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How to Clean Laptop Touch Screen?

Hi guys, you are also interested to know how to clean laptop touch screen.  It looks very odd to use the dirty laptop screen in front of anybody. Touch screens are sensitive and many people hesitate to clean it. As a little damage can ruin the whole screen and it is impossible to replace a laptop’s screen.

But there is no worry at all. Because cleaning that laptop screen is a very simple task. The one main thing that you must take care of is that you have to clean with soft hands. If you clean laptops screen hardly then you will damage the screen.

How to Clean Laptop Touch Screen? will share all of the methods to keep your laptop screens clean and maintained just like new ones. 

Methods to Clean Laptop Touch Screen

Here, I will share all the methods with you. You can do any one of them which you can do with greater ease. After reading this detailed guide, you will become an expert on clean laptops and other such gadgets screens.

Everybody loves to use clean and clear things. As it looks good and decent too. But with our negligence and improper use, we make things dirty. Like the use of oily or greasy hands. Or continuous exposure to dust also makes a screen dirty. So, let me share this detailed cleaning guide for laptop screens.

Use Soft Cloth

Use a soft cloth to clean the laptop touch screen. The best soft cloth is the microfiber cloth. It is a mini soft cloth piece. It always comes in the box when you buy a new pair of glasses. If you don’t have this then you can take it from the glasses, laptops or any of the mobile or other gadgets shops.

Microfiber cloth is best because it is smooth like baby wipes. Other clothes make mini marks or rashes on the touch screen. If you don’t agree than turn off your laptop and see its screen in bright light. You will see mini scratches on it if you have used any other cloth. But microfiber cloth will smoothly clean it. After that, you will love to see and use the shiny screen.

Use Cleaner Spray

If still your laptop touch screen or its sides are dirty then use the cleaner or shine spray. Don’t spray directly on the screen. Otherwise, you will slightly keep damaging the touch screen. Spray on the microfiber cloth and then apply gently on screen. Rub smoothly to the whole area. Clean the corners too.

This will make the entire screen look shinier and cleaner. You will present a decent looking screen. This also makes you able to do your work smoothly and fast.

Use a Soft Towel

You might be thinking that I have said earlier that you can only use the soft cloth, the microfiber cloth only.  But let me tell you that a soft towel is another option for you. As, if you don’t have any microfiber cloth or you can’t find one. Then take the soft towel for the same purpose.

But also assure that this is not that towel which you use for yourself. These are small towels, very soft, often used for babies. Take this towel and do the same. Clean the full screen and also use the cleaner not any other solution.

Use Cleaning Kit

Still, if you don’t want to do all this. You always remain in a hurry. Then just buy the cleaning kit for gadgets. It will provide you with the cleaning soaked wipes. Just take that wipe and gently rub the touch screen with it. And you are all done.  This cleaning kit is the fastest and the time-saving method for cleaning touch screens.

Let me tell you that not only you can clean the laptop screen with this. But also mobile screens and other gadgets too.

Use Soft Brush

Use the soft-bristled brush if the laptop screen is extremely dirty. Sometimes using all these methods cleans the screen but sticky substances stay there. You can use the applicator brush or a toothbrush. Make sure that bristles must be soft.  Slightly soak brush into water or a cleaner. Shake it at once to remove the extra fluid.

Apply that brush on the screen and gently rub over the sticky areas. Then dry with the dry soft towel or microfiber cloth. Your laptop’s touch screen is completely clean now. You can enjoy the smooth shiny laptop now.

 Useful Tips for Cleaning Laptop Touch Screen

  • Don’t use your laptop or even the touch screen of the laptop with greasy hands.
  • Never keep your laptop open when there is dust around.
  • Avoid any kind of eating near a laptop.
  • Try not to handle the laptop to babies, as they will make the screen dirty. You can let them play with their toys.
  • Place your laptop in a laptop bag, when it is not in use.
  • Do cleaning once in a week, if you use it very badly, then try to do cleaning very often.
  • Don’t use stickers on a touch screen, as when they are removed, they leave their stickiness or grease that is difficult to remove.
  • Never ever use oily or greasy hands.
  • Avoid using the touch screen with wet hands.
  • Use cleaner or shiner, never ever try to use alcohol, vinegar or any other acidic solution, otherwise, the entire screen will be ruined.
  • Turn off your laptop while cleaning it.
  • Clean gently, hard cleaning makes the screen devastated.
  • Avoid throwing your laptop in anger, use it with great care.
  • Keep your laptop in a nice and safer place.
  • Never apply your homemade solutions on a laptop, solutions mixed with salts and other things.
  • You can use your cleaning solutions when you are an expert.
  • Don’t touch hardly or badly on the touch screen

Final words

I have explained all the details about How to Clean Laptop Touch Screen. When you read any guide, then gain benefit from it. Like you have read this all guide. Now, it’s your duty to go and use these methods. Make your laptop touch screen look shinier and cleaner.

These details are based on complete research by experts. Before telling you people, we also use these methods first. And then make detailed information based on our experience and research. So, read it carefully, apply and gain something good. Enjoy using a clean touch screen. Good luck.

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