How to Adjust Sensitivity of Touchpad on Laptop?

Sometimes when you buy a new laptop, its touchpad is working extremely smooth. It is really amazing but it annoys when things are getting out of control. Some touchpads are extremely smooth while on some touchpads, it is getting difficult to even drag the cursor on the screen.

But there is no need to get worried because you can adjust the sensitivity of your laptop’s touchpad. Here, Whylaptops team is going to teach you about how to adjust the sensitivity of touchpad on a laptop? There are some of the simple steps by which you can adjust its sensitivity very easily.

The touchpad is actually a built-in mouse that helps move the screen by the help of a cursor. It has the work to sense your finger moves and work according to it. But sometimes the sensitivity gets too high or sometimes too low. For maintaining or adjusting the sensitivity of touchpad on the laptop, I’m going to share this guide with your people.

How to Adjust the Sensitivity of Your Laptop’s Touchpad?

The touchpad manufacturers give you a wide variety of options for sensitivity control. It will help you to control the sensitivity as you require. Follow these steps to adjust the sensitivity of your laptop’s touchpad.

First of all, open the start menu of your laptop and navigate for the Windows control panel. Once the panel is open, check for the mouse menu. If the mouse icon is not visible on the control panel box, click on the option “View by” on the top right corner of the screen.

It will show you further three options which are a category, large icons, and small icons. You have to click on large icons and a large number of options will come. Now, you can see that mouse option there. Click on it will open a small pop up window.

Check the left category named touchpad there, click on it. If there is no category of touchpad then move a single step back. From where you have to click on the mouse options. You will find a touchpad option there. The touchpad settings will get open now.

Now, set the pointer speed as much as you require. If your touchpad is extremely less sensitive, then set the pointer speed to the maximum. And it if is extremely sensitive to handle the moves, then adjust to the normal levels as you require it.

Also, click on that pointer option from the mouse properties window. Move the pointer speed slider either to the slower or to the faster side, whichever you want. Uncheck the box of pointer speed precision too. In the end, click on OK and you are done.

How to adjust Touchpad sensitivity in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10?

The method of adjusting the touchpad sensitivity is simple and the same for every laptop containing different Windows operating systems. Just the methods of entering the mouse settings are different.

Like in Windows 7, click on the search program and files bar enter mouse. From there you will reach the mouse settings. You can adjust the touchpad sensitivity according to your will. 

In Windows 8, press the Windows key and X together on your laptop keyboard. It will take you to the control panel. Now, open the control panel and click on a mouse. You can easily address the touchpad settings from there too.

While in Windows 8.1, click on the top right corner on the screen, move the cursor down and click on the search option. Type control panel in the search box and reach the mouse settings from there. Adjust the settings according to your wish.

In Windows 10, Simply click on the touch icon, search control panel and open mouse settings. Adjust the minimum or maximum sensitivity as per you require.

Why is my laptop touchpad so sensitive?

Usually when your laptop is new touchpad sensitivity is really high and becomes normal with time. I have explained the methods above about adjusting the sensitivity of your laptop touchpad. Your touchpad is highly sensitive because of the maximum sensitivity settings. You can set them according to your own desire.

How do I desensitize my laptop touchpad?

You can even desensitize your laptop touchpad. For this, you have to open the system panel and enter the mouse settings of your laptop. Now, left-click on the touchpad by the cursor is on the desktop. From there you can completely lower the settings of a touchpad.

Make it so much low that it will desensitize. You can do it if you want to but it is not recommended at all. Touchpads are really amazing, you should use them properly. But if in case you don’t want to use it and want to connect an external mouse to your laptop, then you can desensitize the touchpad.

Similarly, you can disable or desensitize your laptop touchpad when you are typing. Just by dragging the cursor to the minimum, you can adjust the settings and click OK. After that, you will get the desired settings of disabling the touchpad.

How to Fix the Synaptics Touchpad Issue in Windows 10

Sometimes the entry of Synaptics touchpad in Windows 10 creates some issues. Like the windows start considering that drivers have been updated whenever you restart your laptop.

The windows reset the default settings itself and you have to adjust the settings every time you update. The touchpad becomes extremely less sensitive and you have to set it every time when you have to use it.

Before you have started fixing this issue let me guide you about it. First of all, you have to make the back up of the registry. You can also do the system restore before starting. Firstly open the run menu and then type “Regedit” there. After this, the registry editor will open.

Now, navigate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse by clicking on the Navigation tree from the left window pane. Double click on mouse speed and enter the number from 1- 10 in the Value field. Now you have to go to the mouse settings and click on advanced options. It will open up the synaptic control touch panel.

Change your settings from there and restart your laptop. This will change synaptic touchpad settings from getting changed every time whenever you restart your laptop Windows.  

Different types of Sensitive Touch Pads

There are basically 2 types of touchpads. They are;

  • Precision touchpad
  • Normal touchpad

Precision Touch Pads

They are the latest touchpads design for the new technology laptops. They can run on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. They have the ability to support a variety of touch gestures that helps you to do your work faster. The precision touchpads provide an amazing experience.

If you have a very old laptop them your touchpad will not be a precision touchpad probably but a simple one. These precision touchpads are really amazing. This is what we call as the latest technology. Touchpads are also sold separately to be connected externally with your laptop using cable.

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Normal Touch Pads 

All of the other touchpads other than precision touchpads are the normal ones. These are also good but does not fit on the Microsoft standards. These touchpads do not support Windows gestures by default.

They have few features and fewer options. However, it also depends upon the model and the manufacturer of the touchpad. The drivers used in the good model of normal touchpad have some of the features similar to the precision touchpads.

How to check which kind of touchpad you have?

If you are interested to know which kind of touchpad your laptop has then, I will tell you that how you can check it. To find this out open the settings of your laptop and click on devices option. If you don’t know how to open the settings of your laptop then thanks for it in the search bar.

Open the settings and click on the Devices. On the left corner, you will find the touchpad option. Just click on it and the touchpad box will open. You can check out from there that either your laptop touchpad is precision or the normal one.

Just below the name Touchpad, there will be written a complete clear statement that. “Your PC has a precision touchpad” or if you have the normal one, then there will be no statement written.

So it is really very simple, by using these simple steps you can easily get to know that which type of touchpad your laptop has and then easit adjust the sensitivity of touchpad on laptop.

Final words

All of the methods in this article are extremely easy and simple. All you have to do is to give a careful read and share it among your friends.

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