How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming?

Holding a mouse in a correct position is really very important for swift and quick moves in gaming. Holding a mouse is not really tricky at all. You just need to understand a few of the tips for this. I love to do gaming and post my gaming videos on my YouTube channel.

My name is Benz. Gaming is my passion and I always teach my students about the games and the issues related to them. This question is asked by many of my students multiple times. They always get impressed by my swift and excellent moves when I do gaming.

Finally, I came up with an idea that why not I give my guidance to all on a platform where too many students will be able to get the answer. Because the game lovers find out many ways to hold the mouse for gaming and it shows their true concern for gaming.

So, I am going to answer the question which is How to Hold a Mouse for Gaming?. Read this article’s full details and become a pro now. Read about the world’s most expensive gaming mouse.

How to Hold a Gaming Mouse?

If you spend a good time on gaming by using the mouse then you must know about how to hold a mouse. Holding your hand in the same position for a very long time especially long gaming sessions can cause injuries and severe strain in hands.

You should position your hands in such a way that they will not feel any burden and you are pretty much comfortable in that position. Check out which position gives you the most edge, precision and a high grip. A good position will help you to make strong and swift moves and let you win each game you play.

Best Key Points to Hold your Mouse

  • You should position your mouse relative to your body in a comfortable way.
  • Position your elbow at an angle of 90 degrees in order to keep it stress-free.
  • You should use your arm for mouse movements, not your wrist; otherwise, it will cause strain in the wrist and a condition termed as carpal tunnel.
  • Do not hold your mouse very tightly but hold it in a neutral position.
  • Keep the position of your mouse straight.
  • You should not put pressure on your mouse while doing heavy gaming but click buttons using your one or two fingers only, never apply all of your fingers for clicking like some people.
  • Put your elbow and arm on the table while your hand will be moving the mouse. Make arms position which should be compatible enough where you don’t have to make the unnecessary movements while gaming.

There are so many ways to hold a mouse for gaming and you will be surprised to hear that most of them are wrong. People make their own uncomfortable styles which do not even suit them. A mouse should be held in such a way that it neither cause injury to your hand nor the fatigue.

Mouse Grip Styles

There are 3 main basic, comfortable and accurate ways to hold a mouse for gaming. These are

  • Claw grip
  • Palm grip
  • Fingertip grip

Palm grip

It is the most basic and comfortable position to hold a mouse. This position is used by both gamers and non-gamers. Even you can use this type of grip in public places, e.g, working in your office and other places, etc.

This grip wouldn’t let your hand get tired. You just have to put your palm on the mouse. It seems like you are giving a rest to your palm. While your fingers and hands are reasonably flat on the mouse. You can enjoy long gaming sessions with this position very easily without getting tired.

You may face an issue if you have small hands. As small fingers can’t reach the buttons of the mouse properly.  Short fingers get fatigued in this condition. Because the shorthands grab the mouse in such a way that the cursor movements on the screen are not perfect for a very long period of time.

While big and a normal size hand can enjoy this comfort table position for a very long period of time. This is an ideal grip but the shorthands then go for the other mouse holding positions.

Claw grip

It is clear from the name of this grip that your hand looks like a claw. This position doesn’t put pressure on your mouse at all. In fact, your fingers are on the buttons directly. Palm is resting on the back of the mouse. While the fingers form an arch to put the tips of the middle finger and index finger directly on the mouse buttons.

It is also an ideal position but its con is that you will not able to hold this position for several hours. But don’t worry, as this position will let you enjoy the gaming for at least 2 or 3 hours. For me, this time is pretty much good time to enjoy your favorite games.

This method also provides you with the flexibility to enjoy the extra buttons of the mouse. Like in case, you want to use a customized mouse. When you were competing with online multiplayer in any game then this grip helps you a lot to give a quick response to shoot your game enemies.

This method also allows your hands to move according to the demands of the game. This is an ideal position for fast and live stream gaming.

Fingertip grip

In this grip style, fingers are in more contact with the mouse rather than the palm. This technique is for instant and responsive reactions without creating a strain on hands. This light and small movements are very easy to make in this method.

Rather than covering the entire mouse with your hands or using it by making a claw-like position, it allows you to quickly push the buttons with your fingertips. Micro movements are really easy to make in this method. It might not prove the best for the conditions where you have to scroll down fast.

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Best grip for gaming

So it’s a great question to asked which mouse grip is best for gaming. But giving the answer genuinely; no grip is perfect for gaming. All of the gripping styles have their own pros and cons and different people have different sizes of hands and they are compatible with different holding positions.

Some of the people prefer the palm grip, while some prefer the claw grip. Meanwhile, some love to do gaming with a fingertip grip style. You can check out yourself which style or position is giving you the most precision and a high grip for your games.

Actually, it also depends on the type of games you are playing. If you have long fingers then you should prefer a Palm grip. FPS and the sniper shooting games require a faster response. So, for these high responses, you cannot rely on a palm grip, rather better to go for fingertip holding style in this case.

Palm grip can be preferred for normal and casual gaming while the games demanding high response should be played with the fingertip holding style or claw grip. For targeting and hitting the game enemies fast, you need a grip other than palm one.

So, it depends on you that whichever position you like, you can use it for sure. You should take care of the comfortable holding positions that I have described in this article. You can try the different gripping styles and check which one suits you the best. Choose that one in which you can enjoy fast and uninterrupted gaming.  

How to place your mouse in a proper posture?

A proper position of an ergonomic mouse helps to enjoy to gain a high gaming experience. It lets you stay pain-free and do long gaming sessions. You should place your mouse in a straight direction and use it by your hand, not with the entire arm. Keep your arm in a relaxed position on the desk and move your hand for almost all movements. It will reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel in the wrist.

How to adjust the mouse controls?

For this purpose, you can use the system preferences on your laptop. You can adjust the speed of the cursor on the screen. You also have the full liberty to change the cursor style and size, along with the time between double clicks.

By making the cursor movements fast you can go fast in your games too.

Final words

I have covered each and everything in this topic about how to hold a mouse for gaming. I hope now you have a better understanding of this guide. Now, you would love to play games by making an amazing move with your mouse.

Now, you know the ideal positions and gripping styles of the mouse, so you will never get frustrated during heavy gaming sessions. In fact, you will enjoy them a lot after reading this guide. It all depends on you that which ideal gripping style is suitable for you or which you are finding the most comfortable one for yourself.

And if you’re on a budget, make sure to look at our list of the best cheap gaming mice.

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