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How Often to Replace Laptop?

How often should you replace your laptop? This is a question that gets asked more and more often – usually when your current laptop is starting to become sluggish.

You can keep using your laptop beyond its average life span but a time comes when its performance gets lowered and you need to replace it. Deciding in between replacing a new laptop and upgrading the old one is a big decision. 

Everything in this world has a specific life span so with the electronic technology devices and gadgets. Although we can use them for a long time by taking care of them we definitely need to replace it somewhere in life as their working don’t remain like the new one.

One of my good friends asked me a question and it was already asked by most of my readers. So, I decided to answer the question to all which is;

How Often to Replace Your Laptop?

In the past, we have the computers, then the desktops came and after that laptops. Laptops are the product of the modern era but as other technology devices. Laptops also have a specific lifetime. These things cannot serve you for the whole life.

The average life of laptops is 4 years and you need to replace your laptop every 3-4 years. While the desktops needed to be replaced after 4-5 years. It also depends upon the cost of a laptop that is based on its quality. Along with this, it also depends upon the time it takes to wear out the internal parts. 

Those laptops which you use in your home and don’t take outdoors survive more. Because they are in a more secure and careful place so that’s why they can be used for a long time. Other laptops that we use outdoors are also exposed to pollution, dust, sometimes hits and falls, overheating because of day and night use, etc.

The laptops we take outdoors like coffee shop etc., sometimes we mistakenly spill some liquid on them. These things are really affecting a laptop. In fact, this kind of thing affects laptops’ lifetime. Any misuse can also result in a shorter lifetime.

After its extended usage, a laptop starts showing the signs that it really needs to be replaced by a new one and couldn’t serve you anymore. These signs are the actual indication that you should change your laptop now. 

Signs You Really Need a New Laptop

If your laptop is showing the following signs that are going to be listed here, then it means that you need to replace your laptop with a new one. So, if you are facing these signs with your laptop then you could understand easily.

Frequent lagging

When the laptop starts lagging very frequently then it means that it is really getting old. The laptop starts lagging after every single minute is a big indication to change it. The gaming on your laptop is not possible even for a few minutes because of frequent lagging that disturbs you in your work and plays all the time.

Speed declination

Speed getting slow all the time. You are not able to do multitasking on your laptop anymore. The speed declines because of the very old and used CPU and RAM. But you can fix them to cope with this issue. But if you are facing any issue relating to these things especially then definitely you need to change your laptop rather than to deal with the entire up-gradation.

The expansion of an external RAM chip in your laptop is quite a tedious task. But it is your choice, you can try this option to check that if the speed issue is resolved now or not.

Less space and malware attack

If your laptop is facing the issue of really less speed then you can understand that now you need a new laptop. But this is not actually a big issue, you can delete the junk from your laptop. Delete all the full of trash folders and files that are of no use for you and you have stored them for nothing.

Doing this will make space on your laptop. You can delete the duplicate pictures or those which you want to delete. Clear your laptop with the un-necessary applications and software.

Files transfer becomes really slow and it becomes a long waiting process. There are long pauses when you switch between the tabs or applications.

You can have anti-virus software on your laptop but a really old laptop gets attacked by the malware most frequently.

Issues with an operating system

If the operate system of your laptop takes a long time to boot up, abnormal from the normal timings. It is also an indication of an old laptop and a sign to be replaced. This issue really makes us annoyed because the operating system takes too much time and the laptop opens lately.

Blue screen sometimes 

When your laptop experiences a blue screen of death crash while you are running the programs that are very easy to run and use. But the blue and sometimes the blank screen makes then non-useable. This creates a big hindrance in our work and using some application or a program. 

Dead pixels

If the bright white lights flicker on the screen or there comes the periods of the black screen without any reason. This really means that now you should replace your laptop. This is because of the dead pixels of your very old laptop which clearly indicates you of its bad physical condition.

Freeze or hanged screen

There is also a condition when your laptop screen gets freeze or hang. The cursor didn’t work at all and stop moving. This is an indication of the faulty functioning of an old laptop.

Excess overheating

Even when you are not using your laptop all day and still it is getting overheated. The overheating time is really fast in a laptop which has completed its average life span. The system heat is constantly heating and getting and heat levels are so much raised that touching your laptop back is not possible.

Even the laptop fan or a separate cooling fan is not so effective in this case. This is quite clear from all this that now you are in a need of a new laptop.

Charging issues

I also very often face charging issues with my old laptop. Your old laptop takes so much time in completing the charging. Another issue with charging is that your laptop is when fully charged, it only works for a half-hour or just a single hour and then becomes a lack of charging badly. This is also a sign that you really need a new laptop now.

Should I Upgrade My Laptop or buy a new one?

You might be thinking about it that either you should upgrade your old laptop or buy a new one. This most often comes in minds of all of us. It is really a matter of your own choice.

Like some people love their old laptop very much and they don’t want to replace it or they have some most important things like accounts or saved passwords in their old laptops. They don’t really want a new laptop. Sometimes people also don’t want to spend on a new laptop and wish they could upgrade their old same laptop.

You can upgrade the things which are getting damaged or causing problems. Like an old battery can be upgraded, RAM can be added more, the Windows system can be upgraded, you can install the latest version of an operating system; Windows 10 on your laptop. You can replace the motherboard too.

But you know replacing these things also costs a lot like replacing a motherboard is not really a cheap option. So, you can also think about it that either to spend much money on so much upgrading, you can replace a new laptop. Everything would be new, performance will be fast, there will be enough space, speed will be perfect and everything would be fine.

The upgrade will also cost more than half the money to buy a new laptop. So, don’t you think that buying a new one is really a good option? As it seems to be quite money wastage to spend so much on laptop’s battery, motherboard, fans, RAM and many more things in your case. While you are changing the entire laptop things than why not to buy a new one.

By the way, everyone has different choices as I said, so you can decide better after reading this guide. You can also choose to have a service for your laptop. All this is a matter of personal choice and preferences.

Here are some best budget laptops in the online market. They are:

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02

This is an amazing waterproof laptop with a screen size of 11.6 inches and an ultra-lightweight.  Its full HD display is anti-glare and comfortable. This Chromebook is equipped with the Intel Celeron N3060 Processor with fast speed and more cache memory.

The latest operating system makes it quite friendly and easy to use and do multiple tasks without your need.  Its 4GB DDR4 RAM is also enough for multi-tasking or opening multiple tabs and programs at the same time. The built-in virus protection keeps this laptop safe and secured. 

You can enjoy all the Google apps on this laptop. The price is super budget-friendly. It has got all of the features that a new laptop should have.

Samsung Chromebook

This is another budget-friendly laptop with the Samsung Exynos 5250 dual-core processor and Chrome OS. It has a backlit display with an anti-glare HD screen. It has the highest 16 GB RAM for multitasking at its peak level. Its dual speakers make its sound really good.

It has high memory and high pixel webcam. It’s every feature that makes it the perfect one to be the 1st choice of anybody else. It has an 11.6 inches display and is super budget-friendly. 

2019 Newest Lenovo IdeaPad

Newest Lenovo IdeaPad is the latest laptop in 2019. It is powered by the AMD A9-9425 dual-core accelerated processor with ultra-fast speed. It has a 4GB DDR4 RAM and you can do multitasking on this laptop very easily.

It is having 15.6 inches of an HD display. It has Windows 10 OS and is ultra-thin and portable.

What to look at a new laptop?

When you are going to replace a new laptop you must take care of the following things.

  • A good processor of the latest generation and fast speed for an outclass performance and with more cores.
  • A good RAM for multi-tasking.
  • More than one or two exhaust ports for a proper heat escape avoiding overheating.
  • More storage space to store all of your important documents.
  • More cache memory.
  • Also, check the keyboard quality and tap keys to check the typing comfort.
  • Also, check out the screen quality.
  • Take a laptop with your own choice of screen size.

How to increase the life span of a laptop beyond its limit?

Well, taking great care of your laptop can let you use it beyond its time limit of 3-4  years. For increasing the lifetime of your laptop do the following things from the day first when you replace a new laptop.

  • Don’t use your laptop in a humid and a high-temperature place; protect it from weather extremes. Read further details about laptop protection from humidity.
  • Do not drink anything near your laptop, but if necessary then take great care not to spill a single drop over your laptop even if it is waterproof.
  • Don’t use your laptop on unbalanced places or the soft places were its exhaust ports or vents get blocked like a bed of soft couch. Always use a stand or keep your laptop on a hard table.
  • Always keep your laptop clean if you take it outdoors. Try to clean it after two or three weeks. You can blow the air on it and use the damped cloth for screen cleaning while vacuuming for ports and slots.
  • Always use a laptop bag, case or sleeve whatever you like for your laptop’s protection.
  • Maintain the proper charging of your laptop. Connect the charger immediately if the battery is less than 15%. Don’t wait for the charging to be completely low.
  • Maintain its brightness and volume levels at a normal point.
  • Always protect your laptop from falling, when even you are holding it in your arms, hold tight enough not to drop it and damage the hardware. Also, protect it from hits.

By using these care strategies, you can enhance the life of your laptop and can use it for a long time.

Final words

Now, I have covered each and everything on this topic and explained my best to you. Now you all know that How Often to Replace Laptop? and you can make a better choice now by reading this detailed guide.

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