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How to Adjust Laptop Sleep Time?

Sometimes we all need a lot of stuff to write and it makes us exhausted, especially the content writers or bloggers. I am a content writer and all I have to do is writing. When I get tired of my work, I didn’t want to turn off my laptop. I want that after a small break from my work, I get my work exactly from there where I left it.

Many of the people like me have faced this problem. They ask me what to do. Like my best friend asked me to write this detailed guide as she has just started writing the blog posts. I thought that why not to guide all of you in this detailed article.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to turn on the sleep mode when you are having a break from work. Now, many people are afraid of setting up sleep mode. Actually adjusting the timings of sleep mode is the only matter of care. Some people set up the late sleep timing and then they are betting upset that why their laptop is not turning ON.

For example, if you are taking a short break, then adjust laptop sleep time for a small time. Actually, in a sleep mode, all of the apps and your work is running in the background and the screen is turned off. This is such a great relief.

How to Adjust Your Laptop’s Sleep Time?

There is no need to turn off your laptop, just set the sleep times and get a great relief from the tiring work of opening programs all the times. Find your work from where you have left it.

Don’t get afraid of setting sleep mode on our laptop. I will cover all of the points in this complete detail.  Just read it carefully if you want to adjust the proper sleep timings of your laptop.

How to adjust laptop sleep time in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft office. It offers the high-class user-friendly features. You can easily adjust the sleep timings on it. Just follow the steps that I am going to explain here;

  • First of all, go click on the Start button of your laptop and go to the settings option.
  • Click on the system and security option.
  • Then go to the power and sleep options.
  • From there, you can change the screen display timings and sleep timings.
  • Adjust the display time as much as you want. Adjust the screen to turn off its display after 15 minutes or 20 minutes as per your requirement.
  • Below the screen timings option, you will find the sleep timings of your laptop.
  • Adjust those timing similarly like you adjusted the screen display timings.
  • Don’t make the sleep timings too large, adjust the normal sleep time.

After doing all of these steps, you are done. Now you will be free from the trouble of turning ON your laptop all the time. You can also check the additional power settings. You can set up the other power options too by going into the Control panel of your system. You can also right-click the Desktop and you will find the display settings option. You can directly go there through this simple method.

You can also set the power plans from the display settings. When you will set up the power plans, the laptop will drain less battery and will be able to retain more charging. Do not mix the options sleep and hibernate. Because hibernation is a different thing and your laptop will not turn ON until the hibernation ends.

How to adjust the sleep time in Laptop with Windows 8?

All of the steps are just similar to the steps of windows 10. You just have to move the cursor on the right side of the screen. There you will see the settings options there. Click on that settings option and you will find the display option. Just tap on that option and set all the setting you want.

Set the battery options from there and balance the power consumption too.

How to adjust the sleep time in Windows 7?

Go to the control panel of your laptop and do the same for sleep time settings. This procedure is the same as Windows 8 and 10. You will found it extremely easy.

In case, that you didn’t find these options, just click on the search bar of your system. Search for display settings there and you will find them within no time. Adjust all the settings and enjoy the freedom. Read here about the laptop won’t turn ON.

Final words

So, now you know how easy is to adjust the screen timings and sleep timings of a laptop. Now, you just have to apply these simple and easy steps that I have explained to you. Read this detailed guide carefully and apply this so that you can create convenience for yourself.

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