How to Clean Laptop DVD Drive Lens?

How to Clean Laptop DVD Drive Lens?

When the DVD drive lens starts getting scratches on it or some dust or smudges start accumulating on it, then definitely it does not work properly. You are also concerned about how to clean laptop DVD drive lens?  Just read this complete article so that you can clean the DVD drive lens with great care and confidence. I am damn sure that your issue will get resolved after reading this detailed guide. Give it a complete view.

How to Clean Laptop DVD Drive Lens?

Cleaning the sensitive areas of your laptop is very important just like the DVD drive lens. As when the dust starts accumulating in the lens the DVD won’t work properly. So, try to keep it clean so that you should not have to face such kind of issues. You will be amazed to know that keeping the laptop DVD drive lens clean is more important than the DVD itself.

So, I am going to share the DVD drive lens cleaning methods with you. Are you ready to read them? Here we go.

Cleaning methods of DVD drive lens

There are different cleaning methods that you can apply. Do the one which you consider the most convenient.

Manual cleaning

So first of all the most common and easy method is the manual cleaning method. First of all, unplug your laptop and shutdown it. Now, open up the DVD drive of your laptop by clicking on the drive button or the other way as it opens on your laptop. Now, you have opened it, first of all, you have to blow off the dust. So, use a blow drier to blow the compressed air in the drive and its lens. It will get clean. You can also use the ball pump dust blower.

But don’t stop here, proceed a little bit further. Use the microfiber cloth to clean up the lens as they are very sensitive. Slide the microfiber cloth on the lens and the whole drive, which will help to remove the smudges. Now take the cotton swab slightly damped in rubbing alcohol. You can use the slightly warm water too as an alternative for rubbing alcohol. 

Wipe that lens with cotton swab now with gentle hands and it would become completely clean. A simple microfiber screen cleaning cloth will also work best. Must read the precautions and suggestions in the end. 

Use disc cleaner kit

If you don’t want to use the manual method or if you have the disc cleaning kit available, then use it. You can use any of the methods, but the thing is to use that method properly and carefully. So, take out the cleaning kit and in all of the cleaning methods, first do the same step to unplug and shut down your laptop.

Using the kit is the easiest method of cleaning. There are different types of drive lens cleaning kits available. Some kits have the microfiber cloth and already alcohol damped cotton bud in them. While some kits contain special cleaning sprays and other essentials along with the instruction to use them.

If you have them, then clean the drive lens for it or you can easily buy it from the electronics shop also. This proves effective in the proper cleaning of the lens. Buy a disc cleaner now.

Laser lens cleaner

This cleaner can also be easily bought from the electronics shop. They are available at affordable prices so you don’t need to be get worried at all. This includes the cleaner and a DVD with the black and red brushes beneath it. You have to put it on the drive and let it spin for 1-2 minutes or more if required. This method will clean laptop DVD drive lens with perfect accuracy.

You can also check out the user manual guide for further instructions about its use. It is just perfect and I also have tried this method and truly found it the perfect. Truly speaking I have also tried the disc cleaner kit and these both are just perfect. The choice is fully yours if you found this laser lens cleaning method pricey according to your budget, then you can use the other methods too.

As all of these methods are truly effective. Try the Laser Lens cleaner now.

Stick cleaning method

In this method, you need a blunt stick with the small cotton bud in the end. Like the ear stick, you can make this stick yourself too or you can use the ear stick even. Use this stick and apply it back and forth to the drive and its lens. Clean the lens properly by it. You can also damp the cotton bud of a stick in rubbing alcohol. After that apply the stick gently, move it back and forth and clean the whole area.

Insert this stick in the drive and also in its corners and get the 100% clean DVD drive lens.

Precautions to Clean Laptop DVD drive lens

Let me share a piece of additional information with all my readers. You must read these precautions before you apply any of these methods.

So, the precautions are that you should use your hands very gently while cleaning in any of the methods. You must keep your laptop unplugged and off while you are clean laptop DVD drive lens. In the stick cleaning method, move the stick slowly. In the kit method, if you are using a damped cotton bud, it must be slightly damped otherwise dripping fluid on the drive lens will cause permanent damage.

When you are using the spray, never spray on the drive lens directly as this is totally wrong practice. Always spray on a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and then do the cleaning with that cloth.  There is no need to get confused and sad if the laser lens cleaning method is expensive to you as all of the other methods are effective too. But if you can easily use the laser method, then do the cleaning. Also, keep the laptop touch screen clean using cleaning methods. 

Final words

Now, you know about all the cleaning methods and their details too. Now, it is time for you to clean up the DVD drive lens of your laptop. Read the entire guide fully, follow it and apply. You will get your desired results for sure. Also, buy a cleaning kit from us.

Good luck.

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