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How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

I think that you guys are very much keen to know about your laptop power consumption. Don’t you worry, because laptops consume fewer watts than that of the desktops and computers? Every laptop has its own battery life or timing limits. After that, you have to charge your laptop after a long time work on it. Charging takes electricity/power off course.

Watt consumption is different for different gadgets. Some products use more watts and some less. Just like heavy machines take more watt. Or you can use the more appropriate word voltage for it.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

While different electronics use different wattage. While talking about laptops, power consumption is a little bit increased in it while charging. It increases from ten to twenty percent. The actual power consumption by a laptop during charging is 60 watts. It is the watt usage for a 15-inch laptop. Other big laptops consume some more power. You can buy a solid power adapter from Amazon at a fair price.

Watt consumption dependency

The utilization of power depends upon the following things in a laptop.

Screen size

The screen size matters a lot in watt usage. A big screen sized laptop uses more watts as compared to a small-sized screen.

 Integrated Graphics

Laptops are having integrated graphics in it. They don’t have a powerful video card that drains so much power.


Different laptops of different sizes have different adapters too.  Big size laptop uses a big adapter. Like a 15-inch laptop uses the 65-watt adapter. And a 17-inch laptop uses 90 watts adapter. So there is a big difference.

The laptop actually gets charged because of its adapters. The big adapter takes more power and the small adapter takes less power. From a small to a big laptop, the average power usage is 60-90 Wh.


A laptop with a good and power CPU uses fewer watts. As compared to a laptop that is local and not of high quality. A bad quality laptop has a weak and burdened CPU. A CPU with a burden drains the battery power and ultimately consumes more watts.

So, always make sure that you are buying a high-quality laptop. So that they use less power. Although the overall watt consumption of laptops is low. You can find a laptop charger on Amazon.

Standard charging tips

Every one of us knows very well how to charge a laptop. I will share some of the important tips with you here.

  • You should not overcharge your laptop.
  • Make sure that you have connected the charger before the charging remains less than 10 percent. Do not wait for the complete end of charging.
  • Make sure that you have plugged the charging wire properly.
  • Take care that your laptop might not get hot while charging and its fans are working correctly.
  • If you are charging your laptop and working on it at the same time, it is okay till the laptop gets hot. Its laptop gets hot then immediately stops working and turns it off. After that leave it to charge for a proper time.
  • You should use the original charging cable of your laptop. Try not to insert the other one forcibly in the port if it is not going.
  • Try not to damage the laptop hardware. As damaged hardware creates load and overheating and watts are excessively consumed.

Final words 

Finally, you got all the details about this topic. I hope you guys have found it very helpful. Read the full article carefully. Ask me in the comment section below if you have any queries related to this topic. Share it among your friends and enjoy your life. Good luck.

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