How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It?

If you are planning to buy a new laptop and trying to sell the previous one then how could you remove your entire important data from it. Now, this is a real serious topic. Your important private data must need to be private. Your personal information must be private. Don’t let anybody to misuse your personal information.

How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It?

Clearing your laptop before you sell it is very important. Simply deleting your pictures, videos and files and other important data are not enough. There are too many days to get your saved information back in the laptop. So, you must delete it from your entire laptop.

It is really important to clear all of your personal information and almost everyone is very much concerned about this topic. Many of the people have asked me about this question. Two days back, I heard the sad news of snatching of my friend’s laptop and all of her personal data was saved in that laptop, she was so worried about it.

She called the cops immediately and after 45 minutes of extreme trouble, her laptop was with her, fortunately. By the way, this story doesn’t mean this article but relate a little bit. Like if you are going to sell your laptop and your personal information is in it, then anyone can misuse it. So, when I was looking for the reader’s question to write on them, I once again made a glance over this topic.

I took it seriously after my friend’s incident and tough that might be someone is really in a need of this article. So, I preferred to write on this topic as a priority, leaving the other topics.

So, when you are about to sell your laptop, then follow these things for complete clearance of your personal data from your laptop to make it perfectly okay to be sold.

Backup all Important Data

It is very important to backup all of your important data. Your laptop definitely has important data in it. So before deleting it, back up the data in a safe place. Otherwise, you are going to lose it forever. For having a great convenience, you can back up your laptop files using the online services like Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive. You can store all of this data on your other laptop which you don’t have to sell or on your new laptop.

Now, this data shouldn’t be backed up in your laptop that is going to be sold but in the new or another one, remember this thing. You can back up by logging in your account in your new laptop and save it in Google Drive or whichever service you want to use for it. You can backup all files, documents, videos, and pictures or anything important for you.

You can also store all of these important things in the external storage devices like the USB flash drive and hard drive. Simply, after connecting a hard drive you can drag your important files there. You can also use cloud storage, e.g. BT cloud. Data backup and restoring is really easy, quick and an important method. Back up requires a full and proper internet connection.

Once you backup and restore all of your important data in a new laptop, then you can remove it or delete it permanently from the old laptop which you are going to sell.

Erase everything and reset

Once you have backed up all the things now you have to securely erase everything from your old laptop. Now, reset the factory settings of your laptop. This will allow the new owner of the laptop to make his own accounts and passwords there.

Reset actually delete the previous data you have in your laptop and make like a new one. It makes the space free and makes the laptop inner clean and new. Reset the entire settings of your laptop and reinstall the Windows 10.

Log out from all User Accounts

All of the users’ login details from different accounts in written in the hidden folders which is hard to find by you people. However, hackers can easily get such hidden data to access your private things. You can access all of your saved passwords in Google.

Just press the three dots of settings in Chrome browser or whichever browser you use. Open its settings and get all of the passwords from there. After copying your all passwords and saving them in any file and send this file to your new laptop. After that log out from all of the accounts you have.

Also, log out from accounts used in apps. After that, your laptop is safe to be sold and is prepared for another user to make his own accounts and save passwords.

Clear Cookies and Uninstall Web Browser

You also have to clear all of the cookies. Because a second user can have an idea which of the websites you have visited.  Other information can also be collected from there. So, for getting more security, it is good to clear all of the cookies you have on your laptop.

Uninstall the web browser from your laptop. This will also remove all of the data, all bookmarks that you have made, etc. So, when you have cleared all of the cookies, uninstall the web browser too.

Reinstall the OS

An operating system is really important in a laptop. All of the new laptops come with the pre-installed operating system. Once you have uninstalled the OS from your laptop to remove all of the data. Then, after that, you have to reinstall it on a laptop. The uninstalling operating system definitely removes all of the saved data in your laptop.

Format hard drive securely

If you are selling your laptop than it is a good idea to securely format all of the hard drives. Before reinstalling the OS,  you must erase the hard drive so that there is no chance of recovery of old data when the OS is again installed.

When you will erase the hard drive, your laptop will be secured.

Use Data wiping software

You can use the data wiping software to remove all of the data from your laptop. There are many of the data wiping software available in the market. You can use any one of them which are you more familiar with. These kinds of software help you to remove all of the data very quickly without any discomfort and time waste.

The F10 key is used for the secured erase of a hard disk. You can use a DBAN tool. It is an amazing software to format your laptop hidden saved data. Download the DBAN tool in your laptop and burn it to a CD. Now, boot your laptop with the DBAN disk and tap the enter key to continue the process. When the main screen of this tool “DBAN” appear, then use the keys ‘J’ and ‘K’.

This will allow you to highlight that hard drive portion which you want to format. Use the space bar and drag towards that part which you have to erase. When you are ready to erase, press the functional key F10 to start a secured erase. This process takes some of your time and this process can’t be interrupted.

Don’t press any other key during this time and let the procedure to continue properly. In the end, all of your personal data will be removed and you will be able to sell it. After that, you can install the windows again.  There are so many other tools like TunesBro disk eraser.

Fix the small issues

If you have a key in your laptop which is broken then fix it first because it gives a bad impression to the buyer. Your laptop must be in a proper state to be sold. Fix the key using the tools and make it look good. Read more about how to fix a keyboard key.

Your laptop must be clean for being sold to anyone. Clean your laptop using proper things like a clean microfiber cloth, deep clean your laptop, and its keyboard. Clean it by blowing the air in its keyboard. Make it like a new laptop. This is a very important step in How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It?

When you will do all this, your laptop will be sold at a good price for sure.

How to Wipe a MacBook Pro to Sell?

If you have a MacBook and you are trying to sell it then you have to wipe it too definitely. For clearing all of your MacBook data to open the iTunes. Go to the account settings and deauthorize your laptop. Firstly, enter your ID and password.

Open the account settings and then go to the system preferences. Now, click on iCloud and copy all of your important data. You can directly save all of your important data and contacts in the Apple server and backup. After that delete all of your data from your MacBook pro which you have to sell. Now, sign out from your accounts.

Open your messages app in your Mac and go to the preferences and then click on accounts. Highlight the accounts and then remove them all. All of your messages will be deleted.

Log out from all of the accounts and clean everything. Reset the settings of your MacBook Pro and everything will be just like a new laptop. Once you have deleted everything even the OS. After that reinstall the Mac Operating system. After that restart your MacBook and check, your Mac will be completely ready for a new user. Shutdown your MacBook, pack it and sell it online.

Sell your laptop online

Check the condition of your laptop and check out its demand. Now, carefully calculate the price of your laptop and then upload it. Remember that your laptop must be cleared before you sell it. There are many of the online sites that sold such kind of products.

Like there are eBay, Amazon, etc. Amazon is the most used site and personally my favorite one. You can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can upload your product’s photos there so that people can see the condition of your laptop. If someone likes your laptop and wish to buy it then this will be good for you.

Another important thing is the packaging of your laptop that must be clean and nice. You can give free shipping to your laptop buyer. This thing attracts a lot of buyers in the online market. You can use laptop skin to make your laptop look better and new.

Final words

I have covered each and everything on How Do I Clear My Laptop Before Selling It? I hope my article has helped you a lot in clearing your laptop before selling it. Good luck with your sale.

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