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How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

A few years back, my processor was about to die and it was not working well because of some issues. When it was dead then I thought that now what to go. My Pentium processor was having so much gold pins and gold cap on it.  Throwing it would be my silly mistakes. So, I extracted all the gold from it and removed its gold cap too. It was about 170 KG of gold.

Are you surprised to know about it? Yes, processors and motherboards have gold in them. But the question arises that how much gold is in a computer processor? I’m going to give a detailed answer to this topic. So stay here until you read the complete guide.

How Much Gold is in a Computer Processor?

Amount of gold in a computer processor varies. Different processors have different quantities of gold in it. Here I will share ten of the most valuable processors for gold recovery. I will share these valuable processors for gold by weight. So, have a look over here;

Most Valuable Processors for Gold Recovery

Here I will tell you about some of the best processors for their gold content.

AMD Aluminum

Number 10th valuable processor for gold recovery. It has an aluminum heat sink and gold pins. It value is US $50 per KG.

AMD Ceramic

It is the 9th valuable processor with no heat sink. It has many of gold pins with value US $70 per KG for the gold recovery.

Intel Black Fiber

Now, this one is the 8th valuable processor for gold recovery. It has a little heat sink on its surface. Its current value for gold recovery is US $ 75 KG.

Pentium Ceramic

Pentium Ceramic is the 7th valuable CPU. Its current gold value for extraction is US $80 per KG.


This one is the 6th valuable processor and it has its gold cap. It is quite heavy and has too many gold pins. Its current value for scrap is US $120 per KG.

Intel Pentium pro

This is the 5th processor with a huge body. It has a big gold cap. It has a lot of gold pins on it. It has the value of US $170 per KG.


It is the 4th processor but it is very small. It is also having a gold cap. It is a sweet little processor with heavy gold. Its current value is US $180 per KG.

Intel 486

It is the 3rd best one with gold caps and gold pin. It is also a nice and little processor. Its value is US $240 per KG.

Intel 386

Next, 2nd one is the Intel 368 processor. It’s gold caps and keys worth the US $250 per KG.

Intel 8086

This processor is from the 8000 series with gold caps and long gold legs. It is the first best and worthy processor for gold recovery per weight. It has the worth of US $300 per KG.

Why Gold is used in a Processor?

You might be wondering that why gold is used in a processor why not any other metal. There are many of the benefits of using gold in a processor that any other material can’t provide. So, when you read about how much gold is in a computer processor also read about this guide along with that one.


Gold is an amazing and highly efficient conductor. These conductors can carry a tiny amount of current in it and keep the gold corrosion-free. Gold is used in connectors, switches, soldering joints, and relay contacts. In fact, small amounts of gold are used in every sophisticated electronic device. Nothing can rust the gold and it has a higher shelf life.

Chemical properties

Gold is having the best chemical properties among all the matters that’s why it is preferred in electronic devices, mostly circuits, and chips.

Highly durable

No other metal can complete the high durability of gold.  Gold is a perfect metal.

Malleable and ductile

When you study the physical properties of gold you will come to know that gold is highly malleable and a ductile.

Never gets printed

It takes a gold mine at least 10 years to go from discovery to the production level. It can never get printed. So that’s why gold is the safest thing to be used in electronic device’s motherboard and processors.

Strong connectivity

The gold has an amazing property who stay connected. That’s why in processors it remains connected and never falls off like silver.  

Fasten performance

Gold works faster than that of the Silver and Copper on motherboard and processor.

Why Gold is Valuable in Processors?

People are valuing gold from the past 3000 years. It is the ultimate source of money. Although there are many other precious metals too gold has its all superior place.

Gold is valuable either it is in its raw form or somewhere in a motherboard or processor. It will always remain valuable for everyone. Gold is an excellent wealth and portfolio diversifier. It is also because of its best chemical and physical properties.

It has too many advantages and is valuable in all electronic products.

What Safety Precautions should be taken before Gold Extraction?

Before going towards the methods of gold extraction from processor let me tell you the safety precautions first which are very important. Because this method includes many toxic chemicals, sharp tools, in many other dangerous things like these. Safety precaution is very essential for this otherwise it can prove highly hazardous for your health.

As a safety precaution, you must need rubber gloves, Goggles, Safety mask an area should be vacant and enormous. Rubber gloves will protect your hands from getting intact with the hazardous chemicals. It should be a tough rubber. Goggles will protect your eyes from the evaporated fumes of chemicals.

It will give great protection from a chemical splash in your eyes. Safety mask won’t let you inhale a bad chemical smell. Even some chemicals are so dangerous that it can make you unconscious. So high safety precautions should be adopted to protect yourself.

The working area should be large enough so that the harmful vapors go into the air. The working area should not be your room or a congested place so that vapors would not get accumulated and cause suffocation. Any of the methods shouldn’t be performed indoors. Beware of every chemical that you are using in the gold recovery method.

Use sharp tools with great care. Make sure that they would not make a cut on your hands. Handle them with great consciousness. Keep the necessary items used in the method near you so that should not have to go away from the working area again and again. Assure to cover all these things before you start the gold recovery procedure from the processor.

How to recover gold from the processor?

There are many different ways by which you can recover gold from the processor and sell it to have a decent amount of money.  Click here to buy a processor to extract gold from it.

The processor from 100 computers is able to yield as much as 3000 Dollars of gold worth. A processor in a single new laptop can contain a gold worth of about $15-$25.

If you also want to recover gold from your processor then I will guide you a step by step guide to do this.

For recovering the gold from the processor you will definitely need some tools. You will need the screwdrivers, the ATX power supply tester, cable testers, and multi-testers. You will also need some Googles, rubber gloves and rubber aprons.

While some of the chemicals that you will require for gold recovery are the BORAX, Hydrogen Peroxide, Muriatic acid, and Methyl Hydrate.

You will need 10 laptops for the extraction of 500 mg of gold, as every laptop contains 60 mg of gold.

Chemical bath method

The first method is giving a chemical bath to the processors from which you have to extract the gold. Actually, this will also separate the other metals from the processor like copper, Zinc, and Nickel. After separating the different parts of your computer or laptop take out any visible processor and motherboard which has the gold equipped on it.

If your processor has an aluminum cap or any other metal which can be removed, then remove it by using a proper sharp tool. For proceeding in this method, you will require a 100 ML beaker or a one or 2-gallon bucket depending upon the processors amount you have.

If you have too many processors with you then you will require a gallon otherwise user a beaker. The chemicals that you will require are Muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide. So, first of all, you have to wash the gallon or a beaker whichever utensil you are using.

Put all the processors in the beaker and fill it with Muriatic acid. Make a mark of how many ml of acid you are using. You should use the MLS of about your finger size. Now, for activation of this acid, you have to add 2-5 % solution of hydrogen peroxide in a ratio 2: 1.

After this, you will notice that your solution has started bubbling. The base metals will dissolve here. At this point, you must have safety gears with you because the unfriendly fumes will be releasing at this time which can cause harm do your eyes and when inhaled in a large amount they can cause unconsciousness.

Now, wait, This is not really a short process. You will have to leave it for about 24 to 48 hours. The procedure will be best at 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. After the completion of the procedure, you will see a batch of gold foils floating on the solution. The acid will turn green after the completion but you don’t have to worry it can never dissolve the gold.

After that, you have to strain these gold foils. You will definitely require a strainer for this. You can also use a coffee filter or any of the filter available in your home. But make sure don’t use this filter again for any food product. Now dispose of the used chemical acid carefully because still, it has the capability to damage your skin. Discarded it properly.

Etching solution for extracting gold

First of all, for this method, you have to wash the product from which we have to extract the gold definitely is this meant for your processor. After that take hydrogen peroxide and a strong cleaner. You can use any of the cleaner available in your home.

Mix the cleaner and hydrogen peroxide thoroughly. Make sure that you are mixing the equal quantities of both these liquids. Submerge the processor in this liquid now. This mixture is called as the etching solution. Now leave this solution for a proper time.

When the procedure gets completed the gold foils will get detached from the Nickel. That solution will dissolve the other parts and gold will separate from other components on the processor. You should not have to cover the solution at all so that the fumes cannot get back into the solution. The best way is to put a bowl on it with few holes so that the fumes can escape from those holes.

When this method gets is completed the gold will come in foil shape floating on the surface of the solution. Leave it for one day so that the Nickel is all off from the gold foils. After one day put all the solution in the soda bottle along with dilution with water.

Even if the solution is disposed of, it will be thrown in the soda bottle for safety. Keep diluting the solution with water so that it is capable of passing through the filter. Once it is diluted enough then filter it keeping the soda bottle below. The filter will strain the gold foil and the diluted solution will go inside the bottle. No, dispose of this bottle. You’re required gold is extracted, enjoy.

WARNING: Make sure that you are doing this procedure in a highly ventilated area. The mixing of this solution creates a small amount of bubbling and splashing chlorine which is highly his hazardous. Use only 3% of hydrogen peroxide in this solution and only 9.5 % of hydrochloric acid.

Hydro-metallurgic method

This method is extremely long and tiring. I will just share an overview of this method because too many people are tired of doing this long method. Gold is extracted in 6 long steps. The first step is the grinding or crushing of the processors. After that, they are leached into nitric acid.

For the next step is to leech all the processors in aqua regia. After that, the excessive nitric acid is removed and gold is extracted. The gold deposits are washed and purified then. That’s how this procedure runs but it takes a lot of time for it to be completed. One can get 0.138 and 31.16 mg/L of gold which is made concentrated then.

Cupellation method

In metallurgy, cupellation is one of the refining methods. In this method, alloyed metals are treated in the high temperature to separate the Noble metals. Principle of this method is that the precious metals do not oxidize or react chemically.

Unlike the base metals, the precious metals never oxidized when they are heated at a very high temperature. So by using this method one can extract the gold from processors.

Caution; It is really a very dangerous method because there are chances of inhalation of strong vapors. It is suggested not to use this method accept you are in a proper lab worker who has performed this kind of methods and until you are a professional.

The chemicals used in this method are very toxic and extremely dangerous. Only a professional lab worker can deal with such kind of acids. Otherwise for a normal person; he would not be able to handle the chemicals even when using the safety gears. There are chances that a common person will damage his health and can hurt himself extremely bad because of these chemicals.

So I’m not telling you about the procedure of this method. If you are a professional then you might already have information about it. This method will tell you how much gold is in a computer processor.

Removing gold pins

If you want to remove the gold pins from your processor then this is very easy. Take a proper tool and force it on the base of the pins to let them out. You can remove all of the gold pins of processor like this.

Health warnings for gold extraction

If you are using the easy and simple methods with protection gears on then there will be no problem. Take great care when you are using the chemicals. Otherwise, if you are dealing with some other hazardous chemicals that I have not mentioned in this detail, then read the health warnings for methods of gold extraction.

Treating with Zinc

If you are treating your processors with Zinc then let me tell you that the inhalation of Zinc Oxide fumes can cause metal fume fever. Its symptoms are very common like influenza which are chills, nausea, dryness of throat, fatigue, weakness, and aching of the entire body.

The victim may sweat badly at first. So you should take great care when you are managing the Zinc solution. Always use your safety gears.

Treating with Lead

Ingestion or inhalation of lead compounds or fumes can cause lead poisoning. The symptoms which probably appear in the victim are a metallic taste in the mouth, vomiting, abdominal cramps, nausea and loss of appetite. Lead can badly affect the brain, reproductive system, central nervous system, kidneys, and muscles.

So, never inhale or ingest the Lead oxide fumes and stay away from it. Be cautious when using it.

Treating with Beryllium

If a person is exposed to a high concentration of Beryllium, he can get chemical pneumonia. Long term exposure can result in chronic cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and sudden weight loss along with general weakness. So keep away your body from the high concentration of Beryllium exposure.

Final words

I have explained my best to you guys and now it’s time to read and get benefit from it. I hope you will like this detailed article guide.

Good Luck.

Team – Why Laptops

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