Gaming Keyboard Brands List for 2020

Gaming Keyboard Brands List

Like most of the game peripherals, the competition for gaming keyboards is also increasing day by day. Now, in a big swarm of gaming keyboards, it is difficult to find one best keyboard for you. But you don’t need to get worried because we will help you to choose the best gaming keyboards of your own choice.

So today, Whylaptops is going to tell you about the best gaming keyboard brands, so that you can choose any of the gaming keyboards from those brands. A brand became popular only when its products are amazing and people are just loving it. So you must know about the best gaming keyboard brands.

I will provide you complete detail on the gaming keyboard brand list here. So, if you also have a quest for good brand keyboards then stay here and read the article completely.

Gaming Keyboard Brands List

Here I will share some of the most popular and trusted gaming keyboard brands. If you are a gamer then definitely a choice of a keyboard is very serious for you. So completely read this article to that you can choose the keyboard for you wisely.

The best game dedicated keyboards of popular brands must be of high quality, durability, speed, accuracy, and reliability. The latest 21st-century gadgets must be so accurate to let you enjoy any of the games you love the most. That kind of keyboards I’m going to tell you are today. It will be the best gaming keyboard brands list.

Corsair, Razer, and Logitech are the best brands of gaming keyboards. I am going to share some of the best leading gaming brands in 2020 which you must know. Here we go;

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Corsair
  • ASUS
  • Steel series
  • Das keyboards
  • Cooler Master
  • Roccat

Logitech, Gaming Keyboard Brands List

Logic tech international brand is the Swiss Public company of keyboard, mouse and other laptop accessories. It was founded on 2nd October 1921 in Switzerland. Its headquarter is in Lausanne Switzerland. You can search for this company from its official site.

It is among one of the world’s largest companies of hardware provision which includes the gaming keyboards mouse, speakers, smart home devices and many other accessories like these. Their keyboards are considered to be the best gaming keyboards in the world.

The Logitech has unveiled an entirely new logo and brand. They have a trusted brand and definitely, they provide a high lifetime warranty for their products. Bracken P. Darrell Is the Chief executive officer of Logitech company.

So whenever you are quenching for a good keyboard or mouse or other gaming accessories like these, you should prefer this brand. I would recommend you to buy their keyboard. Because their keyboards have deep profile keys.

They always provide a full-sized keyboard with a compact number pad. The keyboard has a minimal layout. The best thing about the keyboards is there they are highly connective. They can get connected using a USB, Bluetooth, and the cord even. You can choose any of the connection with which you like or get compatible.

Most of the keyboards are compatible with all of the platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome, and surface, etc. Their backlit keys are highly programmable with easy switch technology. All of their keyboard keys are quiet and media keys are also included in it. They are easily rechargeable and provides great comfort with their palm rest.

I will also share some of the best products here. You can choose any of the keyboards with any of the connectivity you like. Like the one with cord or the wireless keyboards as per your choice. Some of the best Logitech keyboards are;

  • Logitech G513
  • Logitech G910
  • Logitech G512 Carbon

Logitech G513

It is a highly customizable full spectrum color lighting keyboard. It is having the advanced Romer G tactile mechanical key switches. It is a high-performance keyboard with 25% of fast responsiveness. You can feel the ultimate accuracy with its every keypress.

The aircraft-grade brushed aluminum alloy top case gives it are tough and high look and to make it robust. It is actually a very strong keyboard to bear stress and falls. you can connect your USB with this keyboard by using the convenient USB passthrough port.

It has a strong but soft palm rest which provides premium comfort and durability. It can resist the sweat on your palm and wipes clean. Its high-end look seals the components and gives them rugged protection. By using its USB port you can plug your mouse, phone, flash drive, etc.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.

It has 6 feet of cable which is highly strong to bear pulls and remains strong. This amazing keyboard is the choice of pros. You can play advanced games with this keyboard. It is really super-fast with 1 ms of the report rate. The tactile mechanical switches give an outclass feedback. You can use this advanced designed beautiful keyboard in public places with full confidence.

I truly love this next Gen performance keyboard.


Razer was founded in Singapore in 2005. Min-Liang Tan, a Singaporean is the owner of this brand. It is among one of the most leading brands which supply millions of their products to game lovers. They have been appreciated a lot of times for their award-winning gaming products.

Their achievements are admired by everyone. It is truly the world’s leading lifestyle brand for die-hard gamers. Its triple-headed snake trademark is one of the most popular logos in the world. Personally speaking, I am also a big fan of this logo.

Razor has its fans all over the world. This company has truly built the largest gamer-focused ecosystem. They generate all of their high-performance gaming peripherals. It has 18 offices worldwide and dual headquarters in San Francisco.

Razer gaming keyboards have been receiving recognition from all corners of the world. Their keyboards are the dream of true game lovers. They have their best mechanical keyboards and best gaming keyboards. It has been received multiple Editor’s Choice awards until now.

Razor has truly revolutionized the gaming lifestyle. It is really a billion-dollar gaming products company. You will love to use their keyboards for sure. Some of the best Razer keyboards are;

  • Razer Blackwidow Elite
  • Razer Cynosa Chroma
  • Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Cynosa Chroma

This high-performance keyboard is able to execute 10 commands at a time. This keyboard allows you to make an ultimate personalization. It has a 10 key rollover anti-ghosting. The best feature of this keyboard is that it is spill-resistant. It is built to withstand most of the liquid splashes.

It can support 16.8 million off RGB backlit colors for each individual keys. It is fully programmable with micro support. It can support up to 80 million clicks and this is really stored astonishing. You will definitely be enjoying effortless gaming with Razer Chroma.

It has full integration with popular game titles and Philips Hue. You can make it fully customized by changing its color or keeping them off. It also provides you the rest in the rest area to comfortably enjoy gaming. I love its RGB backlighting in dark.

Razer Huntsman Elite

It is much more constant than the traditional mechanical switch keyboards. It is equipped with a razor purple switch technology that uses optical beam-based actuation. Huntsman Elite is made of high quality. It has aluminum construction for increased sturdiness and support.

You can enjoy its multi-functional digital dial with its 3 multimedia keys. These give quick access to control your volume and brightness levels. Its ergonomic magnetic wrist rest is super comfortable. Actually, this maximizes comfort is because of its plush leatherette.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Razor hyper shift technology allows all keypress combinations to remap to execute complex commands.  It can support 200 million clicks which traditional keyboard can’t support. It can support 16.8 million of multiple colors for individual keys.

It amazingly registered each and every keypress with the speed of light. You can further gear it up to enjoy your games fully. It’s personalization settings also include the onboard storage and cloud settings. It has a double lifespan from its competitor keyboards and supports two years of manufacturing warranty.


It has more than 20 years of performance actuation. It was founded in 1994 and is among the pioneer of the best keyboard brands. CORSAIR offers a complete range of products to its customers. It is really very committed to quality, innovative design, advanced features, and high performance.

It has been among the winners of thousands of media and industry awards.  Corsair provides is a comprehensive range of cutting edge products for gamers like you and me. Its logo is also being loved by thousands of people.

It’s an American company and its headquarter is in Fremont, California. This company was incorporated in California in 1994. CORSAIR was reincorporated in 2007 in Delaware. While Andy Paul Is the chief executive officer of this company. It was having at least 800 employees until March 2012.

These brand keyboards are known throughout the world. people by their lovely keyboard specially for gaming.  You can also choose one when you were looking for a gaming keyboard. Here are some of its best keyboards;

  • Corsair K95 Platinum
  • Corsair K70
  • Corsair K63 wireless

Corsair K95 Platinum

It is the most robust keyboard among all the available ones. It has an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame which makes it super strong and reliable. It is built to withstand gaming throughout its lifetime. It’s a robust body that does not mean that it carries more weight. In fact, it is highly portable because of its lightweight design.

It has a rugged durability that is essential for every keyboard which has to go through a lot of action. Amazingly it carries the 8 MBs of profile storage. Its lightning playback makes it easier to enjoy games at night. It allows access up to three stored profiles on the go.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.

K95 is supported by every OS like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, etc. It’s each individual key has its own color of dynamic multi-colors. Even you can adjust the color and illumination levels along with the 19 zones on the top edge light bar.

It’s 100% CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches. These switches are extremely durable and have the 1.2 mm of actuation. It has 6 programmable G keys and complex multi-key combos. It is a 100% anti-ghosting keyboard with a report rate of 1000 Hertz.

Corsair K70

CUE support enables advanced macro in this keyboard. It has a full 100% anti-ghosting along with the full key rollover on USB. Its soft-touch wrist rest can get easily detached in case you don’t want to use it. Its dimensions are 438 x 163 x 241.

It has a window lock key on it.  It can give you the highly precise key presses. Its large keycaps deliver the dynamic and vibrant backlighting. The keys are highly streamlined for shooters and fast gamers. The actuation distance is 2mm while you can apply the operating force or 45 grams on keys. It has 104 key rollovers on USB.

Its accurate performance helps you to makes swift gaming moves. It has FPS and MOBA keycap sets. Buy now.


T.H. Tung Is the founder of the Asus brand. It was actually founded Taipei in 1989. Lord of the people is actually involved in its ownership. They all work as an engineer for Acer. ASUS’s name is taken from a Greek mythology word which symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. This brand has reached its height because of the genuine dedication to their work. This brand has enormously grown over the last few decades.

Now it’s a dominant player in the global market world. Their key to success is high innovation. They are still bringing quality, innovation, and design for their customers. You will be surprised to know that this brand has won 3,886 international awards and accolades in 2011. This is among one of the best keyboard brands list.

The Company revenue was about the US $11.9 billion and now it will be more. Now, it’s settled it’s a multinational brand. It was a small company at first and now it is reaching the skies of success. Their keyboards are loved by everyone who loves to have the best products for gaming.  

Some of the best keyboards from ASUS ROG are;

  • ASUS ROG STRIX Scope deluxe


It’s a German-made keyboard with full functionality. It has the micro-switched actuators for a high precision input along with high tactile feedback. This product is really great for FPS gaming. This keyboard is extra wide and allows for full control over it.

It has a special key on it to hide all the apps and mute the audio for instant privacy. This key is the stealth key which you can tap anytime for quick privacy. It’s RGB backlit has nearly the endless spectrum of colors along with the synchronizing effects.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.

It has a highly durable construction. The aluminum top plate with striking slash provides everyday resilience with full grace and style. It is always ready for work and play. You can create profiles,  customize colors, use map keys, record macros and do many more things like these. This lightweight product is built for action every time you want. But it has no wrist rest.

Steel series

Steel series Was found in 2001 why are the Danish manufacturer. It has its headquarter in Denmark. Jacob Wolff-Petersen was the founder of this private limited company. Then each and every product is durable, tough and long-lasting.

They have great things for you in their store. Some of its best product is;

  • Steel Series Apex M750
  • Steel series Apex PRO
  • Steel series Apex Pro TKL

Steel Series Apex M750

It is a product with pure performance and QX2 linear mechanical gaming switches. It has a highly durable 5000 series aluminum alloy for its best quality. You can customize this keyboard with the easy and intuitive RGB lightning for each individual keys.

You can turn off the illumination of the backlit keys if you need it. Its aluminum frame makes it’s strong for day to day work. You can even light up your keyboard with the customizable discord chat notifications. Its software will give you the complete liberty to customize your keys, profile, and macros for an advanced game.

It does not have the media keys but each keypress is really accurate. Buy from Amazon.

Das Keyboards

Das keyboards are a series of keyboards that Metadot Corporation Software company sells to its customers. It is found in Austin, Texas. They are really quality-obsessed and develop their products with premium quality. There all keyboards are long-lasting and highly durable.

All of the Das keyboards are of a high performance and gold plated mechanical key switches. Their customers always say that the keyboards are tough enough to be used as weapons.

You can have a superior experience with their products. They have used the magnetic ruler as a keyboard foot bar. They are really unique and have a volume knob on them. You can quickly control the volume according to your wish. They are the first-ever company that has added 3.0 USB hub with their keyboard. Here are some of the unique keyboards for your people;

  • Das Keyboard X50Q
  • Das Keyboard 4Q
  • Das Keyboard 5Q

Das Keyboard X50Q

It’s an ultimate smart RGB backlit keyboard for professionals. You should go for this highly programmable keyboard if you want uninterrupted gaming. It has the Q software in it which sends you the notification about managing the back lightning.

It has pre-built Q applets everything from games, Gmail, CPU, RAM, Trello, twitch, etc.  The advanced mechanical switches have 100 million keystrokes. These are the special GAMA ZULU soft tactile switches. It has dedicated quickly accessible media buttons and the volume knobs. It has a highly customizable anodized aluminum top panel.

This is really a highly amazing keyboard with 100% uniqueness from other keyboards. Buy it from Amazon.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master is a Taiwan company that was founded in 1992. Roger Lin is the founder of this keyboard brand. Its headquarter is in New Taipei City. The ultimate goal is not to build a keyboard but a full gaming experience. But the problem is that their gaming keyboards are too expensive. Yet you can buy them if you can.

  • Cool Master MK850
  • Cool Master Masterkey Pro L
  • Cool Master Masterkey Pro M

Cool Master MK850

This is the keyboard whose switches are German engineered and best 450 million clicks. It is equipped with a revolutionary aim pad technology. It gives you a competitive edge for movement controls during gaming.

This amazing keyboard is definitely having the media keys and the precision wheels. It has a high-quality construction and durable chassis. The keys are also enabled for RGB backlighting each has a 16.7 million of multicolor. Not only the backlit keys but it is also having the light bar.

It has on the fly adjustments of settings which you will find really easy. You can have full control over each and everything on this keyboard. You can unlock your keyboard’s full potential by going to its website for software and new firmware. Buy from it Amazon.


Roccat is well known for developing amazing gaming peripherals for its customers. It’s Tiger logo is fantastic. They develop amazing keyboards with a fabulous performance. Their keyboards are considered to be the fastest and accurate keyboards.

Some of their outclass products are;

  • Roccat Vulcan 120
  • Roccat Vulcan 121
  • Roccat Vulcan 100

Roccat Vulcan 120

It is attracting thousands of game lovers with its AIMO illumination. It has 16.8 million of lightning effects. AIMO mode is for an amazing and intelligent illumination. The NKRO – full n-key rollover Ensures that every keystroke is registered.

 Buy it from Amazon now

It’s highly programmed macros keys are easily customized. It has a when or knob over it which controls the volume quickly. It has highly advanced tactile and crisp brown mechanical switches. It is highly portable because it carries an extremely lightweight. Buy now.

Final words

I have covered each and every brand completely. Read this guide to have full information about the gaming keyboard brands list. I hope you will get benefit from it.

Good luck.

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