How to Increase Laptop Performance for Gaming?

Hey all, you want to enjoy the best performance of your laptop? Yes, everybody wants this and a gadget is nothing but a useless product piece without a good performance. A good speed, quick loading and everything like this included in a good performance.

Gaming is fun. Everyone likes to experience gaming. Some play to pass their time. Some are professional gamers. In both cases, you need a laptop that performs very best in gaming. As gaming fun is lost when there is any interruption like speed issues, unstable internet connections, etc.

How to increase laptop’s performance for gaming?

In order to increase your laptop performance for gaming, you have to give this article, a full read. After that, you will have enough ideas about what to do. So, take your coffee mug and stay calm, read it well and apply it on your laptop for experiencing the perfect performance.

I will share different kinds of methods with you here that will help you to do this. Here you go;

Laptop cleaning

Sometimes we so don’t take care of the cleanliness of our laptop. It just needs to get rid of its accumulated dust to work better. As everyone knows how to clean a laptop so clean from whatever thing is available to you. Use the microfiber cloth to clean dust from its screen. Use blow drier to blow the dust from laptop exhaust grills and ports.

If you have not opened your laptop for months and have placed it in the dusty area for a long time. Then you have to open its base very carefully and blow the air at that place. After doing this, your laptop will surely perform better than before.

Update all the drivers

It is very much important to update all the drivers for getting the best performance of your laptop. If you want a good gaming experience than you have to do it. All the game drivers must be kept up to date all the time. You should turn ON the auto-updates from your laptop’s settings. It would allow you to do your work with maximum capabilities.

Upgrade the graphics card as it is the center for gaming. You will love to do gaming after you upgrade it.

GPU overclocking

It might be risky for your people at the starting. Actually, overclocking forces the additional performance from your graphics card. These are different tools available for all the AMD and Nvidia GPUs. So, you would not face any trouble with this.

Sometimes there occurs trouble with power and heat. This occurs because overclocking needs more electricity. You just have to adjust your laptop’s power settings for avoiding this issue. Overclocking also increases the heat of the GPU. So to avoid this issue, you will need the cooling system if your laptop. The laptop fans must be working well and all their dust should be removed.

You don’t need to be panic for doing overclocking as if your laptop would not be able to bear it or gets overheated then it will go through an automatic shutdown. This is for your laptop’s security.

Well, there is good news for your people. There is an amazing overclocking tool for GPU which will help you a lot. This is the MSI Afterburner tool.  It’s a quite suitable tool and works well for both the Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Boost your laptop

Windows get slower when you keep installing multiple programs on your laptop. It has a big impact on your gaming too. So you have to boost up your laptop and optimize the options.

So, after uninstalling all the useless programs go to optimization settings. Or you can use the AVG to do this. Go to their optimization settings. Click in the optimize button and you will be able to see the better results.

Uninstall useless programs

Uninstall the programs that are not in your use. These programs take the extra space of your laptop too. This causes a disturbance in downloading a heavy game. These useless programs when to run drains the power also. So it’s better to permanently uninstall those programs.

Some people just only click on delete option and they think that the program has deleted forever. You must know that it requires a few minutes to uninstall any program just like you have installed it.  Go to the control panel of your laptop, search for the installed programs option. Select the program you want to uninstall and click on the uninstall option. It will take few minutes for the uninstallation of the program along with its all files that have been downloaded with it automatically.

After doing all this, you will find out that your laptop is working fast. A professional gamer should know everything like this so that he can play each and every type of game that he likes.

Check out network speed

If you are an online gamer, then internet speed is the main thing that matters for you. So, for smooth and undisturbed gaming, make a stable internet connection and then start playing a game.

For online gaming, trouble is usually centered in the lagging. Updated drivers and a good OS will help you to lessen this problem. Prefer a wired Ethernet connection for online gaming rather than a WI-FI.

Employ gaming mode in Windows 10

Windows are user-friendly in all the way. It is equipped with the Xbox app which includes too many best features in it. It also includes the game mode settings. Go to the panel of the Xbox app by pressing the Windows +G buttons. Go to the settings options. Click on the General tab, check for the option ‘’ use game mode for this game’’ and click on it.

Once you enable this option Windows 10 game mode will ensure that the operating system will run the game with all the optimum settings. It’s optimized setting also amazingly involves the automatic closing of background programs.

Optimize power setting

Go to the battery or display settings on your laptop. Find out the power options. Optimize the power settings as a whole. This will help the laptop to work better and increase gaming performance too. You will love gaming after doing all this.

Windows also have detailed power management options. In order to maintain the laptop’s battery life while heavy gaming, you can connect your laptop with the power source.

In some of the laptops, you will find the change plan settings options. There you can go to change advanced power settings and you will be done adjusting the settings. You can change the settings afterward.

Turn off background applications

Close all the running applications in the background and everything will be perfectly okay. Background running applications have a big role in power consumption and space too. You should have to close them all. You know better that which background application you want to turn off in your laptop.

Graphics card settings

Find the master control option in your graphics card settings. Find out the texture and shader details there. High resolution consumes more RAM. Adjust the proper optimum settings. Also, adjust the proper video settings for games.

Follow all of these things to increase laptop performance for gaming purposes.

Bonus tip for fast performance

In case those techniques are not working for your laptop. Then you can do another simple and easy thing that I am going to share with you. Although all of these tips are very accurate and they will definitely work. As, I have also tried these and for me, these are just perfect.

This special technique works for the Intel graphics. So, if you have a laptop with Intel HD graphics chipset. Then, turn off all the power saving options. It will ensure that even the slow graphics can also boost as much performance as possible. So, this is a great trick to increase laptop performance for gaming.

Final words

Read these complete details carefully.  These techniques are experimented and proved excellent. If you will follow them properly then you will definitely see the amazing results.

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