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How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

It is great to use a computer screen and laptop screen on your TV. Sometimes, you want to connect your screen to television for your kids. You can play Disney movies or some cartoons on TV by connecting it with the laptop screen. You can set up such a clear and nice kind of content for them on TV. You can make them watch some message learning things.

You can enjoy using your laptop or computer screen on a big TV and it looks really amazing. You must have an idea about to adjust computer screen size on TV so that you may not have to face any problem with it. So here, Whylaptops team will try their best to provide you the best guide for how to adjust computer screen size on TV? Also, learn about connecting monitors to a laptop.

How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

It looks really great to see your computer or laptop screen on your TV. You can enjoy gaming on a big screen. You can watch movies on television which you have downloaded on your laptop. Adjust computer screen size on TV is really very easy. All you have to do is to understand properly.

For this, you have to follow these simple and easy steps.

Fix the Displays

First of all, you have to adjust the settings of your laptop and your TV both. Change the display of your laptop which ensures that the laptop is connected correctly to the TV display. Now you have to fix the TV resolution with Windows settings. It is a little bit complicated but not that difficult to be understood completely.

Make settings by your control panel

Go to the start menu, search for settings and go to the control panel. Now open the display settings. A window will pop up which will show the option of “Adjust desktop size and position”. You will see a bunch of settings on the right menu. Now, click on the second monitor (TV) and make sure these settings look similar to the one that you have set.

Adjust the resolutions

Your TV resolution and refresh rate can be different depending on the model. Now select the display of your TV that you have to change. Apply the desired settings. From the “Scaling tab” you can set the display resolution and refresh rate. Click on the size tab and adjust the settings according to the image that is shown at the corner of that window and click on resize.

At this time the screen pop up will become adjustable. Just you have to drag the screen until the corner indicators are placed correctly. It will adjust the resolution of your TV. Similarly, you can connect any of the devices like monitor and TV with your laptop. This is how you can adjust the computer screen size on TV. Learn about laptop screen resolutions.

How Connect computer screen on TV wirelessly?

You will be surprised to know that but just you can connect on a computer screen with TV using Wi-Fi. But the Wi-Fi source should be reliable and making a strong and stable connection. The battery of your laptop or computer should be full so that it can also maintain a stable connection and adjustments.

You just have to connect with her Wi-Fi source and the methods of adjustment of computer screen size on TV are the same. You can easily watch your downloaded things on TV’s big screen. The best benefit of doing this is that you watch at a very large distance and it can help reduce the burden from your eyes.

This method is also perfect for letting the kids watch their favorite cartoons. Not only the downloaded things but you can stay online and play live shows even. It is the best way to keep them protected from screen harmful rays. The kid’s eyes and brains would not damage then.

I love the Wi-Fi connection because I don’t have to plug and unplug out the long wire again and again. Connected long wire also looks like a mess while connecting with Wi-Fi looks modern an amazing.

Which Things to Consider When to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

When you are connecting your computer screen size one TV, then you must take care of the following things. Here we go;

  • You must take care that you have connected the cable properly.
  • Do not connect the cable ever with your wet hands because it can definitely cause a short circuit. Be careful while making the connection.
  • The cable must be of high quality and if you are connecting with the Wi-Fi it also must be of a reliable source and making a strong connection.
  • Also, make sure that your laptop battery is full and it may not turn off while you are making the connection. If your laptop battery is draining fast then you can also connect it with charging while the connection with TV is on.
  • You are cable should not be torn off from any other side because it can make a short circuit to happen. The cable should not be placed as such in your room. Keep them safe and also keep away your children from the cables.
  • For further current protection, you can use safety gloves too.

How do I get my laptop screen to fit my TV?

There are too many different ways to connect your laptop screen to the TV. Follow these simple steps if you want to do this.

Connecting with an HDMI cable

You can connect your laptop screen to TV by using an HDMI cable. Take an HDMI cable and connect one into the laptop another end to your TV. An HDMI cable is amazing to provide the high definition video and quality audio too. Change the TV input source to the port where you have connected your laptop.

Now, wait for a few seconds until your laptop screen appears on the TV. Now open the settings of your laptop and click on “Change PC settings”.  Now, click on PC and devices, then on the “Display”. Drag the resolution slider to the recommended resolution of your TV. HDMI cables are really best. 

Connecting with a VGA cable or USB cable

You can also use a VGA cable or USB cable to connect your laptop with the TV screen. Just like the HDMI cable take the VGA cable and connect it’s one to the laptop and the other end with TV. But it is not perfect for giving you an amazing audio output. The visuals are amazing like the HDMI cable provides you. You have to connect another cable for audio if you are using the VGA cable.

You can also use a simple cable to connect its one end to the laptop USB port and another end to the USB port of the TV. If it is not providing you the best results then you can use an adapter. An adapter is good for converting the USB port to the HDMI cable. After that connecting the cable to both of the USB ports of laptop and TV, make the laptop screen appear on TV.

By following the simple guide,  you can fit your laptop screen to your TV

Fix Desktop Overscaling If you Use a TV as Monitor

Sometimes when we connect our laptop screen to the TV to use it as a monitor and for our ease, then we might face a problem of over scaling. You can check out the television user manual to see which resolution it supports.

If your laptop or computer or laptop screen is not filling the entire screen of television, then this issue is actually called over scaling. For most of the HDTVs’s the ideal screen is 1080p. Otherwise, the older TV models cannot support this resolution but they support 1366 x 768 pixels.

Like sometimes, when you connect the Laptop screen with TV, some part of the screen is cut or it is coming half. Like when I connected my laptop to my HDTV, the taskbar was not shown there. So what will you do in this condition? Some people find it OK but many of us find it really annoying.

if you really want to fix the issue of over scaling then you have to set the resolution of your TV first. So open the system settings and enter the control panel from there. Open up the aspect ratio bar. You have to set the resolution here.

Choose 1080i if you have a high definition screen, but if your TV is not high definition, then it won’t be able to play 1080i. If there is the option of 1080i then definitely select it and if there is no such option, then select 4:3 standard definition for the ordinary television.

If it does not display the HD and it also has a widescreen, then selects the 16:9 aspect ratio which is a standard definition for a widescreen. If you have an HDTV with a 1280 x 720 resolution, then select the 720 p of your high definition screen.

After doing this, your television will become able who show the complete and proper image of a laptop on it. This is how you can resolve the issue of over scaling. 

Final words

Adjusting your computer screen size on TV is really amazing. You don’t have to buy an external monitor or any other device for a big display. You can save a lot of your money and just connect your laptop with your TV. Their big display will be in front of you within a few minutes.

A big screen is really lovely to enjoy on weekends. Read the following guide carefully and apply it for amazing results.

Good Luck.

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