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Best Laptops for Fashion Designers 2020 Reviews

Hey all fashion designers! If you are in search of the best laptop for you, then you are in the right place. Here you will find out all of your desired laptops. In fashion designing field, all need some stylish laptop that depicts their field also. A good, stylish, colorful and high-quality laptop is a must for fashion designers.

Comparison chart of Laptops for Fashion Designers

Here I will share some of the professionally selected laptops for a person related to the fashion industry. You will be amazed to know about these best laptops for fashion designers. 

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Laptops for Fashion DesignersFeaturesScreen sizePrice
Apple MacBook ProUHD 620 graphics, T2 chip security15.4 inchCheck price
ASUS ZenBook UX360An IPS display, Touch screen highly responsive13.3 inchCheck price
Microsoft Surface ProPixel Sense screen, core m3, i5, and i7 processors12.3 inchCheck price
Lenovo ThinkPadAnti-glare display, AMD dual-core A6 processor15.6 inchCheck price
HP Zbook G3Backlit keyboard, anti-glare display15.6 inchCheck price

My name is Kylie. I am a fashion designer. This article is a request from my friend on Why Laptops. That’s why I am writing this article, especially for all the fashion designers. In our field, we require a laptop which is perfect in its speed, having stable internet connections in order to stay in touch with current fashion.

We select a laptop with more RAM so that we can store our designed work, articles, patterns and our appliqué data and saved pictures, etc. We need a laptop with a fast processor for doing our work done within less time.

 A colorful or a stylish laptop and its design add more to its features. As all these fantasy things are the demand of the fashion industry. That’s why here laptops are also chosen wisely. But don’t worry I am here to help you select the best laptop for you. I hope I could do a big help to you in the right selection of laptop.

So, let’s start our top selected laptop’s reviews for fashion designer readers. These products are selected after great research. You can select any of these laptops according to your liking. I will tell you each and everything about the laptops that I am going to tell you here.

Apple MacBook Pro 

The first laptop is the Apple MacBook Pro laptop. It is a highly modern laptop, perfect for fashion designing.


Let me tell you about this laptop more;


It has a brilliant retina display with true tone technology. This results in a clear bright but a non-glare, smooth screen. This will reduce stress on your eyes and you will be able to do more work.

Touch features

It has touch ID and touch bar for the quick, smooth operation and ease. Familiar gestures cause it easier to use the touch bar. You can tap to expand the control strip, slide to rewind a movie. There is also another facility that you can flick to adjust the volume and brightness.


It has the Intel UHD graphics 620. A high and clear graphics that gives an awesome view even in the dull light and makes your eyes feel fresh.

It is also having the Radeon Pro 555X or 560X graphics along with the 4GB of memory for videos.

SSD and battery life

Apple MacBook Pro has an ultra-fast SSD and a long battery life of up to 10 hours non-stop. You can keep yourself operational on this laptop for more than 10 hours and after that, you have to charge it.


It has four thunderbolts 3 USB type C ports. These ports after combining are the most powerful and versatile ports ever.


Apple MacBook Pro shows an amazing performance. It has more power and more pro. There comes great compatibility with its great power. You will enjoy doing your work on this laptop. Its greatness of power actually lies in its multiple cores.

It can open up all the programs within just a second gap and allows the fastest performance.

T2 chip security

Apple T2 chip makes this laptop more secure. So that you can save all of your files and important data more safe from hacker and malware attacks. Furthermore, fingerprint protection makes security more strong.

Customize feature

You can customize or create the shortcut of things that you use the most. Make short cuts directly in your control strip or in the apps like Safari, mails or pages, etc.


  • Amazing touch bar feature.
  • Ultra-fast SSD.
  • More power, more performance, and pro.
  • Next-generation security enabled.


  • Expensive laptop.

Final words

Personally speaking, the best choice for fashion designers. Its elegant style, great look, amazing performance has made it a topmost priority. Although, it is a little bit expensive if you find its price okay for your budget then definitely you can easily go for it.

ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 

It’s another best laptop for fashion designer and their related field persons. So guys, are you ready to know about this product? Here we go;


Features of ASUS ZenBook flip are just amazing like its decent name.

Display size

This laptop has got a 13.3-inch touch IPS FHD display. The screen resolution of this size screen is 1920 x 1080. The screen resolution and size is important to tell you guys so that you can have an idea that which sized screen you want for yourself.

Core M3 processor                                        

It has a 6th generation, Intel Core M3-6Y30 CPU. This processor has the 8GB onboard memory. You can work really fast on it and save your data as much you like.

Windows and certification

It has Windows 10 operating system and 1st ZenBook that was certified with Microsoft Cortana with Voice premium.

International warranty

It gives an amazing 1-year international warranty. Along with this, it also provides 1-year accidental damage protection.

Ports rich

This laptop is truly rich in its ports. Multiple ports are available for the high connectivity options. It has 1 micro HDMI port, three different USB types’ ports.

Along with it, it has Bluetooth and WI-FI for the proper connections for wireless.

Slim, flip design and fast

Asus ZenBook flip UX360 has a slim and smarter design that looks super fantastic and perfect for a fashion designer. Its slim body makes its weight lighter. It has a full flip 360-degree design. You can use it in 4 flip modes which you like the most. You are going to love this fantastic design. It gives an unmatched power and all day portability.

It works super fast and allows multitasking at the same time. It opens the programs within just a second and loads the Window faster. You can save a lot of your time working on this laptop.

Strength and response

Its aluminum body makes it highly powerful and it is a test approved product. It can bear any little falls easily. Although you have used it with care for ensuring safety.

It has incredible responsiveness that makes you feel faster while working. More smoothly you will be able to perform all of your tasks.

Ergonomic keyboard

It is built keeping in mind, full comfort and ease. It has an ergonomic full-sized keyboard. This keyboard features an optimal 1.5mm key travel.  It has an extra side touchpad also which actually stimulates the touch screen for an effortless windows gestures control. This all provides extra comfort and ease.

Award-winning audio

It has amazing award-winning audio among all the laptops. If you are interested to listen more than you should go for this laptop because of its soothing and grabbing sound. It has ASUS golden ear team technology along with others that have actually make it to such a high level that it is now an award holder for its audio qualities.

You can effortlessly have a control on this sound too. Adjust volume and other settings as for how you like the most.

Video chat

This laptop allows you for the anytime mobile HD video chat. It is integrated with the 1.2 megapixel HD camera. It allows real-time high video chatting. Its motion capturing feature is double than that of the other cameras.


It follows the common Amazon return policy and all the options like other laptops. This policy is actually great and of course trustable.

Final words

So, this laptop is also amazing having its own special features.  You can select any one of your choices by reading all of its features from here.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It is the most unique and stylish laptop. You can call it a tablet more than a laptop.  A complete flex and moldable design with unique color options tilt keyboard and stylish body, this laptop is just meant for designers.


Its features are like;

Most stylish design

Microsoft surface pro is having the most unique and stylish design. It has a separate keyboard. You can use it as a tablet. Keyboards are available in a variety of colors. You can use any one of your favorite colors. Along with it, there comes a kickstand to support its body and using it in the position you found comfortable.

Screen Pixels

It has a 12.3-inch pixel sense screen which has extremely high contrast. You can see thy minor details of any design piece with clarity. But at the same time screen has less glare so that the bright view should not cause strain in your eyes.


This laptop has an incredibly lighter than before. It powers through everything you do. Surface pen and its lightweight keyboard are sold separately. Carry it all day and you will not feel the burden on your shoulders at all.

Outclass performance

Surface Pro 4 is having an outclass or exceptional performance. It internal is having the 6th generation Intel core M3, i5 and i7 processors. This makes this laptop more powerful, efficient, run quiet and cooler. If you are a heavy laptop worker than according to your work you should take this laptop.

Advanced technology

This laptop has advanced technology that ultimately streamlines your life. Microsoft surface pro comes with the powerful and simple solutions.

Final words

It is the most stylish and fast laptop. If you have more work to do on a laptop than you should choose this fast laptop. Yet the choice is completely yours.

Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop

In order to get to know about this laptop, read all of its features.

Anti-glare display

It has a 15.6-inch display and it is HD, LED backlit and anti-glare for your eyes protection. The resolution is 1366 x 768.


It has AMD dual-core, A6 5350M processor with 2.9 GHz of speed.


It is available in matte black color. This looks soothing and attractive.

Other features

  • It has 4GB DDR3 RAM.
  • It has 320GB hard drive with 5400 RPM.
  • It has 6 cell lithium-ion batteries that run 6 hours.
  • 64-bit windows 7 are ore installed in it
  • 64 bit, Windows 8 is ready to be upgraded anytime.
  • Its dimensions are width x depth x height is 14.8 x 9.6 x 1.4 inches.
  • Item weight is 5.2 lbs.
  • It gives a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 4-in-1 digital card media reader makes it more compatible.
  • It has 720p HD web camera for distraction-free and clear video chat.

Final words

Lenovo ThinkPad does not have such a lightweight but it carries all other feature that can be best for the fashion designers.

HP Zbook G3 

It is our 5th product that is going to be explained here for fashion designers. Just read and make a selection. This is definitely one of the best laptops for fashion designers. Read full details about this laptop below;

SVA display

HP Zbook is having the 15.6-inch FHD SVA anti-glare LED-backlit display whose resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Backlit keyboard

It has an amazing smooth backlit keyboard. Which gives a clear view of the dim light environment and help you facilitate more.


It has a 720p HD web camera to remain in touch with your loved ones all the time.


Intel HD graphics 520 makes its view great by its megapixels and colors enhanced view. It looks superb and great.


It has windows 7 operating system with the licensing of Windows 10.

Other features

·        This laptop is having the 8GB DDR4-2133 RAM.

·         It has 1TB 5400 rotation per second SATA.

·        It carries HP long life 9 cell battery.

·        Uses turbo boost 2.0 technology for fast performance.

·        It uses four USB 3.0 port.

·        Gives complete warranty and support.

HP Zbook G 3 is also the best laptop. These are actually five laptops that are mentioned here. Select any one of these best products and do fun.

Final words for Laptops for Fashion Designers

The purpose of telling you these entire products is that you can have a better choice to pick one among these few best laptops. Otherwise, it is completely a difficult task to select one laptop among the great laptop’s market as they have millions of laptops and one gets confused about what to do and which one to take. So I think this site is a great opportunity for you people to select the best. Invest your money on the best and get the same best laptop.

Story by a Couturier, Mark Lauriel

I am a fashion designer in the US. I am doing great here. I am actually from the Dubai Arab Emirates. I have come here for studying fashion designing and now I am doing a job here.  I just love this place and my job too.

I am thinking of opening my own brand soon and I am doing hard work for this. Firstly, when my job started, one good friend of mine suggested me to take the best fashion designers laptop in order to do my work best. I was also facing a little bit of issue but all problems were solved when I bought the best laptop for me.

As being a fashion designer, we have to keep us aware of the latest trends and sometimes we make the trends. By the way for getting new ideas and to keep pace with the world, we definitely need a laptop. Off course it is the basic need of every field of life.

Now I have the best laptop on which I make fashion prints, keep my ideas safe. We; designers, need a highly portable, durable, stylish and a powerful laptop with long battery life. We need all these features in our laptop in order to use the software for fashion designing and to use Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro.

I started working using the best laptop and now I am flourishing well. I will also suggest you take a laptop for you or if any of your loved ones is fashion designer, then select from here and surprise him/her by the laptop gift.

You will definitely see the noticeable results of using a best and a high-quality laptop. Buy one and enjoy doing your work.

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