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How to Increase RAM on Laptop Without Buying a New Stick?

RAM which is the short form of Random Access Memory is actually short term storage which has the work to retain the currently used information on your laptop. Or it holds the programs that are currently running on your laptop. More RAM allows you to do multitasking which means that you can open up multiple programs all at once.

When your laptop’s RAM is very low and you have opened too many programs, it stops immediately and some of the information is stored in the hard drive to clear the RAM. This is what you face and called as the system is slowing down or the laptop is working very slow. But no worries, you can follow this guide to increase RAM on your laptop.

How to Increase RAM without buying an extra stick?

If you also want to increase RAM on you and don’t want to spend a single penny on it, then follow all these steps;

Restart your laptop

Sometimes your laptop needs to get restart and refresh. So, if you are in a mood to increase the RAM of your laptop for enhanced speed, then you should restart your laptop first. You would think that for which purpose this is for but really this matters a lot.

Restart your laptop and refresh it. Check out its speed of performance. A little bit impact on it is 95% possible. If you are using your laptop all day then you should give it some rest and restart it. Actually, when you restart your laptop, some of its memory gets cleared and running programs are all closed.

It will also clear the background process that is consuming more RAM and you will notice a good change in laptop performance.

Check programs eating RAM

Check out for the programs in your laptop that are eating your RAM and becoming the cause of slow speed. The heavy programs usually consume more memory. Click on the start of your laptop and go to the task manager. Or use the short cut Ctrl + Shift + Escape for getting into the task manager.

Now, click on more details and then on the process tab, click on the memory header to check out the applications and programs using more RAM. In the memory section, you will see a chart of RAM usage over time. Then, click on the open resource monitor at the bottom that will allow you to get more information.  

This chart will also show you the remaining RAM in your laptop.

Uninstall the useless software and apps

When you have checked for the programs that are using more RAM. Now, its time to delete all of those programs if they are of no use to you. But if some of the programs are very important for you, then you can keep them. You can’t just simply delete the software but they need a proper un-installation.

You need to go to the settings and click on apps and programs then click on uninstall which will take some time. Apps can be deleted immediately but the software will be uninstalled properly like it too time for proper installation.

Install and manage useful programs

You can manage the programs that you need on your laptop. Just keep those programs which are very important for you. You must keep those programs that you use on a daily basis for your work.  Install those programs which you required must.

You can install the light and supportive programs and light apps on your laptop. So that they consume less RAM and your laptop will work best.

Scan for Malware or virus attack

If your laptop is low of RAM then you must check for the malware or virus attack. Because many times the system is working slow and there is no issue with it except for the virus or malware. These things when attacking your laptop makes the RAM low and lessen the performance of your laptop too.  You can buy a genuine anti-virus CD for your laptop to keep it protected.

To install an anti-virus program on your laptop for protection of your important and private data. Then, also install a spyware protection program. Make sure that you haven’t installed third party hacker apps in your laptop which makes your laptop vulnerable to hacking and malware. So, ensure that your laptop is completely safe.

Adjust virtual memory

If you are getting the messages on your laptop like your system is low on virtual memory, then you should increase it and the system would be stable. Click on start menu and go to the control panel of your laptop or directly search the control panel in the search bar.

Click on the advanced system settings and click on the settings underperformance.  Now switch towards the advanced tab once again and then click on the change button. You will see the paging file size for your main drive. You can leave the automatically managed box checked and let your laptop operating system to take care of it.

But when a laptop is running very low of the virtual memory then you need to uncheck the box and set the Initial and the Maximum size to their higher values.

Install ReadyBoost

If your laptop has an older mechanical hard disk drive, then you can try the less known feature of the windows which is called ReadyBoost to increase RAM. But this feature will only work if your laptop has a hard disk drive (HDD). It will not work for the solid-state drive (SSD).

Sometimes more RAM is already installed on laptops by default. All you have to do is to use the feature ReadyBoost or Turbo Boost. This will increase the RAM in your laptop.

You can also ReadyBoost using your Pen drive. USB is used to transfer the data and it can be used as RAM to do the ReadyBoost. Here, the ReadyBoost will deal with the free space that is on your USB drivers such as RAM. For this purpose, you need to insert your pen drive in your laptop and then format it.

Right-click on the pen drive and click on its properties. Click on the tab named ReadyBoost and then click on “Use this device”. You have to choose Max space to reserve your system speed. After that, click on OK and apply. You are done now. The system RAM will get a sudden boost up.

Defragment Hard drive

It’s another method that frees up the space of your laptop and makes up a space for your RAM. First of all, go to the Start menu of your laptop and move to accessories. Then, go to the system tools and chose the option of disk defragmenter.

If Windows has not chosen the hard drive by default, then you can manually choose it. Choose this method to defragment the whole process. This process is really important to remove the incomplete and corrupted files which are lying in your hard drive.

If you have an Apple MacBook, then you don’t need defragmentation. Because in Apple devices, they have the latest operating system which can automatically optimize the performance with every update.

While defragmenting in other laptops would also stop the programs that automatically start running in the background.

Use laptop cleaner for RAM

Use a laptop data cleaner for an enhanced RAM. There are many RAM cleaners available that boost up your RAM. There are too many apps available, you can choose any of them to clean up space and increasing your laptop’s RAM. This will allow your laptop to have the best performance and an enhances speed in opening the programs and window tabs.

Install more RAM on Laptop without Buying

Another thing which you can do to increase RAM on laptop without buying is to install more RAM. If your tasks are really hectic or time-consuming and you are trying to multi-tasking than you must increase the RAM of your laptop. For this purpose, you have to install the RAM.

Installing more RAM will allow you to open up many programs all at once. But if your laptop has a very confined space, then installing more RAM would not be possible. You will also have to assure that enough RAM is compatible with the system.

So, before upgrading the RAM, you must know the available space on your laptop. After that, make a decision that how much RAM you need according to your work and multi-tasking. It depends on your choice that you can also buy external RAM for your laptop.

Final words

All of the methods that are told here are free of cost. Without buying any RAM you can increase it on your laptop. These are the best and self-tested methods that work for sure. Most of the times we need to do multi-tasking and open up multiple programs together.

For this purpose, we all want to have increased RAM without purchasing. So, this guide is the best to be followed by an amazing experience of RAM.

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