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How to Decorate Your Laptop?

Every one of us wants to personalize and customize our laptops. Decorated laptops look super cool. It looks quite boring to use the same kind of stuff all the time, so decorating laptops truly makes us happy. Today there are too many easy methods which you can do for decorating your laptop.

I am going to tell you the complete details for How to Decorate Your Laptop. Continue reading so that you do this as you desire.

How do you Decorate Your Laptop?

There are different methods by which you can decorate your laptop. If you have a little bit of know-how about art and craft, then you can do the things in your own way. But now a day there are too many easy and simple methods to do it. Let me share with you all the different methods with you by which you can decorate your laptop. I will also guide you about how to apply this, so continue reading.

You should also take great care of your laptop and use a laptop bag for its protection. So, here we come to our main topic.

Use skins and decals

Using the skin and decals is the most effective and quick way to change the entire look of the laptop. Just buy your favorite laptop skin and gently stick it to your laptop. Try to avoid the air trapped while placing the skin. After applying the skin, press it gently and you are all done.

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This will change the entire look of the laptop and it will look new. The second thing you can do is use decals. They also look super cool and gorgeous. Sometimes when you don’t want to cover the entire surface of your laptop or want to cover it with small things of decoration, then decals are the best things. You can choose any of your favorite decals.

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There are too many different styles and designs of skin available now. These are of flower designing, animations design, nature, cartoon designs and many more. You can choose your favorite one according to your own liking. Also, these decals and skin are removable, so there’s a great facility to use them.

Decoration with washi tapes

Another easiest way to decorate your laptop is through these tapes. You don’t have to do any decorations. The tapes are already decorated with different designs just like decals. Some of them are glitter washi tapes that look classy. You can decorate these tapes with different styles on your laptop. The best thing about these tapes is that you can also decorate the keyboard keys with this tape if you want to. This will give your laptop, a completely new look.

So, first of all, turn off your laptop, clean its entire surface using some clean cloth. Spray some water on the cleaning cloth and then gently clean the outer surface of the laptop. Now, apply the decorating tape on your laptop. The entire laptop will become new after you do this.

The important thing that needs to be taken cared of is that you should use water for cleaning in this case. Try to avoid cleaner sprays. As, you have to stick the decals, stickers and decorating tape, so that’s why don’t use the cleaner sprays. Otherwise, there will be difficulty in sticking these things.

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Another thing that is just to tell you guys is that use the dry towel when you clean the laptop completely. Make sure that the surface should be completely dry before you stick the washi tape on it. Applying this tape is something like decorative masking on the laptop. It is the safest and easiest way to decorate your laptop.

You can buy this amazing tape from any of the crafts stores. You can get it online by just sitting in your home. Cut the tape in the desired length and apply it to decorate your laptop.

Use fabric covers

Give your laptop a completely new, smooth and unique look using the fabric cover. Choose the fabric of any of shape, texture, and design. It looks like you have clothed your laptop and it looks super amazing. I have this fabric decoration on my laptop and I love it. My laptop fabric cover and my room decoration designing matches and I intentionally selected that design.

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Now my laptop looks super gorgeous. You can also choose your favorite fabric cover. The benefit of using this fabric decoration is that it gives security to your laptop. Your laptop will be able to bear more falls and become more strong and secure. No other thing can provide a benefit as this fabric gives. Furthermore, it is already a source of beauty for a laptop so get it now.

Paint the laptop

If you an art lover you can do paint on your laptop easily. Be careful about painting your laptop. You can’t take a wall paint and apply it on a laptop. Understand properly first because only a little bit of negligence can spoil your device forever.

Cover the corners of the laptop with the pieces of newspaper or the places which you don’t want to paint. You can use spray paints to decorate your laptop in your own way. If you have artistic skills then you can use the markers to paint your laptop. But if you are not good at drawing then don’t do it.

Painting a laptop is a highly customized option as you don’t have to select anything but to paint by using your own thoughts, style, and skills. So, do it now if you want to.

Another thing you can do is take a slim laptop case. Like you put a cover on your mobile, same as the case on laptop looks amazing. But the cases are simple and comes in different simple colors. You can do painting on that laptop case very conveniently and without any fear. The results will surely astonish you. Do a good painting on your favorite colored laptop case and have fun.

Do whatever kind of paint you want to do on your laptop cover. Use spray paints, marker colors, permanent markers, painting colors, etc. There will be no issue using them on a laptop cover. In the end, varnish your laptop and you are done. Enjoy using your beautiful decorated laptop.

Things you should know about laptop decoration

Here I will share some informative things that needed to be taken care of when you are decorating your laptop. First of all, you should keep in mind that when you are decorating your laptop by using any of the methods, your hands and laptop surface should be clean.

The next thing is that don’t use spray cleaners and shiners on the surface when you have to put skin, decal or anything else. These sprays will not let all these things to stick properly. Before applying decals or stickers, the laptop surface should be dry completely.

When you stick the decorations, then you should gently press it with smooth hands. This will make the decals and skin firm on the laptop surface.  When you are painting the laptop cover, then you can use any paper to protect the areas that you don’t want to paint.  For fabric covers, you can use a proper good quality adhesive. You can use the glazed paper too.

After putting the decal or skin, don’t try to touch it again and again. Just leave it for one hour and don’t blow any warm air over it. 

Final words

Decorate your laptop and get rid of seeing the same boring stuff all the time. After reading this article, I am damn sure that you can easily do this simple task of decorating your laptop. I have given you the ideas, told you the simple methods for it and now its time for you to buy your favorite décor thing from here and use it on your laptop now. Also, get information about removing stickers from the laptop.

Get ready to enjoy your laptop’s new look. Good luck.

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