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How to Keep Laptop Safe at Home?

How to Keep Laptop Safe at Home?

It is obvious that laptops are expensive gadgets and therefore a desirable thing for a thief. They can sell these stolen laptops at pawn shops and other illegal places to get half of the money for a stolen laptop. It is estimated from the theft statistics that every 53 seconds, laptops are stolen from different parts of the world.

You will be surprised to know that the residential properties are one of the most common places where these kinds of robberies are happening. You must have a piece of proper knowledge about how to deal with such kind of emergencies. You must keep your electronic gadgets safe in your home.

It is not just losing your expensive laptops but also your personal and extremely important information. This information maybe you are account details, important files, passwords, pictures and a lot of things. It is recommended to know the safety measures before you buy any expensive thing.

If you already have an expensive laptop with you then we will tell you about how to keep laptop safe at home. Not only the Apple laptops are expensive and important, but every laptop is important for its owner. Definitely, everyone has his importing data in their laptop which they never want to lose or let anyone misuse. So you have to keep your laptop protected everywhere even in your home.

How to Keep Laptop Safe at Home?

Here are some of the most important things which you can do to keep your laptop safe at home. Home is a place where everything can be kept safe but unfortunately, there is always a risk of some bad guys to enter inside and steal away the expensive items for money. So, safety is a must, even at your home especially during night timings.  Here, we go;

Use security cameras

First of all, you have to prevent house invasion. When the thief would not become able to enter your house, then obviously there will be no chances of robbery. All you have to do is to install a security camera in your home. You should not take the pain to buy an expensive security camera. You can go for a highly affordable security cam from Amazon.

When you have security cameras with it in your house then burglars would not dare to enter inside. Now you know how much the safety cameras are the important and basic necessity of today. You should choose a high-quality security camera with an amazing image. Many of the high quality and affordable security cameras are available on Amazon. It will keep your laptops and all of the other important electronics safe and sound from burglars.

Use an Inconspicuous Bag

Using a fancy bag make the burglars think of something expensive and important with surety. Such kind of bags can let them think that of expensive materials and they will ultimately rush towards such a bag. If you are using dedicated laptop bags means that you are waving a big red flag to attract a robber and ensuring that there is definitely a highly-priced laptop in it.  

Choose very simple bags with a hidden sleeve and compartments and non-laptop dedicated one. A burglar will never get to know that your expensive laptop is hidden in a simple and non-fancy bag. There is a great chance back the burglar will never rush towards your simple bag. A dedicated laptop sleeve and other kinds of little bags will definitely alarm the 3rd person whose intentions are already bad.

Install laptop alarm

Keep your laptop mobile, iPhone, tablet and other electronics safe from the burglars. Connecting your laptop with the alarm wire will protect it by making a loud shrieking sound. Such kinds of alarm sounds really made the thief think not to dare to touch your things.

Too many second thoughts will come in his mind and he will become extremely disturbed. This is really what about how to keep laptop safe at home. Use it and remain alert. You can immediately call the cops to arrest the burglar or take other safety measures yourself immediately when the alarm is ringing.

Make sure that the alarm sound is extremely high and sharp alert you to wake up and also the burglar will get frightened. You can also install a steel locking cable And it really helps to keep the bad guys away from stealing your laptop and other electronics.

If someone is still trying to steal your laptop locked with a steel locking cable, the alarm will inform you and it will take so much time for the burglar to steal it that you will make an arrest on him until then.

Set up location finding

A location finding service can be used for laptop protection. Enable the location finding service that will help you a lot whenever you lose your laptop. It will help you to get back your laptop and never lose it for permanent.

There are also remote location finding, but it can be a little bit risky for your laptop privacy. So the location finding services are good to fund the location of your laptop safely for you. If you value your laptop and it is extremely important for you, it might be because of the money spent on it, you are important data, passwords of the important accounts saved in it.

So you must enable the location finding service even that time when you buy a new laptop. But this thing totally depends upon you that how comfortable you are to share your location. Some people don’t find it good for their privacy but some people are definitely using this kind of services successfully.

Fasten a laptop with a Kensington cable

Even if you are in a home or in a public place and you have to leave your laptop unattended sometime, then a Kensington cable is the best thing for your laptop protection.  Tying with a Kensington cable is high security for your laptop from being stolen.

If you only use your laptop on the trusted places then there is no need for this cable at all. But when you know that burglars on stop stealing expensive things from your home side area then definitely this cable would be great support like no other thing is.  

Keep your laptop out of sight

You can secure your laptops,  mobiles, tablets and other electronics in such places where bad guys wouldn’t think that there might be any of the expensive things. These kinds of safe places can be a hidden portion in your house wall, an area behind a painting or photograph. You might face some inconvenience doing this but believe me, you will save your laptop from the burglars to a very higher extent.

Like if you’re leaving is your home for some time and not keeping the electronic gadgets like a tablet or a laptop with you. In this case, the best place to hide your important things would be these kinds of places which I have discussed with you. Keep your laptop out of sight and ultimately highly secured. Just keep your laptop and plug to secure it in such kind of places.

Make laptop electronic safe

It is the best method to protect your laptop and other essentials. Even if a burglar broke into your house and try to take away the laptop or tablet, or any of the important portable an expensive thing, he will never be able to take it away from you. The investment in the electronic box can save you from big losses.

You must consider taking a heavy and highly built-in electronic box. It is like a strong locker on which you can set a strong password. No one will be able to open this box except you.

Take a laptop lock

A laptop-lock can be a cheap lock just like a bicycle chain lock. But it can also keep your laptop safe in situations when you don’t have any of the other things available. A laptop lock will let you wrap a mental cable to an immovable object and also let you insert the lock in the laptop’s lock slot. It will make your laptop importable. A highly secured lock helps a lot.

It will become extreme harder for the burglar to steal your laptop. But this method is not so much safe because if the burglar is a professional one and knows how to open such kind of locks, then there is a possibility that he would steal your laptop after taking some time for lock opening. But you can use other methods for making your laptop highly safe.

Use Insurance

You must have a good insurance policy for your laptop to cover up the theft and loss of important data. Take care that you must have a good insurance policy for your laptop otherwise, it will be of no use. There are many best companies which you can find online. Putting a small investment monthly can protect your laptop from big losses.

What to do if Laptop got Stolen?

Here I will tell you about which things you can do if your laptop is stolen.  There is a great possibility of getting your laptop back by doing the following things. The best way to get help from the police first. Hence there are chances that you can get it back by doing the following things;

Laptop theft prevention software

You can use theft prevention software for your laptop in case of emergencies. You must have these kinds of software on your laptop to get it back in case of stealing. In case of a MacBook, you can use software like “ Find my Mac”. You can easily track a stolen laptop from this software.

For a windows laptop, there are too many other software is available from which you can trace your laptop. So whenever your laptop got stolen go to the official site of that software. Just log into your account and from there you can see that where your laptop is. You can control it remotely then. but it is also true that tracking a laptop from your software is really very hard.

Register your device

There are too many benefits of registering your laptop but it is a long process for which you have to wait. Registration will require your laptop serial number and your contact information. When your laptop got stolen and you will tell them about it they will immediately wipe off all the data so that no one can misuse it.

It can also track the location of your device and helps a lot in finding it when it got stolen. So never forget to register your laptop.

How to keep your laptop data safe at home?

As I have said that not only the laptop is important, but also the personal data in it is of extreme importance. So, take measures to keep safe your data too.

Set up security passwords

Your laptop should not open unless you have a password to enter it. Don’t share your password with anyone. Even if your laptop is an on other hands, the other person would not be able to open your laptop and your personal information will never be leaked or misused. So a login password is a must. In fact you, you should apply passwords on your important files and software.

The security pins and passwords will never allow the burglar to peep inside your personal information. Similarly, your bank details and each and every account should be highly secured by a password or strong pin.

Backup data important data

Don’t forget to back up your important data in any of the secured, external devices. In case, you lose your laptop and format your data entirely by using the services, you must have a backup of your entire important data. Even you can board this data on another new laptop and immediately change all the passwords of your important details.

You can also keep the important data in another device while keep your laptop clear by deleting your important information. These external devices maybe your hard drive with all of the important stored data. 

Use a tracking app to erase data

Some of the laptop tracking software is so amazing that it cannot only track your laptop but also let you delete your entire data. You can erase all of your important data by tracking your stolen laptop from a strong tracking app.  

Record laptop details

Whenever you buy a new laptop, write down all of the specifications that it is having and register it when traveling. While you are noting your laptop specifications, you must note the specifications and serial number which is a must.

In case of any robbery, your laptop can be found easily by that serial number. You can report a theft really easily and stay calm in case of robbery. There are very high chances that your stolen laptop will be back because of the serial number it is having.

You should also take the pictures of your laptop and especially of its serial number and the deep details so that it can be a great proof that it is your laptop, not any other one. There must be a special password that only you know and no one else knew it so that you can also have some proofs.


Using public Wi-Fi networks is highly unsecured and a really bad habit. Some of the public Wi-Fi is just for the hacking of your important data. You should spend some money on a VPN. It is actually a virtual private network. It will protect all of your important data and encrypt all of the files that you send and receive online.

Getting online content will become much safer and easier for you when you use a private network.


I have covered each and every detail about how to keep your laptop safe at home. Now your laptop must be secured and you should also remain highly active so that the ratio of laptop stealing can become less and ultimately end.

Take great care of your electronic gadgets. Read this detailed guide completely and apply this from now because this is such an issue in which everyone should remain alert and play their role in keeping the devices safe and sound. Keep your laptop safe at home and other places from now on. I hope you like this informative guide.

Good luck.

Team – Why Laptops

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