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How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop?

How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop?

Sometimes when you are watching a movie or Netflix, playing games or doing live streaming, the laptop’s default sound setup doesn’t really hit the high’s and low’s which you are actually looking for. This is now really annoying.

When I keep my laptop sound system at its peak and my streaming video has sound issues, it is literally annoying. I love to do gaming with full sound ON but the sound system really annoys me. So, if you are also facing such sound issues with your laptop, then you can follow this guide.

How to Get Better Sound Quality on Laptop

There are some of the best ways of improving and getting better sound quality on your laptop.

Adjustments of sound settings

The actual and accurate improvements start from the settings that are inside your laptop from the software it already has. Like if you have Spotify client for Windows or Mac, then you can toggle the high-quality streaming switch.  While in iTunes there are sound enhancement settings under the playback which you can set according to your own requirement.

Once you select the sound application or simply the sound system of your laptop, you can tune it. After that, you can move towards the operating system settings of your PC. Press the Windows button and click on the control panel settings. After that, you can highlight the default audio device. By default, there are speakers written on there which are your laptop internal speakers. 

Click on speaker option and now do a right-click on it. Open up its properties. Below the enhancement settings, you will find the number of software optimizations and tweaks. You can adjust their settings as per you required and this also depends upon your system and installed audio drivers settings limit.

You can find a setting that fits best to your laptop, not too high, not too low but it must be hitting the highs and lows of sound. The best way is to test the sound which suits best to you.

Boom 2 – Mac volume booster advanced equalizers & audio effects

If you have a MacBook and you are trying to adjust its audio settings than Boom 2 is really good to have the best sound in your MacBook. It can actually make your laptop’s audio more rich, louder and cleaner. Boom 2 will also help you to add a punchier bass in media you play.  You can either go with the equalizer settings or you can make your own. There are many other audio enhancers too which you can also use if you like.

Use headphones

You can use a headphone to have a crisp and clear sound on your laptop. Make sure that the headphones are of high quality. Am enhanced quality headphones will give you improved listening experience.

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There are many types of headphones like the wired headphones and the Bluetooth enabled headphones. You can buy one which you feel suitable and comfortable for you. You can choose your favorite colored headphones. I have bought red hot red colored wireless headphones.

Fine-tune the audio software settings

You can use any of the top audio software for an enhanced sound. You might know many of the software. So, there is no restriction, choose anyone and adjust the sound settings as you like.

There are many of the software like DFX audio enhancer for Windows. It can make amazing audio of your laptop if you are making streaming videos. It allows you to customize the laptop sound in your own way. It has the preset equalizer for audio adjustments.

The Audioquest DragonFly is an amazing thing for an enhanced sound. The quality of the sound will become worth listening and you will enjoy the sound a lot. Another amazing yet expensive sound app is Sound Blaster X7. This one is now more powerful but if you want to invest in it then you should go for it.

A software Ear Trumpet that you can install from the Microsoft store. You can pin this software on your taskbar for quick access to it. You can turn off the volume from your laptop settings when you are using this software.

External speakers

Another way to get better sound quality on your laptop is to use the external speakers for your laptop. A speaker upgrade is another option. You can pick any of the wired or wireless speakers as per you required or found reasonable for the price. There are too many laptop speakers on the market. A speaker pair is also available at a reasonable price.

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External speakers can boost up the sound and make it louder and crispier as you require from it. You can use adjust the internal system settings with the speakers and also use the volume buttons on speakers. There are also both types of speakers available like wired and non-wired speakers.

Using sound card

If you don’t want to buy any headphone pair or speakers for your laptop then you can invest in a sound card.  A sound card has much more sound enhancement features and it is also the best option.

Many of the new laptops have already the integrated sound card in their motherboard. The audio jack where you connect your headphone or speaker wires is already connected with that sound card. But the motherboard of a laptop also has RAM and other things around the sound card that can create a little bit of distorted sound.

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If you have a proper headphone then you can’t hear that distortion. But if you have a proper speaker system then you can hear it. So, it is your choice you can either connect an external sound card or not. By an external sound card, you can customize your laptop sound in a way you like it.

Use an external dock or amplifier

You can use an amplifier to make the sound louder and crispier. An amplifier has many audio ports that will allow you to connect the 5.1 speakers even. You can connect more audio devices with it and sound quality will get improved. You can connect an external sound card with the help of a USB.

A dock also helps you to connect other external devices with your laptops like speakers and mike if you want to connect it. In fact, you can connect any of the external devices using a docking station because it has too many ports. You can get further guidance about docking stations from a detailed article like this. Following all of these steps, you can get the better sound quality on laptop.

Final words

These are some of the useful ways to get a better sound quality on laptop. I love to play games on my laptop and using these techniques I have successfully made my laptop sound quality better than before and now I enjoy listening to everything on my laptop.

Good luck.

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