How to Fix a Broken Key On Your Laptop?

Hey laptop users! If you are also finding the solution of ‘’how to fix a broken key on your laptop’’. Then congratulations, you are going to study a perfect guide here. After this, you would never ever get worried about this problem at all. A good keyboard should have the smoothly pressable keys. So, you can tap on the keys quickly.

But it is quite frustrating that you get any of the keys off from the keyboard. Or when the key got stuck due to any reason. So here you are going to see the guide based on experience about fixing a broken key. Along with this, I will also tell you how to avoid this issue permanently.

How to Fix a Broken Key On Your laptop?

So, firstly let me tell you that the guide that is going to be told here applies on all the keys. Like all laptops, keys are connected to others. And they are attached to the keyboard with the same basic structure. So, if any of the keys on your laptops get broken down or detached, you can follow this whole guide.

Basic key structure

First of all, let me tell you about the key structure. This will help you understand this guide with ease. As you know the laptop key is made of 3 main parts. Keycap, keypad, and the last part, key retainer.

  • Keycap

The keycap is the structure on which you tap. It has a letter, number, symbol or an arrow or a word written on it.

  • Keypad

The keypad is a rubber material. It’s is mostly round or a ball-like shape. It is below the keycap and it mainly helps in smooth and soft tapping.

  • Key retainer

It is the last part of a key, the main and the most basic structure that is maintaining and holding the whole key at its proper position. This key retainer is attached with mini metal hooks. These hooks hold the retainer firmly.

The basic purpose of telling you the structure first is that you must know that what are the terms used for keys. Because many people don’t know the names of the key parts. This will help you to understand this guide actually. So, keep the simple and basic structure of the key in your mind.

Most of the keys have the same basic structure mainly. But only a few have slightly different structures though. But make sure that this is a guide for the broken keys of a laptop. The guide will be somewhat different for other keyboards like desktop keyboards etc.

Fixing a broken key – step by step guide

First of all, let me tell you that if any of the parts of the key are broken, then it should be replaced first. Many of you already knew it. So the main thing is how to fix that broken key.

Now, if you face difficulties in putting that key back in its place, then, stay with me and continue reading.

  • First of all, place the key retainer in the vacant keyspace. Make sure that the retainer is lying straight and is able to flex. If it is not flexing, then you have put it in the wrong direction. See the orientation of the metal hooks and then place the retainer. Otherwise non-flex will warn you about the wrong direction. But it’s better to see the metal hooks orientation first, and then place the cap. A retainer is sensitive and light. Any damage or broke will damage it as a whole. The retainer should be in alignment with the hooks. Then, you are done at this step.
  • After this, simply insert the keypad into the retainer.
  • Finally, set the keycap on them, in a proper orientation. Press the cap gently down and slightly push it in all corners in order to fix it properly. When all the clips are snapped correctly in their place, then the key is properly fixed.
  • Test the key that either it is working properly on it. Tap on it to check the smooth, soft and quick tapping. Now, you are all done. The key is fixed properly.

This guide is for all of the laptop users, adults and all students too. As, a few days ago my little brother who is doing college studies, placed glue inside the key to fix it. This is highly ridiculous, but many people do this kind of silly things and do such methods. Keys are sensitive and your laptop is an important thing, so don’t mess with it. Follow these professional guidelines and apply them carefully.

Spacebar key fix

Let me tell you another thing that you might be thinking about. If the spacebar key gets all such issues, then surely the same guide will be followed, but it requires a little bit of more effort. I think that I should not miss this thing too. So, take the screwdriver and remove the space bar key. Do the same, but the retainers and keypad too. It might have a space of two or three retainers, depending on different laptops.

And after placing the retainer and keypad at its right place, fix the cap too. Use the screwdriver or any other tool to fix the cap back.

Tips for fixing the keys

Let me tell the main points of successful laptop’s keys fixing;

  • Before putting the retainer, check that if there is any dust clogging inside and causing problems.
  • If there is some dust or any other thing than take the cotton bud or simply take the ear stick, as it has a cotton bud on it. Clean the inside of the key with this to remove all kinds of dirt.
  • Never press the keycap very hard.
  • Placing key retainers should be done with great care. Don’t use it badly otherwise it might be broken down.
  • Test the key must.
  • Don’t use sharp materials like a knife to pull out or push the keycap inside. Instead of this use the helping tools.
  • Adjust the retainer in the metal hooks. Never ever try to apply some glue to fix it. Otherwise, the key will not press at all and you will ruin the inner structure of the key.
  • Use blow drier to make the keys clean. You can clean the whole laptop’s keyboard with its help.

Final words

Whenever you face any issue about laptop keys, you can get any time help from here. You can tell anyone about this guide who is in real need of this. I will be answering a lot of questions here asked by my dear readers. If you still face any kind of difficulty, you can ask me in the comment section and the next guide will be the answer to your question. Good luck.

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