Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart

Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart

Hey, are you looking for an interesting topic to read and get information? is going to guide you about Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart today. Hard disk store all of your data and are best to keep all of your important files and folders.

It is the actual place where all of your important data is saved on your laptop. Different laptops come with different storage capacities in their hard drives. It depends on the work that how much storage do you need from your laptop hard disk.

A hard disk drive is actually the core of your laptop. There are two types of hard drives and we are talking about the internal hard disk of your laptop. First of all let me tell you that what is a hard disk, to clear any confusion from your mind.

What is a Hard Disk?

“A hard drive is actually a rigid and non – removable magnetic disk with a large amount of the capacity to store data in it”

It is clear from its definition that hard disk is a non-removable disk. Don’t confuse between the hard drive and hard disk. A hard drive is actually the device in which the hard disk (magnetic disk) is located. The data is written on the hard drive which is not visible as such but can be written and read by your laptop.

Without a hard disk, no operating system is able to run. A laptop is completely useless without a hard disk. In this article, our professional team will guide you about the Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart.

There are different names of a hard disk. For example, it is called a magnetic disk, magnetic drum, magnetic tape, diskette, magnetic tape unit or magneto-optic disc. You can also get some information about the motherboard size comparison chart.

Hard Disk Storage Capacity Chart

Different hard disks have different storage capacities ranging from minimum to the maximum. You can choose the one which you desire according to your work and data to be saved.

Hard drive capacity Music MP3 Digital video HD video Digital pictures (In JPG format)
16 GB 4000 1 1 3200
32 GB 8000 2 3 4200
64 GB 16,000 4 7 12,000
128 GB 32,000 9 15 25,000
256 GB 64,000 19 30 51,000
500 GB 125,000 38 60 100,000
1 TB /1000GB 250,000 76 120 200,000
1.5 TB/1500GB 375,000 110 180 300,000
2 TB /2000GB 500,000 150 240 400,000
4 TB /4000GB 1000000 300 480 800,000
6 TB /6000GB 1500000 460 720 1200000
8TB/8000G 2000000 610 960 1600000
12TB/12000GB 3000000 920 1440 2400000

This hard disk storage capacity chart will let you understand how much disk capacity is used to store large files, HD videos, DVD videos, digital photos and too many things like these.

The small capacity unit is GB while the large one is TB. One terabyte is equal to 1000 gigabytes. It is completely your choice that how much capacity do you want from your laptop internal hard disc.

First, you should know that Gigabyte is greater than Megabyte and Terabyte is greater than Gigabyte. One Gigabyte has 1000 MB and one Terabyte has 1000 GB or 1012 bytes in the binary.  Let me clear you that your laptops, desktops and all such devices like these work the binary language.

For your laptop, 1 TB means 1024 gigabytes. When you have a 1TB storage on your laptop, you only get 931GB. You might be wondering why it is so. Actually, the companies making these hard drives measure in 1000 while laptop measures in its binary information as 1024. When you open the properties of  1TB, you can also see the 931 GB’s written over there.

When you transfer the 1 terabyte in simple bytes, you get 1 trillion bytes. Now divide it 3 times by 1024 which is the binary language of a laptop, then the answer you will get is the 931.322574615 GB which is accurately 931 GB and is completely accurate. It is actually the real answer.

So, this technical answer tells you that the manufacturing companies measure these in decimals while computers and laptops measure it in binary so that’s why you get 931 GB in 1 TB. Keeping the content very simple, you don’t have to involve in mathematics for these, just choose a storage space according to your work.

Hard Disk Drive Capacity list

There are too many capacities of a hard disc which is clear from the above hard disk storage capacity chart but let me explain to you here in detail.

16GB storage capacity

16 GB of the hard disk capacity is great for the casual user. If you only need to use your laptop for casual work, like internet browsing, using some applications, doing online shopping and booking, then this 16 GB capacity is perfect for you.

This storage capacity is also perfect for the people who are new to the iOS platform and they do not have a lot of music in their laptop apps. If you don’t have any need for storing a large amount of data and you mostly rely on the Internet, then you can go for 16 gigabytes.

32GB storage capacity

Now, this storage is highly recommended for users who need plenty of storage for their music applications, pictures, and videos. The storage is enough that you will not need to delete any files and folders have a spare room for other things to be stored.

If you don’t have heavy files and large documents and just need to store your tons of pictures and videos then 32 GB is enough for you. In short, you will never regret to have this storage capacity on your laptop. If you don’t know that with storage to buy then 32GB is highly recommended for you people.

64GB storage capacity

If you are in extreme user than 64GB is the perfect option to choose. Like if you are a content writer and you have to store a lot of articles, files, and other data in your laptop along with some other personal things then 64GB is a perfect option.

OR if you are a DJ or a true music lover and you need to store big songs and music albums then you can go for 64 GB. As the storage capacity increases, the price of a laptop also gets increased. You will have to pay more for a 64 GB and greater than this will cost further. Low storage is not expensive at all.

As you know that you don’t get the exact space which is written on the hard drives because of the separate binary calculations of a laptop, then it is clear from this that you should go for high storage so that you can get more space.

Like 64 GB is not actually the 64 GB but it is a little bit less in the binary calculation used inside laptops and computers. So, high storage must be a preference. But for you all people this, trust me, this 64 GB space is much enough.  

128 – 500 GB storage capacity  

If you have extreme work on your laptop to do and you are in such a profession in which you have to deal with millions of documents then these storage capacities are for you. Otherwise so much high capacities for a casual user would be overkilling.

If you are a lawyer, business owner, or an avid gamer or a movie watcher, then you will need this high storage of 500 GB. Space 250 – 500 GB fits for 130 movies and 260 episodes of one hour and it will not let your laptop get out of storage space.

If you love to download big cinema movies in Hollywood, Bollywood movies, etc, then you should go for this pretty much high storage. It also supports gaming but too many of the heavy games are not supported all together in this space. You will need to go beyond it for this purpose.

1TB – 12TB storage capacity

So, heavy gamers this high storage space is for you people. If you have to play and store heavy games which usually the common laptops with medium disk drive storage capacity don’t support. You should better go for this hard disk which has a maximum capacity to store your 1TB – 12 TB data.

If you love to watch long episodes on Netflix every day and keep those big files on your laptop then it must have this kind of high storage in it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play heavy games and doing other things like these. It is also best for HD movies.

You can have large music libraries with you when you have such high storage. Such laptops are also used in banks and other places near a large amount of record has to be saved. Your laptop will never run out of space if you have such a high and amazing storage.

You can have a great collection of your photography and can save millions and billions of pictures and videos on your laptop. This is really something great to enjoy.

These storage hard disks are really very expensive. But the choice is only yours. If you think that you should go for this storage then definitely you can.

Maximum Storage Capacity of Hard Disk

The maximum amount of data a laptop hard disk and store is 12 TB which is about 12 multiplied by 1000 TB is equal to  12,000 GB in decimal and 12288 GB in binary. You can check out for a laptop that has high storage. It is a really important step to be considered when buying a laptop.

When a laptop has high storage it can be used for business purposes, office work and in other important professions. High storage is really helpful to keep our entire data saved and secured in a single laptop. You won’t even need an external hard drive when you have a high hard disk storage capacity on your laptop.

You also need high storage if you have a gaming laptop and you are willing to play heavy games on it.  

Minimum Storage Capacity of Hard Disk

The minimum storage a hard disk can have is 16 GB. You can choose this storage if you are a student and do not have so much work to save. But if you really want to keep your notes, lectures, important files and any of your important data which has a large amount then you can prefer high storage.

Otherwise, if you don’t have to save a lot of work then you can go for a minimum storage capacity of the hard disk.

How to check available space on a hard disk?

It is very easy to check the available space in your laptop hard disk. If you are a Windows user then 1st of all click on the Windows logo on your screen or directly click on the Windows button from your laptop’s keyboard.

Then open the system settings. Drag down the options and click on the storage tab. Your laptop’s local storage will open up there. Below those options, you will see the MBs and GBs used in your laptop. You can review your hard drive storage space there.

Click on the icon below the local storage. You will see how much space the files, folders, documents, pictures, and videos are consuming the area and how much space is left behind. You can definitely clean up the useless files and folders to get some extra space.

If you are a Mac user how you can see the hard drive storage, then we will also tell you about this. Click on the Apple logo and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the about option and go to the storage. On the upper right side, you will see how much space is consuming and how much is remaining.

Here are some of the best hard disk drives available for you people;

WD Red 2TB NAS Hard Drive

It is an amazing hard drive that supports up to 80 TB. Its workload rate is annualized. It has NASware firmware for amazing compatibility. It is having the home office NAS systems and other small systems in a 24 by 7 environment.

This Red NAS hard drive is giving the 3 years of limited warranty by the manufacturer. It is having a 24/7 reliability and an amazing performance. This product is highly reliable. It carries the most comprehensive compatibility. It is the right choice for network-attached storage.

This drive runs cool and quite an offers the maximum performance. You can use it for home, personal and in an office environment with great confidence. All in all, it comes with 8 bays.

Western Digital hard drive

This amazing hard drive features up to 10 times the workload rating. It is equipped with advanced technologies for enterprise-class reliability. It has amazing power efficiency and performance. This device is designed for extra robust storage.

It is a perfect solution for your business. It provides up to 14 TB of the storage capacity. It is also having the rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology so that it can provide vibration protection. It gives you the 5 years of limited warranty.

Seagate BarraCuda Internal hard drive

It has a 7mm of height and 7200 RPM of the rotational speed. Its capacity is up to a 1TB data rate and has 160 MBs for quick transfer. It has higher affordability with zero compromises. You can enjoy the snappy loading times of your heavy games and heavy workloads too.

In structure is proven for its high durability, reliability, and innovation. It has a variety of capacities and form factors. You can store more and compute faster than any other hard drive. Summarizing it, this product is really amazing.

You can confidently rely on this internal hard drive technology which is backed for at least 20 years of innovation. You can enjoy a long term peace of mind with this device because it is giving you the 2 years of limited manufacturer’s warranty.

How to make more storage space on a laptop?

If you want to make more room in your laptop to save your important files then you can follow the simple steps.

Remove the extra files and folders from your laptop. Delete the pictures and videos you don’t need anymore. The next thing you can do to increase your storage space is to use the disk cleanup utility. It will remove your temporary files and clean up the recycle bin.

It will also remove the corrupted files from your laptop and make more area the store new data. It will clear the cache and remove the files you no longer need.

Final words

I have tried my best to explain to you everything related to this topic. I hope you have a better understanding of the hard disk storage capacity chart now. All you have to do is to read this information well, gain benefits from it and share it among your friends.

Good luck.

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