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How to check what DPI my mouse is on?

How to check what DPI my mouse is on?

DPI is actually the short form of dots per inch. It is the measurement of the sensitivity of a mouse. If your mouse DPI is higher than you can move the cursor on the screen more. The higher DPI settings of the mouse also detect the small movements you do by your mouse.

You can definitely change these sensitivity settings of a mouse. You can even check that at which DPI your mouse is on. Some people like higher sensitivity settings while some like the normal or low settings according to their work demand.

How to check what DPI my mouse is on?

Last week, one of my regular readers asked me the question that how to check what DPI your mouse is on? I have promised him to write a detailed article on this topic, which I am fulfilling now. I know too many other readers are also looking for its proper answer.

The sensitivity or DPI settings of mouse should be adjusted properly. If you fail to adjust the proper sensitivity settings of mouse you will lose many of its features. Too much high settings make things out of control. These settings should be at a normal level so there the cursor moves on the screen according to your will.

You can adjust the settings at a high level but not that much high to let the things get out of control and uncomfortable. The DPI switch on the mouse helps you to change its sensitivity settings to a faster or slower pointer speed. When your mouse sensitivity increases, it starts moving faster on the screen and requires less effort.

If you are really willing to know that how to check what DPI your mouse is on than this article is going to help you a lot. There are too many different ways to check the DPI of your mouse. You can choose any of the methods which you find easier to be done.

Methods to Check DPI of a Mouse

There are different methods available for checking the sensitivity of any mouse, either a gaming mouse or a simple one. These matters include;

Checking the DPI by installing drivers

If you are using an unbranded mouse that directly depends upon  Windows’ stock mouse driver then you will need to install a software to check its sensitivity. For this, you have to go to the manufacturers’ website so that you can install the proper software.

It gives you multiple options than that of the built-in windows. These kinds of drivers or software allow you to change the settings of mouse buttons even. Definitely, you can change the DPI settings of mouse from these kinds of software.

You can adjust the sensitivity settings and check out that either it is working well or not, either it needs to be enhanced or not. If not then set it again and check it out. You can control all kinds of mouse movements and customize it in the way you like.

The DPI settings can vary from the manufacturer’s app in a different location. There are too many drivers and software is available online which you can choose to change your mouse DPI settings.

Checking DPI by using online Calculator

There are too many online DPI calculators available which allow you to calculate the DPI of your mouse and tell you that proximate value. It is not that much exact but it is not a rough estimation of the responsiveness of your mouse. Many people use the online DPI calculators and they are pretty much satisfied with it. They can easily check that at what DPI their mouse is.

First of all go to the mouse settings in your laptop, go further to the pointers option. Now you have to uncheck the box named “Enhance pointer precision”. If you have mouse driver software pre-installed in your laptop, then make its acceleration disabled.

Now you can easily search for an online DPI analyzer page and the requirements of that page. From here you can measure the distance and sensitivity of your mouse by moving it from left to right on the screen. Use the virtual ruler to check out the distance your pointer has covered in moving. After that enter it into the target distance box.

If it does not display the DPI value of your mouth then click on the Red Cross chair on the bottom of the page. Now drag it to the right side and move it to a specific distance. Be careful by checking the sensitivity online. The cursor shouldn’t exceed too much from the edge of the monitor because the results can be inaccurate.

It will show you the image of actual DPI and it would be the approximate sensitivity value of the mouse which you are using.

Checking mouse DPI using Paintbrush

You can easily check your real mouse DPI with the help of a Microsoft paintbrush or simple paintbrush. The first thing you have to do is to disable the mouse acceleration. After this open, the Microsoft paint or the paintbrush, depending upon your laptop operating system.

Make sure that the screen zoom level is at 100%, neither a little less from it nor higher. You can check the positive and negative sides on the bottom right corner of your screen. First of all, take the cursor to the extreme left corner where it shows the zero pixels.

Actually, you wouldn’t exactly get the zero but try to keep it below five pixels. From that spot, grab the ruler and move the mouse horizontally from an inch of 2.54 cm. After that, you will get a pretty much closer DPI of your mouse. You can try to take the DPI three times and take their average. This will be the most closest DPI value of your mouse.

How to Adjust a Mouse DPI?

Some mice have special buttons for adjusting their sensitivity. Like there are special DPI buttons on the FPS mouse. From this button, you can change the sensitivity of your mouse an adjusted according to your own requirement. It will quickly change your DPI settings without exiting the windows.

it is the quick and fastest way to change or adjust the DPI of any of the mice. This kind of mice is the best option for gamers. This mouse helps the players to enjoy the uninterrupted games. Some DPI buttons are located on the top of the mouse while some are located on the side, or thumb area.

For the accurate movements, you must select a mouse with a trackball equipped in it. This type of mice is highly accurate and their sensitivity can be controlled according to one’s desire. While other companies like Razer, Logitech, etc, their mouse comes with the facility of the special dedicated software is that allows you to change the DPI settings of mouse.  

Otherwise, if you have your own favorite most then you can get the online software development you change or adjust the DPI settings.


I have explained my best to you guys about how to check the mouse sensitivity. I will be guys have got a detailed satisfactory answer.

Good luck.

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