your laptop that you as asked them to change.

Buy an external hard drive

You can buy a hard drive if your old laptop has any hard drive issues with it.  By fixing the hard drive issues, everything will work finely and your laptop performance would also increase. External hard drives come in all of the shapes and sizes.

You can take the one which fits in your laptop properly and completely without any displacing issues and any fault.

Final words

These were some of the ways by which you can change an old laptop into a new and cool one. Believe me, when you follow this guide completely, you will start loving your old laptop.

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