How to Make My Laptop Faster For Free?

This modern world is going very fast. Even each and everything in this world is changing very fast. Along with this, modern technology is establishing highly. So, in today’s world if a gadget is slow or lazy that it is of no use.

So here I am going to talk about the slow laptops. I will tell you guys about How to Make My Laptop Faster For Free. This will definitely help you to use a fast speed laptop. Using a slow speed laptop is quite boring and frustrating. Many of us lose our temper while using slow laptops.

While doing our work on a laptop, it is a must that we should be relaxed mentally. Slow laptop frustrates us. So, always try to make your laptop speed faster. So, you can also do your work in a suitable time. Don’t let the slow speed of laptop be the barrier in your work.

Slow laptops open up all the applications late. Even the speed for your internet is fast, the slow laptop system will open all tabs very slowly. These all are the barriers to work and you don’t need to get worried about it. I will tell you all the details here.

You know that every machine or gadgets requires some care definitely. Some of the time, it’s our fault to make our laptop slow. As we don’t pay much attention to our laptops in our busy routines. We keep using the laptop without taking care of it.

Many people might think that it will require some money for increasing laptops speed. But all the methods I am going to share with you are free of cost. You can do them your home as they are just free. Carefully read this whole article if you truly in the need of a fast system of the laptop.

So let me answer this question and guide you each and everything about it.

So here we go;

How to Make My Laptop Faster For Free?

Here I will share a step by step guide with you people. So keep reading carefully of you genuinely want to make your laptop faster.

Whenever you buy a new laptop, its working is fast. It always performs the best, but as time passes, the laptop speed becomes slow and it has some of your faults in it as negligence in its care. So I am going to tell you that what now, what you have to do;

Limit startup programs

Sometimes when we start our laptop, a lot of programs start running automatically. These programs are run hidden. They drain the CPU usage. They let the laptop startup slow. These all programs running in the background utilize a lot of power of your laptop and make it slow.

To sort out the problem, click on the startup tab. This will open up all the unnecessary apps running in the back windows. You can choose which of the programs you want to close. It’s better to close at those ones which are not in your use.

When you close all the unnecessary programs, the system will start responding in a much better way. The speed of your laptop will become fast.

While in case of a MacBook, you can go to the users and the groups in the system preferences panel. After that select the login items at the top of the windows. This will let to see all the running programs. You can simply quit those programs that you don’t want to use.

Uninstall non-used applications

Sometimes you install a lot of applications on your laptop. You might think that these apps would not affect on your laptop. But actually, the heavy applications definitely affect your laptop’s speed.

They take up the memory and run the system slowly. Uninstalling apps is an easy task but some find it very difficult. Actually, these apps have the software installed in them.  Simply open the control panel of your laptop and then uninstall that useless program.

Because simply deleting the application would not actually delete it. You will have to uninstall that main program from your laptop. After this, you will see a reasonable change in the laptop speed.

Close windows pages

If your laptop is still not fast. Then, you should close all the Windows pages of your browsers. Try to keep your browser up to date always. As we keep multiple Windows open all the time and do not care about it at all.

This is actually consuming CPU and memory of the laptop. Ultimately, it becomes a cause of slow speed. So, close all the window pages on which you are not working at all. This will make your laptop work better and faster.

Use disk clean up

There is also a disc clean up the program that is featured in the laptop windows. It actually removes the unnecessary files from your computer.

Some of the files exist on your laptop that you don’t even know. The download automatically when you download anything. These are the extra useless files that are taking your laptop’s space and you don’t even know.

These kinds of files or programs remain in your laptop even after you delete one by which they were downloaded as an extra.

You will simply type the disc clean up on the search bar. When you clean up the disk by clicking on it, it will remove all unnecessary files and programs from your laptop and your laptop will start working faster.

 Adjust power option

It is very necessary to keep the power plans balanced. Power options are directly linked with the energy consumption and the performance of your laptop. You can simply click on the battery option of your laptop and there will be written the corner, more powerful option. From there you can set the required power plan.

If your laptop doesn’t have this kind of option than simply go to the control panel, then go to hardware and sound option, there you will find the power options. After that, you can simply create your desired power plan.

Update OS, drivers, windows and apps

Keep your OS, drivers, windows and all of your applications up to date. Windows and apps automatically tell you whenever there is a new update available. Updating things keeps them going well. This also keeps the speed of the laptop fast.

Updating also keeps the performance of the laptop faster. In case you miss any update, go to the online search and find it out. Similarly, you can see the windows updates.

Check for malware attacks

 Any malware can also be the reason for the slow and abnormal working of your laptop. So, always keep your laptop away from viruses and other malware attacks.

You can install authentic software for malware removal. Don’t click on the unusual and spam links on gaming, email anywhere. This will make your laptop work better than before.

Clear the cookies

If still, your laptop is not working fast then you should try for this method. Go to the settings if the laptop and clear the cache. Actually, cookies are the temporary information about different kinds of work we do on our laptop.

Once you get rid of all the cookies, you will see a noticeable change in the speed of your laptop. All of these tips do not require a single penny from you. Doing these quick and easy things you can make your laptop fast for free.

Defragment Hard drive

Defragmentation of the hard drive is a very important step. It means that sometimes when you download and save a file than it does not open up properly. This is because the file is divided into clusters and your laptop tries to find each cluster to make that file work.

This all makes the speed of your laptop much slower and performance is also affected by this. To defragment your hardware so that your laptop can work faster.

If you don’t know how to do the defragmentation, then simply click on the start menu of your laptop. Search for defragmenting and optimize drive options. Click on that option and select and click on those files that you want to be defragmented. By doing this you can make your laptop faster without investing any money and this is the answer to your question, How to Make My Laptop Faster For Free?

Restart your laptop

At last, all you need to do is to restart your laptop. Restarting the operating system will let the opened programs to close completely. Because many of the programs keep running in the background and they are not properly closed. So restarting your laptop will close all the extra programs that are enfeebling the laptop’s speed.

When you have done it than your laptop will perform faster than ever before;

Final words

Finally, you know much about ‘’How to Make My Laptop Faster For free’’. Now, using the cost-free methods, you can easily boost up your laptop’s speed. As a high-speed laptop is the best. This enables you to do your work fast. As most important, all your frustration will go.

So, apply these methods and you will see an incredible increase in the speed of your laptop. Still, in case, you have any questions regarding this topic, you can comment below. I will answer all the questions of my dear readers and post them here, on my page. Good luck.

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