How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing keys?

Here you will find different methods by which you can clean your laptop keyboard in such an effective way that there will be no need of removing the keys. It is true that laptop keyboards are messier than any other thing. As the dirt accumulates over the keys because of different reasons.

My story

Last time, my friends gave me a late birthday surprise. I didn’t get a single clue about it earlier. I was working on my laptop. My friends came to my house and entered my room. They banged the door and burst the party pooper. I was surprised to see my friends and seeing all those celebrations.

One of my best friends put a cake on my face and some of the cake also dropped on my laptop’s keyboard.  After all, we partied a lot and enjoyed fully. This was my memorable birthday surprise ever. Later on, after the party, I cleaned all my room and set to work. Then, I noticed that cake lying on my keyboard. At that time, I was extremely tired and just cleared the keyboard with a soft cloth.

After that when I woke up in the morning, then I saw that instead of cleaning the keyboard was so messed up that working on it was not possible. Also, the dust gets stuck on it and it was looking horrible. It was because I did the improper cleaning at that time. But I did some cleaning methods which made my laptop’s keyboard, a new and decent keyboard even cleaner than the time when I had bought it new.

So, today I am going to share those cleaning methods in which you don’t even have to take out the keyboard keys.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing keys?

Here I will share the keyboard cleaning techniques with step by step methods with you. Just read the full guide to get the proper knowledge on this topic. Here we go;

Turn Off the laptop

First of all, before doing any cleaning you have to turn the laptop off. Remove all of the cables attached to your laptop and turn it off. If it is possible to remove the laptop’s battery then remove it. It is good to take the precautionary measures first.

Now tilt your laptop from upside down. This will let the dust trapped in the keys to come out. Shake it a little bit and also move it sidewise to remove the majority of the dust particles from the keyboard. All of the dirt will get removed after doing all this you will proceed further as the cleaning process is not completed yet.

Use compressed air can

Now it’s time to blow the remaining dust away from the keyboard. For this purpose, the compressed air is the best thing. Normally, a blow drier or air drier does not work well in keyboard cleaning. You don’t have to blow the air over all of the keys. But you have to blow the dust from sides of the keys.

You can take the air spray can with a long nozzle or pipe attached with it. It will let you blow the air to a specific area. You can clean the side of each and every key by using an air can. This will remove the extra small dirt particles which our naked eyes can’t see.

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This is the perfect choice for the deep cleaning on the keyboard. If you buy this can and don’t find any small pipe for this, then you can use a plastic straw too. Attach the plastic straw at the opening of the can where the condensed air has to come out. Now, after that clean, the sides of the keyboard by this can.

Near the straw’s end to the corner of the keys from where the shriked air is coming out. Within 2-3 minutes of continuous air blow, the keyboard will get perfectly clean. It is a time-consuming process yet it is perfect to clean each and every key properly.

Use microfiber cloth or disinfectant

After that, use a microfiber cloth to clean everything. It’s about giving the final touch to your keyboard cleaning step. Use the microfiber cloth gently and don’t get harsh with your keyboard to avoid any bad keypress that later on irritates. If you don’t have any of the microfiber cloth available then use a soft cloth instead of that.

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After you are done cleaning with a microfiber cloth, then apply the disinfectant. This disinfectant may be the alcohol dipped cotton ball. This will make your laptop’s keyboard clean from germs too. Your keyboard will be as clean as a new keyboard. The cotton ball should be soaked in the alcohol, not dipped in it.

The dripping alcohol will enter the keys, so just soak the ball in rubbing alcohol a little bit. Rinse the entire keyboard with the disinfectant. You can also use any other disinfectant cloth too. They can be easily bought from the market so buy some disinfectant wipes.

Use a cleaning kit or clear tape

In short, you can do above all of the things by using a keyboard cleaning kit. You will find the microfiber cloth, compressed air can and the disinfectant cloth in the cleaning kit.

Still, if you don’t want this and need to immediately clean the keyboard with any of the things available in your home, then you can take a  clear tape. Cut a piece of clear tape and pass its sticky area between the keys like you pass your atm from any debit machine.

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The sticky area of the tape will stick the dust with it and clean the keyboard completely.

Final words

Now, you know each and everything about this topic that how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing keys. I hope that following this simple and easy guide, you can clean your laptop keyboard completely. Read this guide completely and make your laptop clean.

If you want to learn about cleaning the laptop screen, then I have a separate article for this. Make your laptop keyboard clean and enjoy an easy and quick typing.

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