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How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station?

How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station?

Docking Stations have made the triple display much easier along with the other peripherals. It is really annoying whenever you have to come home you have to plug and unplug three or four peripherals again and again. It may be your and laptop monitors and other things like keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc.

If you are a die-hard gamer or an occasional gamer like me, then you definitely need to connect different peripherals all together. In this case, a docking station is the best thing to connect everything at one place. So here Whylaptops will teach you about how to connect 3 monitors to a laptop docking station? Stay here and read the entire guide.

In order to minimize the aggravation and wear and tear on your laptop monitor and other peripherals, we are going to look for a suitable docking station. You might be thinking that using multiple monitors with a laptop docking station is quite simple. What if multiple monitors did not work.

So, guys, there are a lot of things to consider when you have to use multiple displays. First of all, you have to check the compatibility of your laptop for connecting with the monitors. You will have to check the feasibility of your laptop’s graphics card whether it can support the multiple displays or not.

How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station?

For connecting three monitors to the laptop docking station, you have to check;

  • The capability of your laptops video card for connecting with dual or multiple monitors.
  • Either your laptop can support the multiple displays with an active an accurate connection or not.

I am going to share a step by step guide for connecting three monitors to a laptop docking station. here we go;

Check available ports in the laptop

Before proceeding you have to carefully observe how much peripherals you want to connect. And how many ports are available in your laptop for making a connection. If you have a very old version of the laptop then there is a possibility that it may not have the HDMI port.

It would need other ports for making connections. The latest laptops support HDMI ports and multiple other ports which make them highly connective. Click here to buy the best docking station.

An HDMI which is high definition Multimedia input is very necessary for making higher connections. Generally, new laptops must include these four ports that I am going to tell you here. Display port can give you the interface with just amazing audio and a high definition content protection.

An HDMI port can connect all of the video devices and provides a great sound from the cable. While VGA is the color-coded port, It is having blue plastic and labels. VGA port is called the Visual graphics array.

DVI is the digital video interface port. It is also having color coding. It has white plastic and labels. You can check the cable of the monitor and then used a corresponding port of your laptop easily. This is really very simple. Someone monitors also have the corresponding ports as well.

In a very rare case, If you don’t have the matching ports for your laptop and monitor, then you can use their adapter. Like there are HDMI to DVI adapters. It will help you a lot in making a connection then. But most of all docking station is the best for making multiple connections using different ports.

Check Dockings and Ports Functionality

Examine the size of your laptop and check out how many ports it is having functional or not. If your laptop has two or more ports for a video card, then it means that it would be capable of signals transmission and receiving simultaneously.

If your laptop graphics card is of low quality and it has limited features and functionalities, check your laptop if it is having other slots for addition of other video cards. If there is only one slot, then no worries you can still extend your laptop’s functionality.

Now, flip the side of your laptop and take out its back cover. Check the available slots to add any extra video cards in it.

You should also have a docking station with too many ports on it. Connecting multiple monitors at a time also depends upon the functionality of a compatible docking station. At least your docking station must not have a single video port. There are two main categories of docking stations one is integrated and one is dedicated.

It is clear that dedicated ones support a single video port, while integrated docking stations have too many options for graphics cards for multiple features and functionalities.

Customize video card settings

Now you have to customize the video card settings. Check the video card settings for multiple monitors. Directly plug your monitors in the compatible parts of the docking station. Then, click on the start menu and check for display settings.

Now, click on the display settings. Set your monitors for primary and secondary display from the display settings. Click on the advanced settings and it will show you the number of monitors connected to your graphics card. These will be the number of monitors that you have plugged in.

Expand the display manager settings and note the model number and manufacturer of the graphics card. Check for multi-monitor graphics card or multi-display. You can also set the display link setup.

Connect 3 monitors to a laptop docking station

Then everything is ready you can start connecting your monitors with your laptop. Connect the monitors while the laptop is on so that it can detect that monitors are connected to it. Connect you monitors HDMI and VGA cable with the HDMI and VGA port of your laptop.

Plug the cable of the first external monitor to the proper video port of your laptop. Now connect the cable of the second external monitor to the proper port of your laptop. If it is the HDMI cable then connect to the HDMI port and if it is the VGA cable then definitely you have to connect with the VGA port.

Also, connect the third monitor like this. Now you have to right-click on the main screen of your laptop and click on the display settings. You will see 3 displays here. Definitely, these are your monitor displays. Display one is your first monitor, display two is the 2nd one and display 3 is the third monitor for sure.

Now click on your second display and select “ extend laptop to this display” In multiple displays. Now, click on apply. Click on the 3rd display and do the same with it. Click OK in the end, all the steps are completed now. Now you can use three monitors very easily on your laptop.

You can also change the display resolution and orientation. You can also drag the first second and 3rd display change their display position. Your monitors are completely ready to be used. Enjoy using them.

What if plugged-in Monitors are not invisible?

Sometimes when you connect external monitors to the laptop docking station, the laptop did not recognize it. The plugged-in monitors are not visible then. This might be the result of an improper connection or defective cables of your monitor.

For making a proper connection, make sure that you have connected the cables properly. Your monitor cable shouldn’t be faulty for establishing a proper connection.

If this is not the issue then probably the issue will be with the graphics card of your laptop.  This is because your graphic card is not able to support multiple monitors. In this case, you should keep your drivers up to date.

So if you are thinking to update your drivers then let me tell you the method to do it. You can update your drivers by two methods which are manual and automatic. You can update the printer driver manually. You have to search for the proper driver which match your Windows operating system.

You can go to their official site and installed from there. Doing this really demands your computer skills first. You can install “Driver Easy” software to get the updates automatically done. It is a free tool that can detect the outdated drivers can update them itself. It detects the outdated drivers on your Windows by just doing the few clicks.  

You can also install its pro version for which you have to pay. The pro version is really amazing and within just two clicks everything thing gets quickly done. If you are not using the pro version then install the free version. Run it and click on the scan button.

Pressing the scan button will scan all of your laptops. Next, you have to click the update option and flag the automatic option. You can also click on update all and all the drivers which are outdated will get updated completely. So you can also get automatic updates on the free version like this very easily.

Final words

All of the instructions for connecting 3 monitors to a laptop docking station are really very simple and easy. All you have to check is the compatibility, ports and graphics card of your laptop and simply connect the monitors. Adjust the resolution and enjoy using multiple displays.

I also do this sometimes in my home. When I have to make a Cinema mode in my home to enjoy family time, I always used to adopt this multiple display method. I have a docking station with me which I bought last year and it works really amazing for making higher connections.

At least twice in a month, we watch movies on big multiple displays. I truly love it. So if you also want to do this, then follow this step by step guide and do fun. You can really enjoy doing your work on multiple display setup. Read this complete guide, I hope you will like it.

Good Luck.

Team – Why Laptops

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